The signs as PJO crack ships
  • Aries:Percy/Riptide
  • Taurus:Chiron/Pinochle cards
  • Gemini:None. U refuse to have crack ships.
  • Cancer:Nico/McDonald's
  • Leo:Frank/That Chinese finger trap
  • Virgo:Coach Hedge/His baseball bat
  • Libra:Brason
  • Scorpio:Leo/Buford
  • Sagittarius:Reyna/Her dogs
  • Capricorn:Hazel/Chicken nuggets
  • Aquarius:Annabeth/Her NYC hat
  • Pisces:Piper/Katropis

We’d almost made it to the middle of the bridge when something strange happened. I felt a chill down my spine-like that old saying about someone walking on your grave. Behind me, Annabeth cried out in pain.

"Annabeth!" I turned in time to see her fall, clutching her arm. A demigod with a bloody knife stood over her.

In a flash I understood what had happened. He’d been trying to stab me. Judging from the position of his blade, he would’ve taken me-maybe by sheer luck-in the small of my back, my only weak point.

Annabeth had intercepted the knife with her own body.

But why? She didn’t know about my weak spot. No one did.

I locked eyes with the enemy demigod. He wore an eye patch under his war helm: Ethan Nakamura, the son of Nemesis. Somehow he’d survived the explosion on the Princess Andromeda. I slammed him in the face with my sword hilt so hard I dented his helm.

"Get back!" I slashed the air in a wide arc, driving the rest of the demigods away from Annabeth. "No one touches her!”

Excerpt from, “The Last Olympian,” by Rick Riordan

Art: burdge

Zodiac signs as popular teen books

Aries: Beautiful Creatures

Taurus: The Fault In Our Stars

Gemini: Harry Potter

Cancer: The Hunger Games

Leo: Percy Jackson series

Virgo: The Selection series

Libra: Divergent Series

Scorpio: Vampire Academy

Sagittarius: The Mortal Instruments

Capricorn: Paper Towns

Aquarius: If I Stay

Pisces: The Maze Runner

anonymous asked:

Also can we talk about the fact that ALL (except Triton and I suppose Arion) of Percy's sibs we met are evil? You could argue that the only reason tyson isn't is cuz Poesidon made sure he found/befriended Percy. What makes Percy different? His mom? Is it the power that makes Poesidon's kids go evil? Or what Hazel said about differet natures? Cuz we definitly saw that in HOH when the poisons made him go crazy.... Anyway Food for thought. Love your commentry and art btw ;)

I!!! Totally subscribe to the different natures theory actually because

Chrysaor = rogue wave. You never know when he’s going to show up and you don’t want him there when he does.

Kymopoleia = massive ocean storms. Like I mean she’s the goddess of massive ocean storms so obviously.

Triton = hard to place since we hardly know him?? But like, I imagine him being like the Bering Sea?? Massive churning power that no one should mess with ever, but it’s consistent in it’s strength, and contained, at least regionally. Idk. He seems like the kind of homie who’d keep his spunk in check.

Sciron = if I had to guess, I’d say a tidal marsh. Not very powerful in his own right, sort of “backwater”, swampy. Not hospitable to travelers, like at all.

And Percy, far as I’m concerned = warm tropical sea. Chill and happy and fun to hang out with, but he can be very quick to go full raging storm on your monster ass. Think Cape of Good Hope off the southern tip of South Africa. Warm and sunny and beautiful! And then raging powerful death cyclones. And then sunny and happy again!