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why have you suddenly taken up making fun of gender identities...

All of these hundreds of different ‘new identities’ defeat the entire purpose of coming up with names for genders. Why bother having a thousand different terms if no one will ever fucking know what you’re talking about?

In short, this whole trend of creating a whole separate identity for every fucking gender experience in the world is beyond overkill and makes me and other trans people look like a joke and it needs to stop.

honestly it’ll be like 2037 and ill be a completely different person and “hoo dis?” will still be the funniest thing to me 

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What about eridave?


Who cooks:

eridan because dave is useless, uncultured trash ahaha

Who does the laundry and other chores: 

eridan but dave can easily be sweet talked into helping

How many children do they have:

does bro count

Who’s more dominant:

i like them switching because eridan can be a princess but so can dave haha

Favourite nonsexual activity:

shity sleep-over style nail painting and talking about pretty boys

dave thinks its hilarious and eridan genuinely enjoys it

Their favourite place to be together:

the roof ok and the next thing is gunna explain that

Any traditions:

sometimes they go up to the roof and put out a sleeping bag and sleep on the roof because stars and wow so high up and eridan was never a city boy so its really novel to him and dave just thinks its so fucking cute and he brings up a shitty old boom box and they listen to 90s tunes til they fall asleep

Their “song”:

i want eridave songs ;A;

What they do for each other on holidays:

they go home to eridans family because eridans family is super intense about holidays and fancy dinners and wow dave is so pumped for that

bro loves getting leftovers

Where did they go for their honeymoon:

dave takes eridan to the aquarium and eridan thinks thats so sweet but then they get on a fucking jet and go to some beach because lol eridans wealthy parents gifted them a trip

Where did they first meet:

music store that dave worked at part time. eridan came in looking for something new and asked dave for help

Any pets:

dave has a hedgehog named Sanic

What do they fight over:

eridans appearance. he’s super concerned about ti all the time and dave just wants him to relax and give less of a shit because wow he loves him no matter what he wears and looks like ;u;

Do they go on vacations, if so where:

eridan likes taking dave to europe~
dave likes taking eridan to the skatepark.

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Have you ever noticed how similar Sayaka and Homura's wishes were? Like, they both chose to save the one they loved. Idk I just think that's interesting

I have noticed!

Trust me… I’ve noticed every possible connection between Homura and Sayaka; that’s one of the reasons why I ship them, because I see connections between them that most people don’t… 

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It's me from before the other Sayahomu asks. Sorry for the spam, I just haven't seen many Sayahomu shippers before and am just curious about the ship

(I’m so sorry for the late reply, btw. I hope you end up seeing this).

Ah, ok ok!

Well, since you’re interested, maybe I should re-write an essay that I wrote a while back, about why I believe they can work as a ship…

(Since I love the ship AND I love writing! Plus, I’m off from work today anyway, haha)

Besides, I don’t see people too often who are too interested in the ship, so it will be like a treat for you! =D

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