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Scootaloo, you are an excellent filly and deserve to find your cutie mark first.
Small word of advice though: Keep insulting Gilda, it makes my day 10% better.

Baron-Gen. Hoofington

Thank you! But i don’t want to insult Gilda, i asked her for permission to get ponies to call her a chicken instead of me and she didn’t say no.

I do it because she’s okay with it.

The coffee meeting with Flaxseed turned out alright. He’s quite an interesting fellow. He told me he used to be a host for a community radio program. The station was quite an interesting place at the height of it’s popularity. It was practically the spirit of Hoofington given a voice.

Oh, thank you Zach, I almost forgot! I wanted to make an announcement.

Citizens, you probably are reading the blog because I put up flyers all over town with links to this website. Maybe you should ignore the first paragraph. Perhaps you’ve noticed by now the construction workers building at the abandoned lot behind the supermarket. You know the one.

In light of the increased population, the formation of Princess Twilight’s Castle, and the frequent unusual activity in and around the city, the Equestrian Bureau of Investigations has deemed it necessary to establish a field office in Ponyville. I will be overseeing it’s construction. If you haven’t met me by now, I am EBI Special Agent Coffeeseer. Call me York. That’s what everypony calls me. I enjoy movies, dining, and punk rock.

Though normally around this time I would be monitoring the town for unusual activity, it has been decided that this will not be necessary until next spring.

Please address any concerns by contacting me directly (I can be found around town), bringing a letter to the old hotel (you know the one) or placing a message in my inbox.