Lessons: Luke Hemmings Imagine

I know this is probably not what you were expecting anon, but this was what came to mind when you asked for an imagine where Luke was your teacher so I hope you like it! (Especially since I had to actually use my guitar in order to write this correctly!)

“Alright, so a G chord starts off with your first finger on the fifth string of the second fret, you know where that is?” Luke asked calmly, as he sat across from you with his own guitar sitting across his lap.

You easily brought your finger to the correct string causing a smile from Luke. You studied the way his blue eyes brightened the way you should have been studying the things he was trying to teach…although, you didn’t really need to. Truthfully, you’d been playing guitar for years, but when you finally gained the courage to talk to the gorgeous blonde the only thing you could think to utter was to sheepishly ask him for guitar lessons, seeing that you knew for sure that music was an interest of his.

“Great! Then your second finger goes on the sixth string of the third fret and your third finger on the first string of the third fret…I know that sounds confusing, but-” Luke cut himself off when he noticed your fingers find the strings with ease.

You didn’t even need to look.

“Oh…wow. Um, okay you’re better at this than I thought!” he said and you blushed as you mentally kicked yourself for not pretending that you were a beginner.

“Okay, so strum that for me”

You did as you were told, letting the chord ring out.

“Awesome! Okay, let’s do a C chord next, okay? Those are kind of tricky” he said, picking up his own guitar.

You watched as his fingers landed on the strings with ease and then strum. You were deep in imagining how those calloused fingers would feel on your skin when he began to speak.

“Okay so a C, first finger on the second string of the first fret, second finger third string second fret, and then your third finger on the fifth string of the third fret”

You followed his instructions, but immediately found an error in his teaching.

“Alright, strum it for me”

You did as you were told, and it was obvious that the note wasn’t a C.

“Huh. That doesn’t sound right…” Luke’s eyebrows came together as he eyed your fingers on the strings.

“Are you sure that the second finger doesn’t go on the fourth and not the third string?” you asked carefully, moving your second finger to the correct position and strumming it so that the note rang out correctly.

“Oh, yeah. You’re right” he said.

“Are you sure you’ve never had a lesson before?” Luke asked after a moment, his eyes connecting with yours.

You knew you couldn’t lie to him.

“Okay, truth?” you asked, setting your guitar by your feet.

Luke was watching you; intent and clearly puzzled.

“I’ve been playing for years. I just…I’ve always wanted to talk to you because I’ve had a thing for you ever since I can remember and god, I don’t know why I said that I wanted lessons, I mean that was so stupid but you just…you make me so nervous” you blurted out, covering your furious blush with your hands.

Luke was completely quiet.

“I’m sorry, you probably think I’m a total freak. You can leave if you want. Thank you for being so sweet” you told him as you stood up from your seat.

Then Luke did something surprising. He laughed. A sweet, melodious laugh. You were sure you’d never heard anything like it.

“(Y/N), Jesus Christ, do you have any idea how nervous I’ve been sitting this close to you?!” he chuckled.

You turned to look at him.


Luke rose from his seat to stand before you.

“I’ve liked you for so long. You were always that beautiful, mysterious, quiet girl that sat in front of me in class. When you turned around and asked me for guitar lessons, I couldn’t believe my luck!” he said.

“Are you being serious?” you asked, shocked beyond belief by his confession.

Yeah I’m being serious! Dead serious! I spent a good ten minutes out in the car trying to calm myself down before getting out to knock on your door!” he laughed again and you smiled, leaning up onto your toes to touch your lips to his.

He held onto your waist with one large hand and settled the other on your cheek. Tenderness and passion poured from his lips as he kissed you and you pulled away, unable to breath or to stop smiling.


Steal My Girl

Liam: “She’s wonderful, I’ve never felt this way about anyone.” You could hear Liam’s voice from the office. He had left the door open a crack. You tiptoe a little closer and lean against the wall hoping to get a better understanding of what he was talking about. “I want to take it to the next step…I know I know….it doesn’t matter because I love her.” You’ve heard enough. Butterflies were flying around your stomach as the words replayed in your mind. The next step? That could mean so many things. Your mind started wander from one possibility to the next. You heard the door open and Liam was standing in the hall looking almost as nervous as you.”Hi, babe. Sorry I just got in,” you said.

Niall: This outfit wasn’t doing you justice. Neither was the one you had on before. Lately everything felt uncomfortable and you felt that basically you should live in sweatpants and yogas for the rest of your life. You walked out of the closet and laid on your bed with a sigh. Niall turned away from the xbox and laid next to you. He wraps an arm around you pulling you into him, giving your kiss a cheek. “What’s wrong?” he asks. He knew you all too well. “I’m not feeling pretty lately, Ni. Im not myself.” It was hard to say those words out loud, it was embarrassing to admit you felt ugly. Surely he has been with girls that always looked beautiful even when they looked horrible. “I know it’s hard to look at yourself and like what you see some days, we all have them. But you’re so fit. Any guy would kill to have you.” You blush at his words. Even though you couldnt imagine why anyone would want you like this.

Harry: It’s almost 6 am when your phone rings. Without even reading who it was you answered. “I just wanted to let you know I landed safely,” Harry said yawning into the phone. “That stuff is contagious,” you giggle after a yawn. It’s only been a few hours but you already miss him. His spot in your bed just wasnt the same once he left. You made him leave his shirt so you could sleep in it. It smelled like him and that was the best thing you had to comfort yourself while he’s away. “I’m going to try to sleep for a little while longer,” you say realizing today was your first day back at the bar in a few days. You had to mentally and physically prepare yourself. “You know how much I hate that you work there. Although I Guess im in competition with all the college bros.” He said jokingly. You laughed it off but by the time you hung up you were convinced he was actually serious by his statement. He normally wasn’t insecure.

Louis: As you were paying for your food you felt an arm snake around your waist. Louis was pulling you into him, and gave you a gentle kiss. Even though you wanted to believe he was being subtle about it, he had caught the attention of everyone in the restaurant. The boy at the counter looked uncomfortable and you tried to give him an apologetic smile as he handed you your change. When you got back to the car you broke the awkward silence. “What was that about?” “Did you see the cashier? he was gawking at you.” Of course. You should have known. “It was harmless, I didn’t even notice,” you said trying to make light of the situation. “You’re my girl,” he said and glanced over at you shooting a smile your way. “I know baby,” you leaned over and kissed his cheek.

Zayn: The article was published early this morning but you are just now being able to take a glance at it. The journalist was asking Zayn a bunch of irrelevant questions about the band and tour. Your eyes scanned over the paragraphs until you got to the part where, like in every interview, they ask which one of the boys have girlfriends. “Well, I actually do have a girlfriend. We’ve been going together for a little and yeah. She’s lovely.” You pictured him doing his little nod after saying this. “So you’re saying things are pretty serious?” “I mean, yeah. Definitely.” You smiled to yourself as you finished reading. The both of you had managed to keep your relationship away from the cameras, but it was a sigh of relief for everyone to know now. No more sneaking around. You text him after you close your laptop. “We’re free!”

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Hello :) Could you maybe post a (before/after?) photo of your stretch marks? I have many and they're realle demotivating me and they are basically the only reason I can't get myself to start losing weight...I am scared that I'll never look good. Maybe you can show me what they can look like after a while? I hope you are fine!

I don’t have a close up before picture but you can kind of see them on my “famous” before picture. I had very bright red ones on my stomach/hips. And I have them basically everywhere. And I still do! They are very light and white now but I will always have them and I don’t mind them.

Keep this in mind: even my boyfriend, who is 5’9” and weighs like 130lbs, has stretch marks on his hips from growing.

Everybody has em and they’re perfectly fine and normal :)

So I kinda wrote the first thing I’ve written in years and it turned into (non-romantic) takamui in which Kamui is a little shit and decides to disturb Sugi while he sleeps, then makes a habit of it.

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What is it about DGD that makes you love them so much? I hope you don't mind me asking I just enjoy hearing fans reasons :)

Thanks for asking this question! :)
I love them because they have always had a unique sound compared to other bands with screamers. Other bands tend to stay with the same sound whereas DGD changes up theirs with every album they have put out (regardless of the countless singers they have gone through). They manage to figure out a sound that works well with the singer(s) they have/had. They are awesome dudes and they always interact with their fans and listen to what they have to say about the band and the music they put out and try to please us the best they can. Dance Gavin Dance is an awesome band and always will be in my opinion!

This was posted on Animotion during season 5 by Maxine Walker. I just love it and I just had to post it. I hope you don’t mind. Maxine you did good! You made me fall in love with the song. I wish I could be just as creative. I hope you make more.

I don’t care what RIB placed on paper and what finally ended up on screen, Samcedes will always be my endgame.

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Can I have the first years reacting and comforting their s/o who went blind?

Sure thing, dear. I’m going to write this as though they were in some kind of accident, I hope that’s what you had in mind!

Hinata entered the hospital room cautiously. “Hi.” He said, as softly as he could manage. His heart was breaking to see his s/o sitting there, all bandaged up and hooked up to IVs. Their mother had warned him on the phone, but he still wasn’t expecting this. “Sh-Shouyou?” They turned their head in his general direction, lifting a hand towards him. He leaped forward and grabbed it, squeezing it as he pressed kisses to their face. “I’m so sorry.” He kept repeating, trying to look into their eyes that, for the first time since he’d known them, didn’t sparkle back at him. He pressed his face into their neck, careful of their bandages. “I love you.” He murmured. “I love you so much, and I’m going to be here for you. You don’t have to go through this alone.” He promised, determination they couldn’t see alight in his eyes. The grateful pressure of their hand in his was all the thanks he needed.

Kageyama was visiting his s/o for the first time since the accident. Their mother stood beside him, and the dejected look on their face was the only thing that kept him from turning and fleeing the room. “Sweetie,” their mother spoke up, “Kageyama is here to see you.” They turned their head in the direction of their mother’s voice. She gave him a gentle nudge and he stumbled a few steps forward to stand beside them. “How - how are you feeling?” He asked hesitantly, gently taking their hand. Their fingers immediately curled around his. They shrugged. “As well as can be expected.” They sighed. “I’m sorry.” He whispered, almost grateful that they couldn’t see the pain and uncertainty in his eyes. “I wish-” He stopped. Wishing was useless. “I’m not going anywhere.” He said instead. “I’m going to be here. Whenever you need me. And I’ll do whatever you need. I’ll be your eyes. You can count on me.” He leaned down to press a tender kiss to their forehead, missing the small, small smile that flickered across their face.

Tsukishima was frozen. He stood in the doorway of the hospital room, and his s/o’s gaze was blank, directed towards him but not seeing him. He finally released the breath he’d been holding in and slowly stepped towards them. “Oi.” He reached for their hand, cringing when they jumped slightly at the sudden voice and touch. “I’m here, okay?” They closed their eyes, nodding slowly as he reached out to carefully brush a piece of hair off of their cheek. “Everything is strange.” They spoke softly. “I don’t know if I’ll ever get used to this. I don’t know if I can.” He squeezed their hand tighter. “You can. I know it’s hard, but… I know you. You’re the most stubborn person I know.” The corner of their mouth lifted slightly at that. “So I know you’ll get through this. We’ll get through this.” He brushed his thumb across their cheek before leaning in for a quick kiss. 

Yamaguchi wished he could turn back time and prevent this horrible accident from happening to his partner. “I just want to see again.” They muttered, eyes filling with frustrated tears. “I didn’t ask for this.” “I know.” He squeezed their hand comfortingly. “I know.” He repeated in a whisper. “But, you know what?” They turned their face in his direction. “We’ll work through this together. Just like everything else. It’ll take time but I have all the time in the world for you.” He kissed their cheek. “Whatever you need, I’m here.”

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When I was in high school, we had a swimming section of P.E. and one of my then-friends laughed at me and said I had really saggy boobs. I think about that a lot and it still hurts.

you can thank society for that one.  the perfect-sized-perpetually-perky boob is held up as the example of what all boobs look like. i mean sure there’s some out there, but the majority of us do not posses ones like that! plus, there sure as heck isn’t anything wrong with any of them. i hope you can put that cruel message from your not-friend out of your mind, and replace with it some body positive thoughts. *warm hugs*

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i saw you got the makoto free! figure and i was just wondering how much and where you got it cause i've been dying to get one.

I’m going to answer publicly so others can get the info too. I hope you don’t mind :)

Also, I am not an expert about figure collecting or buying preowned/used figures in what I refer to as secondhand market. I can only offer suggestions about what I would do.

anyway. my answer:

If you mean the Altair 1/8 scale Makoto, then he’s going to be hard to get now. I got him back in November at release date for like…$75 usd or near that because I had a preorder. The best bet for figure collecting is to preorder but that isn’t always possible and sometimes easy to miss so the secondhand market is the other option! I listed a few means of obtaining him in my answer here.

I looked in the myfigurecollection comments again tonight and there are still a few for sale. You just need to join mfc in order to message the seller. It’s a forum so it’s free to join.

Many collectors take insane amount of care for their figures so preowned figures might be close to brand new condition despite some dust from shelf display. And sometimes you might find an unopened one for sale. Of course you should still be careful about scams and such just like buying anything else online.

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Part of being fairly popular was that you always had contacts. There was always someone who knew someone else—- and so on. When had first seen this blogger - Louis, that was his name - and his videos about parties, his first reaction was to think “How dare he?!”. But now, he had another thought in mind.

And now he was calling over skype to a blogger that - his inflated ego hoped - had at least heard of him.

“Hey, what’s up. Uh… This is Abel, fashion blogger. I’ve seen your latest video— never heard of that place before.”


as soon as i read florist asahi i was hooked ( ´ิ(ꈊ) ´ิ)

and bonus image of layers 4 and 5 when i accidentally turned on the visibility of both