Here’s a sneak for a project I can’t mention. I even had to sign a NDA before they would send me reference. Stoked to be back drawing!!! Comic con really kicked my ass in a good way but also tired me out.
Got a sweet gig poster project too. But can’t mention it for a bit. Waiting for final details. One of my favorite stoner bands.
#weezer prints will go up sometime next week. The client gave me permission to run my own colorway. They’ll only be available in the set. It’s all legit and junk.
Thanks to all the folks who picked up the #killjoys print and the #taxidriver patch. Also thanks for sending me pics. That’s so rad!
I just spent most of today talking to MasterCard since someone made @ $500 in charges this weekend. #OyVey #itsbeer30 #ineedajugendwarriorname #BeElZeBrewinghasaniceringtoit #apparentlynerdbonerdoesnot #missingmyfriends #hopetoseesomeofyousoon #timetogobullythejukeboxwithrivetlaura