American sculptor David Best, renowned for building colossal wooden temples at Burning Man, each of which has been ritually burnt to the ground at the end of the festival, just completed an awesome new project in Northern Ireland. For hundreds of years bonfires were a symbol of division in Northern Ireland. Best seeks to turn that divisive tradition on its head with the burning of a beautiful wooden temple meant to symbolize healing and unification. He’s built a new spectacular new wooden Temple on a hill in Corrody Road Country Park in Derry~Londonderry. A splendidly ornate structure, it’s the result of over two years of work and planning by Artichoke Trust.

Towering over the surrounding landscape, the Derry~Londonderry Temple was built by local people, Catholic and Protestant alike, to honor those who lost their lives during the Troubles:

“During the Northern Irish conflict in the late 20th century, more than 3,600 people were killed and thousands more were injured as paramilitaries and security forces fought each other over a period of 30 years. Symbolically, many of the commemorative temple’s panels were designed and made by more than 100 young people from around the city.The structure, which features a giant wooden chandelier hanging down from a central spire, has been open since last Saturday and members of the public have been encouraged to scrawl messages and leave mementos in tribute to lost loved ones.”

The Temple with be burnt at dusk on Saturday, March 21st, “releasing its messages of hope into the sky.” Until then visitors are welcome to explore the structure and cover its surfaces with messages, photos and other mementos.

Visit the Derry~Londonderry Temple website for more photos and information about this awesome project.

Photos by Charles McQuillan

[via IBTimes and the Daily Mail]

Create a labyrinth &
quietly let them in.

Do not tell them of the minefields;
do not warn them –
that flowers will no longer bloom.

Meet me under the stars at
the avenue of hopeful beginnings &
we’ll try and outrun them;

the path is dark, but together
we’ll venture through it &
I’ll bring you to unfinished endings –
the only home that I have ever known.

Perhaps they’ll find us
(perhaps they won’t) –
I’ll dim the light always &
promise to take first watch.

—  sdf 87/365
Hope is a curious thing in nursing. You spend days, months, years studying - with the hope of one day attaining the dream of becoming a nurse. As a brand new nurse, you put on a brave face during the day, only to go home home frustrated, in tears, and maybe uncertain about what you’ve gotten yourself into, but there’s the hope of better days ahead, and a choice to stick with it. As a bedside nurse, you make daily choices in what seems like a marathon, weighing the consequences - what’s the best course of treatment, the choice to be aggressive with interventions, or sometimes the hope of a peaceful end of pain for the patient. The daily choices often mean you’ll go without bathroom or food beaks, or even a sip of water - not for the gratuity, but for the hope of just doing one more thing to bring a little comfort for your patients. As an experienced nurse, you’ve spent years slaughtering your body and mind to achieve the dream job, only to have it shattered by self doubts, disappointments, impossible work environments, unsafe patient ratios, and bullying. On a basic level, you’re constantly assessing - how much you’re studying, whether you’re going to make it in school, on a new unit, in a new job, whether your choices are the right course of action for your patient, and right for you. What guides you on a daily basis is choice, what saves you at the end of the day is hope.
—  Nurse X

Wisdom is more precious than rubies;
nothing you desire can compare with her.
- Pr 3:15

My dear sister,

Run toward wisdom with all you have. Be the kind of woman or girl who personifies wisdom in all of her actions, even when it comes to dating and relationships.

Be wise when it comes to…

1. YOUR TIME (Eph 5:15-17)

If you’ve been talking to a guy for weeks or months and he can’t tell you what his intentions are, it’s time to recognize the time you’re investing in him. The more you give him your time, the more you are investing in him and it is only fair to you to know what you’re investing in. If he can’t tell you what his intentions are with you, it’s time to pray and ask God how to make the MOST of your time here on this earth as this passage reminds us. Your time is valuable and is not to be wasted by someone who doesn’t know what they want! If he needs time to figure it out, that’s okay—but he doesn’t get to consume all of your time without letting you know his intentions!

2. YOUR BODY (1 Co 6:19)

Your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit. This means that your body is not just flesh and bones, but it is a vessel. Your body has value. It doesn’t matter how satisfied you are or aren’t with your body, you are so much more than just flesh and bones…this is why not just anyone gets to touch you, kiss you, and see the most intimate parts of yourself. I know there’s immense pressure to turn heads on social media, when you’re out with friends, and even at work and school, but know that you don’t have to go to that level. You are so much more valuable than that, and anyone that is interested in you has to know that!

3. YOUR HEART (Pr 4:23, Mt 12:34)

Be wise when it comes to your heart. No one is above getting their heart broken..and if you’ve ever had your heart broken, you know what I mean. God is the one who is holding your heart, and anyone that ever makes your heart skip a beat, or utter the words “I love you,” they have to know that your heart is in God’s hands…and that is a wonderful thing that they are willing to commit to cherishing.

Photo + model credit: @lindyashlyn (Instagram)
Written by itsmorganlife

Expelling a Breath

In a place
a shell, ashore
safe sanctuary
some things
like nerves,
like battles.
it feels
it’s okay
I’m okay
nothing will
come crashing
down, down, down
burning aground
leaving in debris
shattered hope
like glass petals
over a grave
of goodwill.
It’s okay
I’m okay
There’s no harm
in letting a smile
settle here
like dust after
a ruckus.
In the end
we walked out
In the end
we sleep
with clear
a conscience.

Sometimes people within the Church get way too fired up about certain things and use so much of their energy to try and go to war, but fail to realize they are not God. He’s already won. The empty tomb is proof of that. And we aren’t called to fight fellow sinners, we are called to love them. It doesn’t mean we shouldn’t defend ourselves when the time calls for it, and that sin is okay, but we need to prayerfully choose our battles.