• Regina:*leaves the whole town to die so she can be with Henry*
  • Fandom:Ok, fine
  • Hook:*leaves the whole town to die so he can save himself*
  • Fandom:Ok, fine
  • Elsa:*leaves the whole town to die so she has a chance to save her sister*
  • Fandom:Ok, fine
  • Rumple:*leaves the whole town he once saved at the price of his life to die so he can be free of the dagger that enslaves him and can start a new life with Belle and Henry*
  • The fandom, the whole town, basically everyone beside the dearies:OMG, YOU MONSTER, TOU DESERVE TO DIE!! I'M SO GLAD ZELENA IS BACK!!!!
  • Butterfly
  • Koji Wada


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Tatiana Volosozhar & Maxim Trankov | Painted in Flames

Five for Five

Based off of the CS Moms Writing Challenge using a random first-line generator. Five drabbles – yes, this is 500 words at 100 words each! – with various pairings. The first line that was generated for each one is in bold.

With him, she’d had some wonderfully stable times. Dinners at home. Video game nights and movie nights. Even after a fire destroyed their apartment, they were still able to find a calm again.

And then it all fell apart.

Emma looked in her rearview mirror at Henry, asleep in the backseat of her car.

“You doing OK, love?” Hook asked her from the passenger seat.

“I just still don’t know what to do about Henry.”

“Swan, you’ll find a way. You always do.”

Emma scoffed. “You seem pretty confident in me.”

“I wouldn’t have come for you if I wasn’t.”

xxx xxx xxx

She kept checking her phone and email, wishing someone would make contact, and then she would always catch herself and remember that she was in another realm. Alone. There was no cell phone service in the Enchanted Forest.

Emma had been wandering for two days, trying to find someone who could help her. She had thought about changing into more appropriate attire but so far, she hadn’t needed it. There was no one here – except for her.

And then she heard the rustling near her and pulled her sword, ready to attack just as Killian had taught her.


xxx xxx xxx

She took a deep breath and said to her boss, “So explain to me again what we’re doing sitting in this sheriff’s car.”

Graham smiled and gave her half of his grilled cheese sandwich. “Stakeout. You want some fries?”

Emma shook her head. “I like onion rings.”

“Noted,” he said.

“And the stakeout?”

“The mayor doesn’t trust you so I’m staking you out.” Graham shrugged. “Figured if I had to watch you, we might as well share dinner.”

Emma’s heart sped up as she bit into her grilled cheese. “Make sure you bring some hot chocolate with cinnamon next time.”

xxx xxx xxx

He was older than she’d thought he would be – at least when she actually reflected on it.

To her, Captain Hook was just another fairy tale character like the Evil Queen or Prince Charming. And yet, when Emma analyzed it, she realized just how important she really was to him – something that scared her at times.

After all, he had spent centuries seeking revenge for Milah, centuries carrying around his brother’s death. And now, he was with her. He had given up the fountain of youth, had given in to wrinkles and an aging body to be hers.

xxx xxx xxx

The horse came back alone. No note, no saddle, no indication of where he had been or how he got back here. But Charming’s horse came back to his castle – without Hook.

The prince stroked his colt’s mane, wondering if Hook had found his Jolly Roger, if he was back to his pirating ways on the high seas.

But then Charming would remember that it didn’t really matter. There were few things he and the pirate agreed on, but both would admit the thing they missed the most wasn’t a ship or castle or horse. It was a princess.

jrodmell32 replied to your post:your comment earlier about having to give david…

No wine by the magic box hilarious!

I prefer rum anyway… and I assure you, Belle did not find it hilarious.  

anonymous asked:

IVE BEEN LOW KEY HOOKING UP WITH MY TEACHER AND NOW HE TOLD US IN CLASS THAT HE WAS GETTING MARRIED AND IM JUST HERE LIKE WTF??? (i didn't know he had a girlfriend orherwise i would not have been hooking up with him ok)

Confront him and break things off. This is unhealthy, he is being dishonest, and it will not end well for you. You deserve better.

ok i understand that like. One direction have given us countless things to do in the past like 2 months but. Im getting a bit greedy and a bit bored so can something interesting happen

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ahhh is What Is Love what got you hooked on baekhyun?

listen i was never hooked on byun ok