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ACNL Nuzlocke challenge

Other Nuzlocke challenges I found (1/2/3) are not challenging enough, so if you like actual challenges, here you go: You will find the rules limiting you to a very minimalist, maybe even tedious gameplay that greatly slows down the town building process and focusses on your villagers’ needs. This challenge is mainly aimed at people who already built several towns, enjoy meeting new faces, like working with tiny bell budgets and generally want a more relaxed approach to the game. Even though these seem a lot of rules, you’ll see that it’s actually a liberating experience to play this way once you get the grasp of it, promise.

Basic rules

  1. Take the first map.
  2. No soft resetting.
  3. No buying anything in shops except for the basic tools, no ordering from the catalogue.
  4. No selling for profit. Live off/work with what villagers/trees give you.
  5. No storing items (not in letters/lockers/rooms/on the floor).
  6. Villagers can come and go as they please.
  7. No trading with/adopting from other towns. Adopting free villagers out to keep your void clear is fine. However, you may not accept/use donations.
  8. No town ordinance.
  9. No time travelling, no duping, no hacking.
  10. Fulfill all of your villagers’ wishes. Build PWPs where they were suggested.
  11. Empty your inventory each time you quit playing by throwing everything apart from tools away.

In-depth rules

  1. Upgrade your house from the tent. Pay it off.
  2. No buying of single exterior pieces. If you want a different exterior, save up money (24.700 bells), then buy all of the pieces that are available in Nook’s Homes.
  3. Find someone who will donate a trash can to put into your house on the first day!
  4. No running.
  5. Read your letters in the morning, put items on, in your house/inventory immediately, then throw the letters away or save them in the post office.
  6. Try to talk to each villager at least once per day. If someone asks to move, always tell them to go (no matter the outcome).
  7. When villagers ask for something, the first thing that comes up goes to them – applies to everything, bugs, fish, furniture. If a villager pings you for something, it’s theirs. Sick villagers have to be treated with medicine obtained from other villagers (let yourself get stung). You are only allowed to deny a request for fruit you don’t have. No hitting villagers on purpose.
  8. When a villager gives/sends you clothing etc., immediately wear it.
  9. When you obtain fruit from Isabelle/villagers, plant it right away.
  10. Fruit may only be shaken off trees if a villager asks for it. Leave unneeded fruit on the ground.
  11. Rocks are not to be touched (unless a villager asks for a certain insect). If you accidentally get ore, keep it in your inventory until it’s time to clean it out. Money gained that way may not be used, leave it on the ground at the train station.
  12. You may have only one perfect fruit tree at a time. If it dies, leave it be and plant another one.
  13. Dug up fossils have to be donated. If they’re already in the collection, you have to keep them in the inventory until it’s time to clean it out.
  14. If you catch an insect/fish for fun, you have to donate or release it.
  15. No selling fruits, shells, fossils, insects/fish at Re-Tail/the Nookling stores.
  16. No turnip speculations.
  17. Earn your money by shaking trees. If you come across bees, you may only sell the beehives when you managed to catch/escape the bees without getting stung. Release the bee.
  18. Items you find in trees go into your home, unless someone pings you for them. If your home is full, the item stays in your inventory until it’s time to clean it out.
  19. You may only water wilted flowers.
  20. Island tours in company only. Only items you can officially buy may be taken back to town. No island hopping.
  21. Items obtained from events/the island go into Re-Tail when your home is full. Put them up for the price Reese suggests. Let villagers buy anything they want.
  22. No weed pulling (except for the night before Weeding Day).
  23. The only stuff you may buy are stationery and landscaping items (tree saplings, bush starts, flowers, fruit/bamboo). No buying these in other towns.
  24. Once Club LOL has opened (should take ages though), go there every Saturday and send the song you get from K.K. Slider to one of your villagers.

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And even though you thought there was something wrong, there was nothing wrong. I was just thankful to finally have someone like you in my life. I don’t know how long you will be in my life but I do know that I am thankful for now. I am thankful for this moment. I am thankful to finally have someone who is the compass that leads me back home. No matter how long and winding the way may be, no matter how far gone I am, no matter how dark it all seems, he pulls me back to safety even when I feel like I am drowning. I am thankful that someone like you exists and I hope that one day I can be everything that you need. One day, I hope I can be someone deserving of you, someone who is capable of making you happy.

~Excerpts from the book I’ll never write #211


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There was always something that confused me about Komaeda in the English dub.

Komaeda idolises the students of Hope’s Peak Academy and considers himself less than nothing compared to them, constantly putting himself down whenever he talks about them. But in the first trial and in his second Free Time Event, he casually refers to them as his friends. Now, the scene in the first trial could be hand waved as Komaeda keeping up an act, but by the time we see his second Free Time Event Komaeda does nothing to hide the extent of his self deprication. By this point his characterisation suggests he would rather die than do something as imputent as refer to the Symbols of Hope as friends with someone like him. But in his second Free Time Event he calls Hinata his friend. To me it just doesn’t seem like something Komaeda would say, especially since asking Hinata to be his friend in his Dangan Island ending was supposed to be a big deal.

Considering everything that happened in the first trial, suddenly calling Hinata his friend in his second Free Time Event makes him sound like an utter prick.

So I started searching the internet for SDR2 clips in unedited Japanese, and I think I get it now. I’m not a master at Japanese so please correct me if I’m wrong, but generally I’m mostly certain about what I have to say.

In the first trial, Komaeda refers to the SHSL students as 仲間, Nakama. He uses the same word in his second Free Time Event. While nakama is often translated as ‘friend,’ it does have some different connotations. A word that describes nakama’s meaning more accurately would probably be comrades. In general to be nakama you have to be a group working together towards a common goal. Your 'group’ could be just be a bunch of coworkers who happen to work at the same office as each other. You don’t even have to like each other. What matters is that you’re working together to reach that common goal. So while it can be a friendly word, it doesn’t necessarily have to mean, “Yep we’re all friends!” To me this aligns more with Komaeda’s character than him outright calling the other characters his friends.

As for his Dangan Island ending, when Komaeda asks if Hinata will be his friend, he uses the word 友達, Tomodachi. (I’d upload a screenshot but tumblr won’t load it properly.) There’s less ambiguity with the definition of tomodachi: there’s no doubt that it means friends.
I feel the English dub translating both nakama and tomodachi as friend makes Komaeda seem like more a jerk than he’s meant to be, and also makes the Dangan Island scene lose some of it’s heartwarming tone.
But I do understand why the dubbers did this. Really. It’s easier to translate nakama as friend, and plenty of translators do this. I just think I’d be more forgiving of this if it wasn’t for Souda’s Free Time Events.

This is a scene from Souda’s first Free Time Event. You can probably guess what the words 'friend’ and 'comrade’ originally were in Japanese.

In the first screenshot Souda uses the word tomodachi (friend), but then comments how they’re probably not close enough to call each other friends yet. Hinata suggests they call each other nakama (comrades). Honestly this just makes the fact they just translated Komaeda saying nakama as friend all the more jarring to me.
Really my main issue is just Komaeda’s second Free Time Event. Komaeda calls Hinata his friend and in th context of that scene it makes him sound like such a jerk. I get that 'comrade’ might sound a little awkward in conversation, but was there really no other word they could have used? Companions? Allies? Classmates?
I’m sorry, I know I’m making a big deal out of nothing, but this is supposed to be the official dub and having Komaeda say something so out of character bothers me.

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It's around 1:11, turn it up really high - you'll hear something when the bra is off that seems like a pop, but if you listen closely you'll hear an 'you okay?' =)


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Well that just proves my point then, doesn't it? Let's not give these nice people false hope when not even someone like you can get a bloody job in the field.

You know it’s not like it’s so easy for an European citizen to enter the American or Canadian Circuit in the Industry of Animation when the requirements are either being an American/Canadian Citizen or live ther and having a work visa.

So no, sorry but the fact that I’m still not doing animation as a career doesn’t prove your point in the slightest.

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i want to lose my virginity with someone like you

I’m glad, I hope you lose your virginity to someone like me too. You’re deserving of someone who’s in it for more than just meaningless sex and actually cares about you deeply. 

I hope you find someone who won’t ask you to wipe your mouth before kissing them.

I hope you find someone who knows when your really done, who won’t stop until your shaking.

I hope you find someone who collapses on to your chest and holds you closer after you cum.

I hope you find someone who likes the smell of your sweat because it reminds them of everything they love.

I hope you find someone who’s favourite time to be alive is when you sing.

I hope you find someone who will paint your finger and toenails, and they enjoy doing it.

I hope you find someone who remembers how you have your coffee, and the way you like your cocktails, that you hate bananas but love potatoes and dolmades in any form.

I hope you find someone who buys lactose free milk for the days that you stay at their place.

I hope you find someone who’ll walk to your house at 3am when your sad and need cuddles.

I hope you find someone who finds your grumpy moods endearing and nothing but cute.

I hope you find someone who knows when your sad and knows when not to speak.

I hope you find someone who doesn’t leave when you push them away.

I hope you find someone stronger than me.

I hope you find the love your looking

Because we both deserve to be better than what we allowed ourselves to be together.

Tbh ch27 made me sad for Akira, and made me hope she never finds out what happened to Seidou. (I know that’s a vain hope but I’m still gonna hope.)

Like. Imagine going to school with someone and working with someone who you care about but who holds a grudge against you for something you can’t help and then mourning them when they die, only to find out that they’re now a half-ghoul who murders your colleagues for fun and whose grudge against you was probably used to manipulate them and therefore has only festered and grown since they disappeared.

Yeah idk that really sucks.


You need to hope that teenagers are savvy enough when choosing their role models that they pick people who have good morals and beliefs. But it’s also that balance of liking someone and respecting what they do.’”- Carrie Hope Fletcher

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bangtan's ideal types
  • Jin:puppy type, have a character like a puppy, nice and good to me, also good at cooking
  • Suga:woman who is similar to me, who looks only at me, wise and calm
  • Namjoon:sexy, has a nice voice, someone I can talk to, moderate woman
  • J-Hope:likes books, good at cooking, good wife
  • Jimin:right now I don't have an ideal type but good personality is always no.1
  • V:can cherish what I give, can save money, wants to buy a house first, good to my parents
  • Jungkook:someone who likes me, who can sing, has white skin, smart and height 160cm

Some AUs bc we need some age appropriate school stuff:

  • We’re in a project together at school so we exchanged numbers but you accidentally butt dialed me and I found out that you kinda sorta like me a little bit au
  • You fell asleep in class and I covered for you even though we’ve never talked au
  • We take the same bus to school and there weren’t any more seats so you had to sit by me au
  • You moved after elementary school but came back for hs and we picked up right where we left off au
  • We follow each other on tumblr and decided to meet and it is actually the kid from my school that I always thought was a jerk au
  • I heard you talking shit about my fav so naturally I came to yell at you but found out you weren’t talking about the same show and you actually love the same character I love au
  • You laughed at my joke/pun in class when everyone else groaned and now you wanna hear more au
  • My parents told me to get a tutor in math so asked you for help bc I know you’re smart but the only thing I’ve learned so far is that you are cute au
  • You didn’t even know me but you saw I was sad and tried to cheer me up au
  • I noticed you looking at my test answers and I pushed my paper closer to you so you could get a better look au
  • We used to be friends in elementary school but we grew apart and now we’re in high school math together and you said one of our inside jokes out loud au
  • You’re a trouble maker so the teacher thought that changing seats so little perfect me was sitting next to you was a good idea but now we both get in trouble au
  • Meet in detention au
  • You saw me drop a lot of papers in the hall and were the only one who helped me pick them up au
  • We were both late to class and you asked me if I wanted to skip with you and I said okay au
  • We have a class set of books and when I opened mine I saw what you wrote and I wrote back so we’re kinda pen pals au
  • We don’t have any classes together but we smile and wave at each other in the halls au
  • You said something in class that made me realize you have the same secret obsession with (Zac Efron) as I do au
  • I saw your dog and ran to pet it w/o noticing who the owner was but now I see you and wow au
  • I created a hot sim in The Sims 4 and it looks EXACTLY like you au
  • I was reading fanfic on the school computer and you saw and realized it was yours au

28′ Goal Neymar Jr. - Assist Luis Suarez

Messi has one, Suarez has one and now Neymar has one. Neymar takes as much time as he likes, dancing past a defender and on to his right foot, and then rolls a shot past Guaita and into the bottom right corner. So cool. He’s such an enjoyable footballer.