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 ok so the finale is tonight (murder me pls) and if it’s as bad as what the cast are saying then we’re gonna need like… major therapy afterwards, but fuck therapy u should just join this net instead and freak out with other people about how horrific the ep was

how to join;

   ★ rebloggieee
   ★ follow me  
   ★ be a rad spn blog (and you have to be up to date with watchin spn ofc)

if you get in;

  ★  i will choose the members when this gets enough notes (hopefully before the ep)
  ★ you’ll need to track the tag etc im sure u know how this works by now
  ★  you’ll be added to the network page and chat
  ★ you’ll get other spn fandom dorks to cry about dark deanie and death and the finale with       i mean who wouldnt want that

hi hello i guess most of you know reem (sotroye.tumblr.com) and if you know her you probably love her so maybe you wanna help me out with a thing

her birthday is on may 23 and on may 23 for europe at 1AM GMT, may 22 for us at 5PM PST/ 8PM EST i wanna tweet troye to wish her happy birthday. i wrote this note for him

and hopefully i’ll get him to see it. i know it’s late but i have to be sure she’s asleep while this is happening. i’m trying really hard to keep this a surprise so please if you wanna spread the word or if you know someone who’d wanna help do not reblog this because she might see it, just send them a link to the post or something. i unfollowed myself from her blog and since she’s really busy these days with her finals and stuff, she’s hopefully not gonna notice.

so if you wanna help, retweet/quote the tweet i’ll be writing for troye, including the note, fanmail or dm him the link to the tweet, save this and tweet the note to him (but please tag me if you do that), i don’t know, whatever could get him to see it. also, if you’re in, message me here or dm me on twitter. my main is @/COBAINSIVAN but don’t dm me there because reem has my account saved and she can see it, follow @/woosivan and i’ll follow you back so we can talk.

if i don’t tweet it at the time mentioned earlier, it means she’s still awake and i’m gonna do it after she falls asleep, but it’s still happening that night. i want troye’s tweet to be the first thing she sees when she wakes up.

yep that’s all, i just asked for help because the more people tweet, the higher the chance for troye to see it. thank you in advance if you’re gonna help <3

charlie bradbury gifs/icons

bc she’s too precious for this world and deserved so much more </3
(i wanted to do this earlier, but school happened)

  • you don’t have to be following me, but it’d be super great if you did
  • reblog this (no likes please)
  • i’ll be making icons and gifs
  • if you’d like icons, let me know what colour/pattern you’d like
  • if you want a gifset, let me know what episode/character etc you want me to do (e.g. charlie + dean)
  • i’ll mention you when i post it
  • it think that’s it, reblog away :))
fuck yeah kara danvers!

Hey, everyone!

I’ve managed to get a basic theme up, I’m working on setting up a few links and pages, and I’ll start posting in a day or two.

Now, I have about three possible mods, but I’d like to have one or two more. I’d like a few people who love Kara, will be able to post consistently and regularly, and hopefully get along well with myself and the other mods.

(Note: It’s totally fine if you’re not very familiar with Kara outside of the new show!)

If you’d like to be involved, I’ve made a short application, but if you’d like to skip that and message me personally at clairedevils, that’s fine too. Let me know if you’re interested!

And if you’re not, could you please reblog this post to help spread the word?

That’s all! Have a lovely day, everyone!

- Mod S

ok this is gonna be a dumb sappy post feel free to ignore

so i’ve really recently joined this fandom like a little over a month and from the start i saw how much love everyone shares with each other and i just felt so welcome coming into it and today seeing everyone freak out together and seeing the cute reaction posts and amazing edits people have made and everyone just banding together is just making me so excited to be a part of a fandom like this and i cant wait to move forward and go through tst and tdc and tfc with you guys okAy im just feeling an overwhelming sense of love for this series and this fandom at the moment i appreciate you all so much thank you guys for this past month and those to come alright i loVE YOU ALL

I’m going to do a commission drive soon -probably commission streams- to raise money for my summer trip to pick up Serge from Maryland. I thought the plane ticket prices were half of what they actually are and I just can’t afford it in the time frame the tickets would be a reasonable price. I may end up taking him on the bus back also but that would require a bit of food funds and such. I just have a lot going on this summer and hopefully I can get it all organized.

But please note that this is NOT an emergency situation. My home, bills, or well being are not in danger. I just really want to see my son >:

((sorry i’ve been a bit MIA for the last, er… week? week and a half? my grasp on time is suddenly shotty. ANYWAY i’ve been pretty busy with work and my down time has been spent doing other projects. hopefully i’ll get back on the ball soon.

ah, something to note. if you send a prompt and it’s not answered, it’s because of one of two reasons: either i can’t really figure out a way to answer it in a humorous way, OR it’s a question that’s already been asked and answered. please don’t think i’m doing it out of spite.

hope you’re all having good times under the sun!!))

Had a viral infection for two weeks now

Off to the doctors tomorrow for a helping of antibiotics.. Feel shit was sick on the way to work this morning :( not nice. Finally got two days off then in for another 6 days hopefully I get to chill a bit before then.
On a good note it’s 6 weeks until we go to Cyprus :3

Accepting the fact I’ll probably be single for a long ass time and probably because I’m not then sharpest tool or most dapper and I’m just boring as fuck and not the same as some. On another note, my interview went well and hopefully I get a call back in a week and maybe this will get me out of my depression.

My blood test results came back and all the major things were clear, something showed up to do with my white blood cells but I was told it’s nothing it’s nothing to worry about which is good. But since then I’ve been ill again for the 4th time since the end of march this time with congestion/cough/swollen glands/ temperature etc so I went back to the doctors and she explained that I have a viral infection likely from mid april the second time I was ill and it’s normal for it to last this long, there’s nothing I can really do but rest and wait for it to leave my system but she’s prescribed me antibiotics while I have exams just to help with my throat and temperature. She also gave me a doctors note for the school so hopefully I’ll get a little compensation on my exams due to missing out on so much revision. It’s been a shitty few months but hopefully this is the last of the virus and I can get through these exams as best as I can.