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Tyler Oakley Reacts to Teens React to Tyler Oakley

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i saw a really cool gintama hoodie based off gin’s outfit and now i kinda wish there was merch based off personas but also i kinda want that gin sweater


NEW VIDEO: “How Big Is My You-Know-What?!

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okay, hello! i have a bit of lacking when it comes to art ideas at the moment, so i thought i would start something a ‘reblog this for’ meme.

soooo…reblog this if you want a quick headshot based on your blog!!! i’ll submit it to you and hopefully you will like it!! i’ll try to get everyone that i can! uh, im not the best artist in the world, but here’s a sample:


Kieren \ki(e)-ren\ as a boy’s name has the meaning “black” and is a variant of Kieran (Irish, Gaelic): name of a saint (sixth century) who was admired for his generosity.

Hi my name is Riley. I’m a 16 year old dfab agender person.

I’ve already made a post concerning this issue but it hasnt wielded the results I was hoping for so I’m trying this again. 

About 4 months ago i stopped feeling like a girl. Not that it was all of a sudden by any means (more accurately it has been an on going thing since i was young), but thats when the ball really started rolling. about a month ago i really came to terms with this and i’m trying to do something about it to make myself feel more comfortable. one thing this includes is getting a binder. my parents already told me theyre not getting me a binder, saying that this is my choice and my responsibility to get if i truly want one. 

So that’s where I need your help. You can either donate any sum of money to me, or check out my commissions! Either would be great!! Since I’m getting a cheap binder I don’t need much, however all money I get will be going to relative things, such as clothes. 

Please don’t feel obligated to donate if you’re unable to, all I ask of you is to reblog this post. Thank you so much.