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Hoot suite

I’ve noticed that I’ve reduced the usage of Tumblr recently which is a shame„,Hootsuite is fine but the Tumblr API doesn’t integrate publications along with the other streams Twitter /Facebook /Google+

This means typing twice….which rather takes the point out of it, I suppose that it’s still useful to have one gateway for muliple applications but consolidation of the publishing streams would be better :-)

Decsions need to made….

Virtual Consultant - Troubleshooting For Clients

More often than not, one of my main tasks as a Virtual Consultant is to act as the troubleshooter for a client. Clients will ask me to solve a problem regarding their online platforms, including their blog and websites. With a variety of social media platforms, microblogging and plugin updates, there is a constant need for continued maintenance. One of the specialities of a Virtual Consultant is helping a client solve that problem quickly and cost effectively. 

As the online world expands and various platforms and programs are used to spread brand awareness, it can make it challenging to the average user to keep up with changes that can change how items appear on their website, how communication is displayed and what their customers are receiving.

Here is a recent troubleshooting issue I solved for one of my larger clients.


Issue: Continually getting a 500 internal server error while bulk scheduling.

Platform: Hoosuite Pro

Solution: Uploading from a CSV file is what Hootsuite instructs you to do. After troubleshooting I found on multiple forums the same issue from various users. All I needed to do was pull the CSV file into a Text Editor and save it to a certain format. I use Text Wrangler because I’m on a Mac. Save it as a CSV File, but the encoding (or how Hoosuite’s system reads it) needs to be in UTF-8. 

File —>Save As —>CSV —>Encoding (down below) (UTF-8)

Upload file to Hoosuite Batch Scheduling and you are ready to go!

With a Virutal Consultant, it will cost you less time and money to troubleshoot and solve ever frustrating online dilemmas occuring daily in your business. Don’t waste time trying to do it yourself. That’s what a Virtual Consultant is for.

For consulting prices and packages, contact LM Consulting today!