Thank you @india_delta_sierra for the nomination about the 20 facts thing. If i tagged you in the pic have fun with do it olso

1. My name is Kevin Möhlen
2. I’m 17 years old
3. I’m proud to be Dutch
4. I’m a avgeek
5. My favourite plane’s are the MD-11, B757 & the B747 
6. My Homefield is Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (EHAM, AMS)
7. My favorite airlines? KLM, Delta, Emirates & Lufthansa
8. Start loving aviation when i was 5 9. I flew about 20 times
10. I have about 12 plane models in my room
11: I’m studying for international aviation operations officer at ROC Hoofdorp
12. In 2015 i;’m going to the Paris Airshow with my class
13. Start loving airplanes when i was 5 
14. I wil try to get into the Royal Netherlands Airforce as a fighter pilot 15. Or try to be a Air Traffic Controller 16. I like gaming
17. I have a girlfriend ( she start to enjoy aviation)
18. I love the be outside in the nature and climb in every tree i see :)
19. I broke my arm’s 2 times, both within 1 month of each other
20. I love Airlines, Travelling & Flying

Hope you enjoy it so lets nominated some people :)