professors of hogwarts as TES races:

  • dumbledore: altmer
  • mcgonagall: dunmer
  • snape: sload
  • binns: still a ghost. altmeri ghost
  • trelawny: imperial
  • sprout: bosmer
  • quirrel: argonian
  • flitwick: argonian
  • umbridge: nord
  • firenze: centaurs (yes they r in the tes universe and theyre sentient too)
  • hagrid: orc
  • lockhart: a fucking altmer
  • slughorn: imperial
  • moody: orc
  • hooch: dunmer

These awesomely altered neighborhood watch signs are the handiwork of Toronto, Ontario-based artist Andrew Lamb. The nondescript street signs have been posted around Toronto for years, which meant that everyone was so used to them they just blended into the scenery.

Andrew Lamb tells CBC:

I walked by and thought those signs would be much better with a superhero up there. The first one was a splash page — a common thing in comic books, a bunch of superheros popping out at you. Then came Batman and Robin, RoboCop, Beverly Hills Cop, and then it snowballed.

Lamb’s superheroic enhancements are sure to get the signs noticed by upstanding citizens and potential criminals alike. Heck, we’d probably think twice about simply jaywalking if we thought Mister Rogers was watching.

Follow Andrew Lamb’s on Instagram to check out many more of his fantastically altered signs.

[via 22 Words, Neatorama and Nerd Approved]

How come nobody talks about Scrubs?

I mean it’s got everything

A male/male ship

Random shit that someone who hasn’t seen the show thinks is fake

That one insane character

The narcissistic character that everyone loves

Then you get random shit like this

And this

They even did a musical episode


How can you not


this show?

People that haven’t seen Scrubs that say they don’t like it…

And just for good measure

Because I love JD and Elliot! xD