I know their are people that are pissed AJ is the new Divas champion and are pissed that Paige and Nikki didn’t win, but can we just be happy that the Divas got more time than they usually do and that these three women worked their asses off to put on a good match. 
Personally, I’m so proud of AJ, Paige, and Nikki. They did a great job and hopefully, the WWE will allow the Divas to put on great, long matches in the future. 

quinisamazing said:

Book of Circus (anime) was released 4 years after Black Butler II, Do you think they will make another season at all?

It’s possible. The way the manga is going, and how popular it is, I would not be surprised if they animated more arcs from the manga. I would be very happy actually. I really loved the book of circus, and thought it was much better than season 2 of black butler, and I wish they would continue to animate the manga, kind of like how full metal alchemist went back and re-did the anime and made full metal alchemist brotherhood. 

Overall, I would be surprised if in another four years they released more haha. (hopefully it will be sooner this time though!)

~Ava ^.^

Just a reminder that the group exhibition I’m apart of, subURBAN, on at the Creative Practices Institute, is on its final week.  The exhibition, which also includes works from Gabriel Molina and Bryce Zimmerman, closes this Saturday (the 27th).

The gallery hours are 4-6pm Wednesday-Friday and 11-4pm on Saturday.  Hopefully this post entices some people to check it out.  It’s a cool space and doesn’t take long to go through.

Also, the zine I’m holding is still for sale ($10) and acts as a printed catalogue of the exhibition and includes awesome interviews of myself and the other participating artists as well as poetry from other local artists.  It’s a great way to support local art and Creative Practices Institute.

Rogue reminds me alot of Revenge of the Sith. It was sad to see the Jedi being killed because on Anakin’s betrayal. In this game the Assassins will be hunted down and suffer because of Shay’s betrayal. In the trailer I saw younger Achilles, Adewale, and new Assassins. But seeing Achilles in AC3 lets me know that Adewale and the others will die. In the “Letters to the Dead" it’s mentioned that Adewale was murdered in 1758. So I bet Shay had a hand in this. Achilles, I imagine, mentored Shay; much like Obi-Wan did with Anakin. So: Shay’s betrayal, the death of the Assassins, and the fall of the Assassin Brotherhood are going to deeply affect Achilles. Hopefully he’ll fight Shay in the end! I can’t wait to play this game! I love the AC games so much!

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Movie poster is DONE. I am DONE. Finally.

Now that it’s done I actually kinda like it. I was hating it up until about an hour ago. HOPEFULLY CLASS LIKES IT.

Hire me, Disney.

anonymous said:

I'd happily call myself a feminist if all of them were like you :)

Awwww thank you nonnie ^_^ hopefully we can get rid of all the baddies after calling them out

Congrats to Gala Leon Garcia for becoming first female Spanish Davis cup captain today… hopefully first of many! Is that a first across all countries in the 114 year history of the competition? #WomenInSport

Andy Murray


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freudandsummer said:

Everything bad you talked about Star Empire was confirmed today and I wondered about this question of CEO. Or Lee Hoo said he will be the CEO in figurative sense that he and the members of ZEA will earn what they deserve (in respect and salary) or he has a "gun"/documents/proves that shows something very dirty that this disgusting CEO+ other buddies CEO's of other companies, which led to him/them to accept all agreements Hoo asked. Just have to say that I'm proud of this brave man who fought

I don’t think he will be a legit CEO(as there was no mention of the CEO resigning), but i think he meant he’ll be running it as in he’ll be keeping his shit CEO in check and he’ll make sure everyone will be in fair and safe working conditions. He already changed ZE:A’s contracts so that they aren’t being swindled out of money, so hopefully he does something about 9muses too. He said he’s running things so hopefully change happens. 

Decisions, Decisions

I rather like using the titles on blog posts now.

Anyway, hello! I went off, did some homework, watched some Musketeers and decided to return here. I almost wrote a long post that was a bit too sappy for simply returning to a blog, but stopped myself because I didn’t want to seem silly. I missed all the interactions from you lot, and I missed having a singular place where all my likes and art was. Hopefully you aren’t too annoyed at my running off to another blog for a bit and running back.

Crim Accent is In!





Here I was about to go to bed AND THEN THIS :’D

After sending out copies to those who paid for them, there are some extras!

That means there are 5 copies left, 600 gems each! 
An example is listed on the AH for 9999 gems, so people can see it and hopefully visit my shop to buy directly! (what, I like knowing who gets my accents! ^o^)