For this Follower Special, you get three photos of this very unique an extremely versatile unit! This unit is Mortlake Fire Company's Service 190, a unit that really does do almost everything. From brush fires to MVAs to first attack on fires to hazardous materials calls to medical aid calls, Service 190 is on the front lines of it all! Built on a 1996 AM General Hummer by EJ Murphy, Service 190 is tough as nails!

This one was a tough decision, between this and their very unique Engine 190, which is on a unique Mack RM chassis and even has an LDH reel.

Also, check out some other fire companies who run Hummer-based units!


Most of you have heard of Hackney Emergency Vehicles, right? If not, you’ll know about them soon. Let me be the first to say Hackney had an IMPRESSIVE presence this year at FDIC. At their booth, they displayed this massive heavy rescue on a Kenworth T470 chassis. It may be the first of its kind, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see more of them soon! Nice job Hackney and Kenworth, you sure know how to make a good impression!

(Credit to H&H photographer Gunnar Nelson)

"The crew of Ambulance 1 enjoy a quiet moment at the end of Long Wharf as the full moon rises over Boston Harbor on April 25, 2013. A landing jet streaks into the upper right corner of the picture as it approaches Logan International Airport."


Nice photo, actually a [censored word] night in Boston for a change. Strong work, Brothers and Sisters!


The End of a Legacy

If you’re in the Brotherhood, odds are you’ve heard of the famous Ten Truck. Ten House. Liberty Street. First Due on 9-11-2001 to the World Trade Center. When the FDNY bought new rigs in 2001 to replace those lost, they had this mural placed onto Ten Truck in memory of our lost Brothers. Now, this 2001 Seagrave sits idle in the shops; stripped of its mural and awaiting an unknown fate.

Personally, it hurts me to stand by and watch a legend die like this. Ten Truck has one hell of a story. A story that belongs in a museum, not on a scrap heap or in a reserve fleet. Let this be our memory to the rig. Replaced, stripped, reserve… I only have one question for the big brass of the FDNY: why?

In Memory of the most famous FDNY Ten Truck, 2001-2013

Now this, this is a unique rig. Although several exist, this one stands out to me. North Bailey Fire Co. of New York runs this 2009 Peterbilt/Rosenbauer ETM-style pumper. Built on a Peterbilt 367 commercial chassis, Rosenbauer manufactured an additional crew compartment in the style similar to Enclosed Top Mount commercial pumpers. The additional enclosure seats six firefighters in full gear, with an additional two in the cab for a full crew capacity of eight. She sure is a good-looking rig, and boy look at those stacks!