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even as a shadow (even as a dream)

"come back. even as a shadow, even as a dream." - euripides, from herakles

he knows she has to seek him out herself in dreams of the fade in order for him to see her again, this much is true. he’s dreamed with her enough times to teach her certain ins and outs of his lucid tricks, not ever enough to actually learn the talent herself, but enough to allow her to reach out to him specifically if she so desires.

he doesn’t know why he thought the dreams would stop after he left the inquisition, after he’d left her standing there at the foot of the battle finally won — what should have been a victorious moment for her sullied by his selfish departure, salt in the open wound that would leave scars beneath her chest and crush the spirit he admires so much.

the first time she reaches out to him, he happens to be standing at the edge of a familiar pond, familiar night sky dotted with familiar stars that reminds him of the freckles on her face, sun-kissed from years of living outdoors with her dalish clan. he visits this place often, a glutton for punishment he cannot receive until he finishes what he’s started, but grasping for straws that remind him that there are consequences for every action he takes — especially the irresponsible ones.

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Have Yourself a Merry Broadway Christmas, p.2 -  our favorite musical theatre performers singing christmas tunes  

Merry Christmas, Alex (sutton-claus)!

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas - Audra McDonald // A Place Called Home - Megan Hilty // Baby It’s Cold Outside - Liza Minnelli And Alan Cumming // White Christmas - Idina Menzel // Being In Love With You - Laura Osnes // The Christmas Waltz - Hadley Fraser // I Wish You A Merry Merry Christmas - Krysta Rodriguez // Still, Still, Still/The First Noel - Sierra Boggess And Lindsay Mendez // I’ll Be Home For Christmas - Jeremy Jordan // Christmas Island - Kristin Chenoweth // O Holy Night - Raul Esparza 


I think whats so terrible about it all too is the fact that Clarke really didn’t have much a choice but to put Finn out of his misery. Like for one, if she tried to kill the commander like Raven said, the camp would be demolished whether Clarke succeeded or failed at slicing her throat. And Clarke would be murdered on the spot, I don’t even think she’d have time to bring her hand up before a grounder spears her tbh she’s surrounded by them. I know Ravens never gonna forgive Clarke for this, but if she didn’t kill Finn then he would be tortured and die a slow terrible death. Her options were either let him die slowly, die herself trying to kill the commander essentially killing the entire camp, or kill him herself.

And Clarke knew the one she had to choose, she knew the consequences were she had to live with it, and she’d lose a friendship over it. Clarke Griffin is strong and brave as hell and I have such respect for her.