The first painting of my ‘solitude’ series. The concept was born when I sketched a little fisherman in my sketchbook and I just wanted to draw him an inch high on a giant wall to isolate him and give him that much more peace of mind. This feeling is something that not enough people seek out these days. So turn off your phone, grab your waders and go listen to birds chirping, brooks babbling and treasure your solitude.
Acrylic on Panel

Hopefully by the time this is posted I’ll have a few more in the series to show so click the pic to see them!

(Not sure how the quality of this will actually be since I’m uploading what is hopefully still the full/original file from my phone, BUT-)

Some very hastily rushed/colored Fox doodles I did last night! I actually found myself giving up on ‘em halfway through, though, as I wasn’t really satisfied with any of my art this weekend!
These seemed to get fairly positive thoughts on Twitter, though, so thought I might as well post these here as well!

This is Tumblr….Soooo Im allowed to be a teenage girl here…

Sometimes it requires getting distant from a person to truly understand how crappy or insensitive they can be. That saying of ‘having the wool pulled over your eyes’ really rings true when you’re close to someone, and only when you get away do you realize how hypocritical they are. 

It’s hard for me to ever say that I’m so glad someone isn’t in my life…but when you see the other person say it, you’re like…Wow. Okay. I guess it’s pretty easy. How someone can just adopt a Fuck em attitude is crazy. Will that ever change? Well…hopefully. We all hope to change. But it does take two to tango Internet, and there is only so long someone can sit and wait on the dance floor before adopting the fuck em attitude as well.

Anyway….BoJack Horseman Followed me on twitter. So I got that going for me :D

all i did today was talk about sophie and everyone asked me about her and i just am in such a good mood i hopefully am seeing her again soon

I think people really underestimate what Zach said to Victoria. I don’t understand why it’s not a much bigger deal. He laughs it off in the end, but I feel like he was sincere when he said he was bisexual, and that the only reason he won’t go get with Frankie is because he’s scared of the actual intimacy. I think he’s obviously attracted to Frankie but the idea of things going farther than that scare him because it’s something he’s not used to and has never done before. Zach definitely started to realize his feelings in the house, and who knows what happened in jury tbh. Hopefully we’ll see Wednesday

To any Markiplite or Darkiplite feeling bad or the like; I just want to give you all a big virtual hug!

You are loved, you are important, and you are essential to this fandom. You would be missed if you left. Every single Markiplite/Darkiplite is important. Please hang in there because there is someone, either in real life or on here, that loves you more than life itself. And they’d do anything to see you happy!

Love you all and stay strong! We are here for you!

anonymous said:

One of your last sets for SG?

Yes, I think it’s time.

I shot several sets in May, and with the queue publishing sets months apart from each other, it’s gonna take a long time, perhaps more than one year even, for them all to go up. After that I might shoot one or two more as a finale of sorts.

My first set was shot in 2004. Hopefully I have shown you all, in the span of a decade, that you can be different but confident and beautiful at the same time.

When I started we were barely 300 girls, little more than “punk rock” freaks, and I knew every single face on the site. Now SG is an army of thousands, celebrated everywhere. It’s a GREAT satisfaction to be a part of a sort of movement that has changed so many minds regarding girls who aren’t stereotypical.

But I also want to leave in style, before it becomes stale, and boring, and before my heart just isn’t in it anymore.

I’m not leaving the site, I’m never archiving, I love SG and all the wonderful people it brought into my life. Just don’t want to shoot for the sake of shooting. I think 10 years of being naked on the Internet is a big enough number. I enjoy a LOT more seeing newer, 10 years younger like I was in 2004, wonderfully different girls, waving the flag with enthusiasm rather than me doing it only out of habit.




These are some other shots from the first shoot for the Cinematic Miles Morales Cosplay. I just felt that I should share them with you guys.

Keep your eyes peeled for the NYC shoot and well as other projects that involve cameras. The next shoot one will show more of Miles’ special abilities and hopefully recreations of some the comic book covers as if they were live action. (Yes some of these are screenshots) This is fun and I hope you guys enjoy! Photos were taken by friend Pierre Brevard and my friend Nyres Colbert

Please enjoy and reblog! Also…that Selfie was not scripted. That literally happen on set. People want to take picture. So we’re all like, “It’s all good. Go for it.”  Fun times. Hahaha :)

witchstock said:

Tbh the only times Bey ever really wore her her out were during the B'Day and IASF eras

Yup and since people are asking what Bey’s natural hair looks like so I’ll post some pics here so they know what you’re referring to:

I’m not 100% certain, but I’m pretty sure this was her natural hair length. Her hair stylist Kim Kimble said Bey had long hair before she cut it.


She has recently cut her hair into a pixie so it’s short now.

I personally think she may have gone natural (her sister and daughter are so why not?) and is protecting her hair under weaves and braids. So she most likely currently has a TWA or “teeny weeny afro”… Which I hope will make a debut in the near future :)

Hopefully this helps!

My God, you guys.



I seriously feel like I need to buy each and every one of you a cake and personally show up at your door and do a little jig before we hug it out and become bffs. Thank you all so very much, I’m speechless. Especially because I’ve been pretty absent (AND I’M LIKE A WEEK BEHIND ON MESSAGES OH GOD I’M SO SORRY) and not as active as normal, so I’m very shocked.


I think after my exams this week, I will try to do something special for y’all. I haven’t thought of anything yet, but hopefully I’ll think of something. Thanks again for being such beautiful friends to me and for being so supportive. I feel so honored. Thank you so much!


Kotoumi by Aihara

[ Fullsize ]

If you’re wondering why the art looks familiar, the answer is yes it’s THAT Aihara that usually draws nanofate. It seems like summer is ending and the absurd amount of free time Kouhai had is quickly coming to an end as well. It’ll be quite a while before our next release, so hopefully this short little thing will quench a little bit of thirst for now.

P.S. I hope you umikoto/kotoumi shippers are happy with this. ヘ(゜◇、゜)ノ