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AH YOUR FIC RECS ARE THE BEST!! Challenge: do you have any Shifter based ones? Like shifter torture, shifter non con, shifter kidnapping them, etc? Shifters <3

Humm, I think I recced a few of them in other list, so sorry in advance, those come to my mind right now, I hope helps.

Don’t You Know That I Love You? by veronamay He goes tense in his bonds as the shapeshifter gives him a long, thorough once-over from head to foot and back again that leaves Sam in no doubt of its intentions.

Fase Comforts!series by Maygra What if the shapeshifter from “Skin” had family intent on getting revenge on the Brothers Winchester

You Can’t Take What’s Not Yours by carryonsammy  In short, Sammy get’s felt up by Shifter!Dean while he is being help captive and Dean is so far from being okay with

Innocent by annella   Sam’s tied up in the shapeshifter’s lair, and revelations are made.

Room No. 12: South of St. Louis by sxeraven

Sam was raped by shapeshifter!Dean during Skin, and they deal with it. This fic is part of “Hotel Reserve” series

Damn Shapeshifters by spn007 

A shapeshifter spills a lifelong secret of Dean’s to Sam. 

His Pretty Lips, Another’s Lies by LadyCrystalCastalia

A painful encounter with a Shapeshifter leaves Sam shaken and starts taking a toll on the boys’ relationship. Unwilling to let the son of a bitch destroy everything, Dean decides he and Sam need a break from saving people if they’re going to save themselves

Weak Point  by  Maygra

An interlude from Skin, where shapeshifter!Dean is tormenting Sam.  

(How Long) To The Point Of No Return? ” by pez_gurl (Meg)  Ever since their brush with that fucking shape shifter, Sam’s felt something,  noticed a change in Dean..

Closure by HalfshellVenus The aftermath of the encounter with Shapeshifter Dean
Truths Spoken In Anger by HalfshellVenus  An AU branch off of Shapeshifter Dean’s encounter with Sam and Dean.

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This one time, when I was a junior in high school, I had the biggest crush on this senior and one time he was with his friends during lunch and of course I was staring at him. I got up and walked over to him and asked him to be my boyfriend. He froze. He didn't know what to say so I asked if he was gay and he said no and I said ok well at least I tried. I walked away and the entire table of his friends erupted in applause. Later on I found out he was impressed with my courage... 👍🙈😊😊😊

I hope you don’t mind that I post this public, but this is such a cute story. Thank you so much for sharing this with us :)

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I love your fuckening fic smuts! and I have a prompt, oliver worshipping felicitys glorious ass in bed!

I hope this is what you had in mind, anon! :)


Summary: He had always loved a woman’s ass, but Felicity’s was in another realm.


“Oliver, what are you doing?” she asked, her voice raspy with sleep and overuse.

“Nothing,” he replied, eyes drifting back to her ass. Her very, very beautiful ass that was all his. He ran his hand over each round cheek and she let out a little laugh.

You can read on: Tumblr | AO3 | FF.net

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You mentioned in your Destiel post that the cast has been more open about Destiel - can you explain what you mean by that? I feel like it's true, but I can't think of any actual instances offhand that support that. I believe you, I'm just hoping you have a couple particular moments in mind, if you know what I mean.

No problem!  They’ve just been more relaxed, when you compare things to how they were around jib last year in particular.  Jared making jokes about Dean making out with Cas & Jensen just laughing, the photos Jensen & Misha tweeted - which were not Destiel, but certainly had that general feel to them & Jensen had zero issue with Destiel/Cockles shippers having fun with them.  In fact, they were his idea, not Misha’s, so that’s all relaxed.  Now we’ve had the confirmation of the Cas/Colette parallel being intentional from Jared (regardless of whether you read any romantic intent into it).  So yeah, there haven’t been any real overt declarations of “I’M TOTALLY COOL WITH THIS”, but the overall attitude has been much more…I dunno, friendly? 

~Imagine having a snowball fight with team free will~

Warnings; none

Word Count; 864

Pairing; tfw x reader

A/N; This is probably weird but I couldn’t think of anything else and sadly it snowed today so i had the idea “hey what if I wrote one about having a snowball fight with tfw. Also this is probably going to be really short, not all of my imagines are going to be long. Hope you enjoy ~

It was a really snowy day, this is the first time its snowed all year. You weren’t much of a big fan with snow, but you didn’t mind it every once in awhile because that meant no hunting. You were sitting in bed, reading trying to figured out what to hunt next then you heard wings, then before you knew it Cas was standing right in front of your bed, with the biggest smile on his face

"Hey Cas" you say, greeting him with a smile.

"Hey y/n, guess what?!" he asked excitedly

"alright what?"

"It’s snowing!" he said while pointing out the window

"I’m surprised you know what snow is, not trying to be rude or anything.."

"Sam and Dean taught me about it before. It looks  like a lot of fun."

"It’s alright, just really cold." you say while sighing

"Is it safe to play in?" he asked while looking outside

"Um.. yeah but I don’t really wanna-"

"please y/n.. pleeassee" he said with puppy eyes

"Alright, only if Sam and Dean come too because if I have to deal with it, they do too." You said, getting up and going into the kitchen where they were sitting, doing research

"Guys, Cas is here."

"Hey Cas" Dean said, giving him a smile then turning back to his book

"Hi Cas, do you need anything?" Sam asks

"No, I want to play in the snow though."

"He asked me, but I said if I go you guys are going too." you say with an evil grin, you knew how much Sam and Dean liked staying away from the snow, but they had to deal with it at some point. Also it’d be nice for Cas, he never got to play around and act like a kid before.

"But y/n, we got work to do.." Dean said

"But Cas never got to play in the snow before, come on guys have some fun for once." you sad while crossing your arms.

"Fine..  Come on Sam."

"Alright go get ready, I already got my jacket and boots on now just waiting for you."

They went into their bedrooms, slipped on heavy coats and snow boots, grabbed some gloves and off you guys went in the backyard behind the bunker to go play in the snow.

"This is so cold." Sam says while shivering

"Don’t complain, come on just for a few minutes at least."

"I’m only doing this to make you and Cas happy." he sighed

"I’m sorry.. I just wanted to have fun.." Cas said with a sad look on his face

"Dont worry Cas, it’s nice to have fun sometimes." you said, giving him a hug to cheer him up

"Yeah Cas, come on lets teach you how to do a snowball fight." Dean said while picking up a handful of snow, making everyone else do the same

"Then you roll it around in your hands, like this." Sam says, rolling the pile of snow in his hands

"Then you throw it at somebody." you say, throwing it at Dean

"But why would I want to ruin this?" Cas ask while looking at the ball of snow in his hands

"It’s part of the game, it’s not going to last forever." Dean laughs, throwing a ball at Sam

Cas looks at the ball for a few seconds, with confusion written all over his face. Then he finally got the hang of the game and threw it at you

"Ohh it’s on." you laugh, making another ball in your hand then you chuck it at his back

"Thats so cold!" he says while laughing, with his face all red from the cold

"I told you it was!" you say, throwing another one but at Sam

"Oh really y/n?!" he yells, throwing his arms up in the air while chuckling.

"Hey Cas look out!" Dean yelled while throwing one at him

"You know what, this is actually really fun." Dean says

"You want to know what would be way more fun?" you ask with a grin


"This!" you yelled while running to him, pushing him in the snow

"Hey Sam!" Cas yelled, Sam looked forward and saw Cas running to him, getting ready to push him in the snow till he moved

"Ha ha!" Sam yelled while laughing, holding onto his stomach from laughing so much

After an hour of playing in the snow like 5 year olds, and getting so cold everyone feels like ice you all finally went inside, got hot coco, and cuddled on the couch with each other and watched movies all day.

~A/N again but THIS WAS SUCH SH*T IM SO SORRY but its my dads birthday so busy but wanted to post today~

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Could you write a Blackinnon where Marlene says "he's not even my date and he gets under my skirt" and then a bit of smut??? Love ya! Thank youu❤️❤️❤️

Here it goes lovely, I hope you like itt <3 <3 Ps: I had to change slightly the phrase, I hope you don’t mind.


Sirius blinked surprised as the blonde girl in front of him kept on eating her cereal “what?” he asked in disbelief.

“I said no, Black… I won’t go to Hogsmeade with you tomorrow” Marlene said calmly as she stretched out her arm and poured more pumpkin juice into her glass. 

Truth be told, it was really hard saying no to him, she really wanted to go with him but also knew that she had been his second option since the seventh year Ravenclaw rejected him. Besides, she agreed to go with Ludo Bagman anyways.

“Why not?” he asked offended.

“Because I’m going with someone else” she shrugged.

“With who?” Sirius was outraged, why was she dating someone and he didn’t know? Most important, why wasn’t he the one she was dating?

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"Diedrich? Goodness, it's been quite a while. You seem.... Well...."

He paused at first, “I did not expect to see you well, and alive.” took him a moment before the man have any intend to understand how many of them had returned from the dead. 

“So you survived as well. Just as your brother did?” He commented lightly. The old solider’s eye was filled with remorse. as if he remember what those eye were like the last he had seen them, in that garden where Vincent had requested him to protect the two of them. 

He will surely protect you… wont you? 

Resounding in his head softly as the tunes of the past replay itself.

Mun Note: I hope you dont mind my long replies. Feel free to reblog this to make a thread.

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send me a ✿ and i’ll generate a number. | [prompt]

10: French kiss

It was the general consensus by everyone that knew him that Ienzo shouldn’t be left alone after drinking any amount of anything remotely alcoholic. He either ended up spilling every secret he was meant to keep or doing something incredibly stupid — and well, right then it seemed like he was doing the latter.

He was bored, and so had snuck a beer from Dilan’s rather extensive collection of alcohol-that-he-shouldn’t-have-touched. It was an experiment, he told himself; how much alcohol did it take him to get all loose and bubbly? Conclusion: One bottle.

He spotted Riku while wandering the castle, only slightly unsteady on his feet. He stepped towards the other, smiling politely as he always did —

Then, for whatever reason, grabbed the taller male’s face and pulled him down, kissing Riku sloppily, open-mouthed, tongue demanding entry to the other’s mouth. He pushed his body closer to Riku’s, barely even realising what he was doing.

as soon as i read florist asahi i was hooked ( ´ิ(ꈊ) ´ิ)

and bonus image of layers 4 and 5 when i accidentally turned on the visibility of both