Net als vorig jaar zijn Anne Marie Hazenberg en Anita Lussenburg van13 t/m 17 maart namens NewMediaBrains op SXSW in Austin (TX) om de allernieuwste online ontwikkelingen te ontdekken. 

Ultimate Guide to @Hootsuite mobile Android app. http://j.mp/HootsuiteAndroidGuide

No matter whether you are a Startup or an Entrepreneur or an Online Marketer or Social Media manager or an Agency … Hootsuite can be one of the most powerful Social Media tools for managing your Social Media presence.

And the Android app gives you the ability to use this tool on the go.

Check out this step by step guide and master this app within an hour.

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Hootsuite and LiftMetrix Partner to Bring ROI Measurement and Recommendations to Customers

Hootsuite and LiftMetrix Partner to Bring ROI Measurement and Recommendations to Customers

New York, NY (PRWEB) February 25, 2015 

LiftMetrix, a smart social analytics company, announced today that they have partnered with Hootsuite, the world’s most widely used social relationship platform, to bring powerful recommendations and ROI capabilities into the Hootsuite dashboard.

This release enables joint LiftMetrix and Hootsuite customers to instantly access custom recommendations in…

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That's impossible

Yes, the coffee I had just not was not possible to drink because I have a cold sore on my lip & it was awful. I am going to upgrade to Hootsuite Pro so I can manage my media better. I have no favorites or RTs in my mentions TL but pro will fix that. Expensive though. I am sitting in my chair thinking about watching a movie which will be on my iPad because I looked to see if I could download Plex for free as I already paid for it on my iPhone a long time ago & I COULD! Very good. To test it out I looked at a little bit of The Burning. Great movie. Now I am going to eat something, I guess, & kill time. Glad I can write on the iPad.

I web tool fondamentali per un social media manager

I #web #tool fondamentali per un #socialmedia manager

La vita del social media manager può essere anche piuttosto complessa. Ecco alcuni strumenti web che aiutano a semplificarla

Agli occhi dei più sembra un lavoro piuttosto semplice: alla fin fine si tratta di scrivere qualche tweet e postare qualche foto sui social network. La realtà, però, è ben altra: un social media manager, nel corso della sua attività lavorativa quotidiana, è chiamato a…

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Can We Really Trust Hootsuite?

Can We Really Trust Hootsuite?

Hootsuite saves bloggers time promoting on social media.

Are you a new blogger who is trying to write and promote your blog posts?  Are you a blogger whose readership is growing?  In both cases, you probably feel like the 168 hours that there are in a week isn’t enough time to do all that you need to do.

What if I told you that I’m going to get you some help?  I’m going to give you a personal…

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Windows Live Writer Posting to Tumblr Test Fail! Plus Tumblr HTML editing/formatting

First off, I started trying to do this yesterday but VPN, China, Slow Internet Speed, or Windows Live Writer just wouldn’t post. So I figured I would do this sometime today. Only to be informed of the passing of Leonard Nimoy. Nam-tor ek’etek nelauk k’tevakh hi vesht tvidonik k’ha’kiv t’sa-veh (should be Vulcan for: We are all diminished by his death but we were enriched by his life).

So probably in my grief I may have skipped breakfast and moved directly onto this sticky problem.

So why did I want to post with WLW? Because I wanted to be able to have an easy time formating my posts the way I wanted them. Below the break is the experience typed in WLW as I made my attempt.

there is a lot of stuff in here review wise for products you may want to do a Control/Command + f to search out those tidbits if you don’t want to read the whole thing.

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Apps: A Blogger's Best Friend

Once a blog post is complete it’s time to share it on social media. More often than not there can be a few hold ups at this stage, perhaps the image is too large or the URL wont fit due to the character restrictions of Twitter. Here are my top apps to help make blogging a breeze.


Instagram is by far my favorite social media platform. I love scrolling through snaps and seeing how people curate their little squares, and I have been known to post the occasional *cough* regular selfie too. Instagram is the perfect visual tool for bloggers to promote posts, the only catch is that it doesn’t allow you to post images directly from your computer or schedule images in advance. That is where Latergram comes in handy, this app allows you to post from your PC and select the time that you wish to post, the app then sends you a notification at the scheduled time, which you can open and post via Instagram.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the most accurate app for monitoring the progress of your blog. You can see everything from the towns that your readers live in, to how your visitors found you. This information is really interesting as it enables you to be smarter with your content planning. It also provides you with the relevant readership figures and conversion rates for sponsors. I found the Google Analytics site a little difficult to navigate around at first, but the app is super easy to use once you know the jargon and completely free.  This blog post is full of handy tips. 

PS Express

Cameras on smart phones are so smart these days that many bloggers use them to capture all of their visual content. Sometimes images just need little tweaking, perhaps some red eye removal here and a saturation adjustment there. The PS Express tool is fantastic for this, and free! This is the newest addition to my app list but it is quickly becoming a favourite. 

Buffer and HootSuite

Twitter is the obvious choice for all bloggers, it is great for getting social and interacting with people. Tweeting is always best done in real time, so that you can be responsive and topical. Occasionally you do need to schedule content in advance and so HootSuite is my tool of choice. Among other things, it allows you to shorten links, set up streams and manage multiple accounts. The only downside is that it isn’t great for scheduling photos,  it converts them into links which don’t appear in your photostream. That is where Buffer comes in, it is a nice and easy way to schedule photos for Twitter. There are lots of other social media management tools out there which do similar things such as FutureTweets and sproutsocial so have a play and see which ones suit your needs best. I use the free versions of all of the apps mentioned in this section. 

Old School App

When my iPhone battery dies or I fancy some screen free time its nice to revert to a notebook. I’m a bit fickle when it comes to stationary, the prettier it is, the more it gets used. Pages with scribbles on get removed and black ink looks best. I was recently sent the book pictured in this post, it is a Nuuna Notebook The banana leaf print leather is gorgeous and it smells like the luxury accessories department in Selfridges!

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How to: #Travel Twitter Chats

How to: #Travel Twitter Chats #travel #blog

Recently, I’ve been getting very into Twitter chats. As a shy introvert, it’s exhilarating to get such instant positivity and responses to your thoughts. You leave the hour feeling like you’ve been a part of something, you’ve been social and active within a community. It’s pretty neat.

Inspired by The Travel Hack’s recent announcement of the #Save4Trek Twitter Chat (starting March 6, click the…

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