This is how I feel about life sometimes. It’s usually in what everyone else thinks are the best of days for me, when really I’m drowning inside. I think that we probably all feel like this at times. We try and put on a good face for everyone else…
Yes, my life is Awesome right now, how about yours?

It’s a waste of time. Sometimes life is inexplainable crap. Sometime you have no words for hurting friends because when you look down deep, you’ve got no explanation for yourself.
This is where we become human. When we admit to each other that we don’t have an answer for the crap in their lives or the confusion in our own. Just be honest, sometimes life is really crappy.

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Accepting Jesus. The First Time

This is evoked by watching that Next Sunday Movie with Ice Cube, I wont elaborate.
Anyway we all grew up going to church. The first girls you ‘talked’ to as a primary school kid outside your school were the one’s at your church. My dating started in chirch - story for another day.

What I was getting to was that you grew up knowing Jesus is your Saviour, you said your prayers every night. That was not enough for the parents; you had to accept Him.

I did not do any research on this, but I know most black kids were not prepared to accept Him when the ‘time’ came. I was out in mealie fields doing labor when I was suddenly cornered into accepting giving up my life to Him.I tried to duck the question but my mom insisted I decide. I was not given a notice to consider anytime prior. I accepted him.
For some reason it made my parents more happier when I accepted Jesus than when I talked about what I wanted to do after high school. I feel better knowing its not just me who had to go through this moment.
The unfair part was having to accept Jesus before the parents even knew you were dating. Maybe that was their way of controlling me emotionally; before I started engaging in any earthly activity.

For the rest of my teenage hood accepting Jesus haunted me. I could not do anything ‘bad’ , I’d be reminded I now walked with Jesus. I won’t complain because it kept me from smoking & alcohol for the rest of the life I spent under the parents roof.

Next time I had to accept Jesus, the 2nd time was when I had to do it for a woman. That is another hood story.

Tell me I’m Wrong.

But that is my Hood Story

Best of Hoodstories

Hier findet sich eine Liste der besten/legendärsten (Hood)stories, die meisten aus dem Hoodstories-Thread.

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This Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas everyone! Here’s my gift to you: Somewhere in the carton houses they’re burning trees. Smoke clouds. Numb to the sounds above. Lines are down. Doors are sealed shut. There are no carolers in this part of town. Lovers cuddle out of fear. As sirens go off loud. The city speaks she prays for poor children and fiends. Ghetto birds hover looking for fresh meat. Run fast duffel bag boy. Get home and give those kids some toys. Santa ain’t got shit on you homeboy. You’re famous. Your face is on every news station. Stole from the rich, gave to the poor. If only you had covered your face at the store. I hope you’re fast because the pigs are knocking on every door. May you run free and god bless you this Christmas eve for your good deed.

The Stickup Kid

On my way home from school I decided to stop at the local store for some snacks. I knew my mom wasn’t going to be home until later tonight and nothing will be cooked. Once inside the store I greeted the store owner Amir. The store was empty of people besides us two. As I was getting my snacks I heard the doors swing open and heard a man’s voice. “Yo you know what it is open the safe.” A boy who looked about my age or a little older stood there with a big .44 Magnum pointed at Amir. I was terrified I could hardly breathe. I didn’t think he seen me so i ducked to the floor and tried my best to keep quiet. I closed my eyes and hoped I make it out this store. “Im sorry I don’t know the combination” Amir said nervously. “Oh you think Im playing” said the robber. Before I knew it I was pulled up off the floor by my collar and pulled to the front of the store. This boy didn’t even have a mask on so I knew he didn’t give a fuck and he probably wasn’t leaving witnesses. “Open the safe or Im blowing her fucking brains out” the robber demanded. I was now shaking uncontrollably. “I told you I don’t know the combination you can have the money in the register” Amir said now on his hands and knees. “Mother-fucker you know the combination you’re the store owner!” I screamed at Amir. I couldn’t believe he was willing to let me die over his money. I heard sirens in the distance and the robber must’ve heard them too. Amir probably pressed a panic button alerting the police. The robber pushed me and bolted for the door. On his way out the store he tripped and his gun slid across the floor. I quickly picked up the gun and let out two shots. Boom! Boom! The shots sounded like thunder throughout the store. I dropped to the floor and dropped the gun. I cant believe what I’ve just done my emotions got the best of me. There was a silence in the store besides the police sirens getting closer. The first bullet had missed him but the second hit him in the neck, he laid there lifeless. The robber got up off the floor with a confused look on his face. “Yo shorty why you killed the nigga?” he asked. “Fuck him he was going to let you kill me over some fucking money.” I said, tears flowing down my cheeks. “You coming with me we gotta get outta here” he said. He picked up the gun and raced behind the counter. He grabbed the money out of the cash register and grabbed the security tape. “Lets go!” he yelled breaking me out of my trance. I hurried behind him running to the back exit. We ran which seem liked forever. As we were running so many thoughts was rushing to my mind. I just killed a man and I liked the power I had holding that powerful gun. The more I thought about how Amir was going to let me die the better I felt about what i have done. I knew my life as just a high school senior was over, I was a murderer. The robber finally stop running once we was out of earshot of the sirens. I never really looked at his face and when I finally did I immediately recognized him. I don’t remember his name but I went to school with him but I haven’t seen him at school in years. “Yo whats your name” he asked. “Paris” I said shyly. “Im Brandon” he said dryly. Brandon was very good looking. He had on a muscle shirt showing off his biceps and tattoos. He had tattoos all over his arms, neck, and he had two in his face. This boy had swag and his demeanor seemed so confident and cool. He was just gazing at me with his dark brown eyes like he was trying to read my thoughts. I was still a little shook and he noticed that. “You want come to my crib and calm down?” he asked. My conscious told me going with this boy wasn’t a good idea but there was something about him that made me feel safe, at least thats what I told myself. He did get me out of the store. If it wasn’t for him I probably would still be sitting on the floor sobbing with the murder weapon next to me. “I don’t know you like that.” I said. “Alright duces.” he said walking away. There he go walking down a path of danger and recklessness I thought to myself. What the hell made me follow him is still a mystery to me.

To Be Continued