These shots are from #skinnyc. The event was a success, made possible by the collaboration of over 80 practitioners of #suspension.

This shot is of slice 6, night 1.
Concept: The World
“See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil”
Team lead: @havvefjell
Suspendees: @marrybleeds, @smartpiercing & Marte Maritdatter

Photos by cielo.productions

#WoD #wingsofdesire #world #see #hear #speak #no #evil #bodysuspension #hooks #hooklife #rigging #suspensionsymposium #NYC #art #installation (at New York, New York)

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ask: 41-47

41) Favourite Food(s) - My favourite food was tofu but I can no longer eat it (allergic) so now it’s all about sandwiches!

42) What I did yesterday - It was my birthday, but it was also Monday and on Mondays I deep clean the house and do laundry, so I did that and ate a lot of cheesecake!

43) Something I am talented at - baking (my husband says I should say sexy time)

44) Perfect date - already answered but I have a lot of perfect dates so I will add in flesh hook suspension as a perfect date

45) A celebrity crush - Vincent D’onofrio

46) A photo of myself - 

47) A favourite blog - One of the first ones I check every day (a few times a day)


T Angel performed this coma suspension for a documentary being produced by the International Academy of Cinema in Brazil. The piercing and rigging for this suspension were done by Luciano Iritsu and Pedro Garcia, who work with Frrrkcon out of São Paulo. The upcoming short film titled “Coma” is being released by Virada Cultural. Release date to be announced. The photos are taken by Kill Iritsu.

More at suspension.org