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laughter in the spring <3

the one before the one with the flower crown

summary: a prequel to the one with the flower crown. dan is the new kid and phil just finds him really fucking pretty.
word count: 3.7k
genre: fluff, angst, smut smut smut

a/n: can we have a round of applause for the title of this fic thank you i saw some punk!phil/pastel!dan edits on my dash and thought, shit, i’d better finish this prequel. here you go guys! i hope you enjoy this little addition to what i suppose is one of y’alls favourite ‘verses c: prompts are open, as always! my mid-years start tomorrow though. #pray4krys2k15


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No wall can keep you safe. A wall is only as strong as the men who defend it.
—  Ned Stark, ASOS

So, here’s a short sizzler reel of all my costumes (at least my screen accurate ones!) They are in chronological order save the Imperial officer. I kept it theme organized.

Star Wars A New Hope; Stormtrooper (2009-2010, age 16-18): My first costume. Assembled with help from the 501st Legion! I got a ATA kit in 2009, and over the course of my junior and senior year I completed it. I would join the 501st on my 18th birthday 9/2/2010. My first event was being a background dancer for Weird Al during The Saga Begins! It recieved Expert status with the First Imperial Stormtrooper Detachment on the 9th of September. I belong to the Midwest Garrison of 501st Legion.

Star Wars A New Hope; Rebel Fleet Trooper (2010, age 18): I joined the Rebel Legion shortly after I finished my Stormtrooper. Part of the Nar Shadaa Base of the Rebel Legion.It is complete with 70′s German jack boots. Helmet is cast from a WWII US Navy Talker helmet as well!

Star Wars A New Hope; Imperial Staff Officer (2014, age 21): I didn’t do much work on these except restore the WWII German officer boots. The tunic and jodhpurs were constructed by close friends Hawk and Kim Worley off of screen accurate patterns sourced from the movie. The rank is Lieutenant and is modeled off the Detention Block officer.

Daft Punk; Human After All Era (2012-2013, age 19-20): After finishing the Stormtrooper I wanted to branch out. I mean, everyone has a Stormtrooper…it’s a right of passage! So I looked into my favorite band. I loved the mystique, their attitude, and the helmets. Over the span of being in Norwich University, going to Fort Benning and coming back Northern Illinois University I was hellbent of getting back in the game! I went through two leather HAA suits until I was happy. I even sourced the real Adidas Kareem Abdul Jabbars Hi tops they wore! The coolest part was meeting Harrison Krix at Dragon*Con 2013 (of whom I got the patterns for the leathers from!) We roamed around and that Sunday I turned 21.

Daft Punk; TRON Legacy Premier (2014, age 21): Whilst not totally accurate to the premier suits I used it as reference. I has since updated it but is because of that shoot we did before the Grammys that brought me on Tumblr. Someone reposted in the Daft Community and there was a lot of confusion over being the real deal or not. That’s when I was sold I needed to do all their costumes!

Daft Punk; Random Access Memories (2013-2014, age 19-21): The GL tuxedos were done last minute after RAM was released in May and I wanted to show it off along with my HAA costume at Dragon*Con 2013. It was a huge hit and the shoes I made got me kicked off facebook! I almost got a Cease and Desist over the glitter boots. I have remade the boots 3 times now and I think I have right. I need redo the entire costume. I made the LYTD jacket for the Championship of Cosplay but gluing 300 yards of the correct square sequins. I also silk screened the correct pattern gloves and sculpted my own RAM hand plates. I too, need to remake the jacket completely.

Daft Punk; Discovery (2014-Present, age 21-present): I wanted to make this my capstone project. I had successfully recreated the soft parts having them completely costume made from India and Thailand. I had sourced two pairs of shoes for Guy-Man. Red Prada, and brown oxfords. Same with Thomas, down to the print of his suit. I also sculpted the power packs not seen here. They will eventually house blutooth speakers, and a vocoder. The biggest thing will be the lights. I actually got the PCB schematics from the gentleman who made the originals. I am going to have them printed in the next month or two. Cam Farris, one of my best friends made a 11x42 3mm Red Diffused Thomas array matching the original perfectly. Harrison Krix made a array holder custom for it. The custom helmets are also not pictured.

Daft Punk; 56th Annual Grammy’s (2014, age 21): The suits are lightweight wool blend based off high resolution images of the originals. The Guy-Man helmet is by Pedro Aloha, sculpted for someone 5′7″ (Guy’s height.) The gloves are pulls off my RAM sculpt in white ABS. Thomas’ visor needs to be chromed, its just a motorcycle visor for now.

Guardians of the Galaxy; Star-Lord (2015, age 22): Star-Lord is a mulch-combination of resin casts, 3D prints, custom leatherwork, and fabric. It was a joint operation between myself, and many members of the Replica Prop Forum. A ton of people told me of my resemblance to Chris so I was just gonna get a jacket made online but $2k later I had a complete costume…kinda. I still need to competely redye the jacket, weather it, and add more details to the trench coat. Not pictured is the short jacket as well. It is a combination of silk screened fabric, leather, buckles, straps, and 3D rubber components. The coolest thing? My 1979 Sony Walkman, that WORKS! I am actually listening to the Awesome Mix and dancing!

Burst Forth (Day 5 of 7) “Yet their message has gone throughout the earth, and their words to all the world. God has made a home in the heavens for the sun. It bursts forth like a radiant bridegroom after his wedding. It rejoices like a great athlete eager to run the race. The sun rises at one end of the heavens and follows its course to the other end. Nothing can hide from its heat.” -Psalm 19:4-6 When we explode in praise for Jesus and what he’s done for us, His message of salvation spreads through the whole earth like the rays of the sun. It has come down to us from above, and it covers every inch of the earth - spreading joy and light to see. It actively looks for places to go and follows the course it’s supposed to; spreading everywhere. No one can escape it’s power. What are you doing to help the light reach new places? As you pray today, ask Jesus to show you new ways to share His message with those around you in a way that pushes your limits. ____________________________________________

Image Series: The Fire Series (#wtscreatives #thefireseries)

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