DL2014 Folder

Hello! I’m uploading my Dream Live 2014 DVD. For now, it’s only the Disc2- Cast Comment and Adlibs (because size and stuff). 

I will upload the backstage tomorrow, and hopefully the Disc1, soon. 

Get them in this folder 

Please note:


2. I only keep these links for a week (which is until 11th March)

3. I put an easy password for the Cast Comment and Adlibs. They are the same password…. And the password is… Who is my favourite cast in Tenimyu 2nd Season? (no space) Hint : If you’re following my tumblr or other SNS you might know this answer easily because I post a lot about this particular actor :) 

4. Please let me know if the link do not work, or if you can’t guess the password. But girls, it’s really, really, really easy!

Study & Blog Update:

Sorry that the blog hasn’t been very active recently. I’ve had a lot of work on and I’ve been dealing with some personal issues. Hopefully I’ll get some blogging done tonight. As a side note I’ve managed to get a draft of my essay done tonight so hopefully that won’t require too much work from now. Also I’d just like to let you know my my interview for student warden was successful and I just have one final stage of the application process to get through before I find out for sure.


NEW VIDEO: “How To Get Cute Boys To Kiss You

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Tyler Oakley Reacts to Teens React to Tyler Oakley

I filmed myself reacting to the Teens React episode to my YouTube channel… I WAS BLUSHING SO HARD. Reblog if you loved this.


NEW VIDEO: “The Drunk Puppet Show" ft. Mamrie - as always, I’ll be stalking people who reblog - who wants a follow/message? :]

i saw a really cool gintama hoodie based off gin’s outfit and now i kinda wish there was merch based off personas but also i kinda want that gin sweater


NEW VIDEO: “How Big Is My You-Know-What?!

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okay, hello! i have a bit of lacking when it comes to art ideas at the moment, so i thought i would start something a ‘reblog this for’ meme.

soooo…reblog this if you want a quick headshot based on your blog!!! i’ll submit it to you and hopefully you will like it!! i’ll try to get everyone that i can! uh, im not the best artist in the world, but here’s a sample:


Kieren \ki(e)-ren\ as a boy’s name has the meaning “black” and is a variant of Kieran (Irish, Gaelic): name of a saint (sixth century) who was admired for his generosity.

Hi my name is Riley. I’m a 16 year old dfab agender person.

I’ve already made a post concerning this issue but it hasnt wielded the results I was hoping for so I’m trying this again. 

About 4 months ago i stopped feeling like a girl. Not that it was all of a sudden by any means (more accurately it has been an on going thing since i was young), but thats when the ball really started rolling. about a month ago i really came to terms with this and i’m trying to do something about it to make myself feel more comfortable. one thing this includes is getting a binder. my parents already told me theyre not getting me a binder, saying that this is my choice and my responsibility to get if i truly want one. 

So that’s where I need your help. You can either donate any sum of money to me, or check out my commissions! Either would be great!! Since I’m getting a cheap binder I don’t need much, however all money I get will be going to relative things, such as clothes. 

Please don’t feel obligated to donate if you’re unable to, all I ask of you is to reblog this post. Thank you so much.