And I know I don’t want this, oh, I swear I don’t want this.
There’s a reason not to want this but I forgot.

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my grandparents started dating when my grandma was 14 and my grandpa was 21. you're saying ereri is pedophilia then i guess my grandpa was a pedophile too. now the real definition of pedophile is someone who is sexually atracted to minors, and in *my* case, and i think that's most shippers case, i ship ereri because levi fell in love with eren, who happens to be a minor (in the real world). meh idk spamming the tag is actually getting ridiculous (i know you don't spam). erm have a good day bye

that’s really weird that your grandparents did that 

and technically it would be back when ur grandma was under the age of consent but w/e

levi fell in love with a minor, which is still pedophilia since he IS sexually attracted to the minor in the shippers case