you don’t know how to love me with words, you say,
hands shivering slightly while they skim like startled birds
over the plains of my hipbones

you say you are unedited novel, broken spine, bad nightmares,
that if i’m not careful i’ll be sucked into the silence where
it’s so cold i forget how to inhale

but you do know how to kiss me like i’m your anchor
and how to make beds feel like castles and
when to bring me hot chocolate even if i didn’t ask for it and
you let me marathon disney movies and make cookies
even if it’s two in the morning and when you laugh about something
it makes my heart race and i just want to sit in sunbeams with you
and eat bagels and discuss ethics and read books to each other until we both fall asleep

so quiet though your love may be
my dear
your quiet love is
the only one
for me.

—  Sunflower love. // r.i.d

Kyle is too hard on himself

I know everyone (TGWTG or not) criticizes their own work, but when Kyle does it on twitter or tumblr etc., it breaks my heart. He is one of the most intelligent and multi-talented people on the site. In my opinion, what he calls his “worst” is still great, and I learn something new from every single video. I just hope he knows that tons of people really enjoy and appreciate his show, even the episodes he didn’t care for.