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♥ 7 months hooping! ♥ 

the song is Ballerina by Bhi Bhiman and you can get it on itunes


been hooping for 3 days and I am already in love with it! the flow is feeling very natural. I have flowed every other tool up until this point except for hoop. i was always a bit intimidated by hooping being a ‘girl thing’ but I have quickly dropped that prejudice and have let the flow unfold

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rightzack said:

Are there specific hoops you recommend using when practicing hooping because I've got three hoops different sizes but they're from the pound shop and they're really light and thin and have beads in them.

Yeah, those aren’t good hoops to practice with… light hoops are too fast for beginners and it’s harder to learn tricks that way. And the beads are just not really helpful either. The hoops you get in toy stores aren’t appropriate for actual hooping. Check out etsy, there are a ton of shops that make dance hoops. I recommend measuring from your belly button to your feet, that’s how big your first hoop should be. Should be 3/4  inch diameter, and be made out of polytech PE (I think this is the name), since these are heavier/easier to grab

Once you’re more comfortable you can upgrade to thinner, smaller, lighter hoops (Polypro/HDPE)


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