✅ Wallet
✅ Keys
✅ Phone
✅ Hoop
A little @hooptownhotties rehearsal going down. Of course, gotta shout out to @hularev, we miss you 💟 #practice #practice #practice #hooplife


The reel of our first hooping together as Hooptown Hotties! 

Hey tumblr hoopers! It’s our Hoopiversary! Thank you to everyone who came to our shows, filmed our performances, sponsored us, shared our posts, photographed us, created our logos, provided us with music, wrangled our hoops, pinned our costumes, hooped with us, encouraged our obsession, taught us new tricks and believed in us. You know who you are! Here is a look back on our first year as Hooptown Hotties!


We brought in Miss Mojangles, one of the best hoopers we know, to show off one of the most advanced hoop on the market: the Phoenix Smart Hoop by SpinFX. Watch as she dazzles us with her skills and shows us all the mesmerizing features of the Phoenix Smart Hoop!

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