Okay I know that like half of the fandom is pissed over Leo’s lack of character development and how he acted in BoO but I just noticed something.

Leo planned his death. He created his own death plan and went through with it. All the way. He didn’t have to. Anyone from the Seven could have died at any time. It never specifically said Leo would die in the prophecy, just hinted at it.

Yet Leo was the one who died. He knew that he might not ever survive. But he went through with his plan and did nothing to prevent it. He sacrificed himself willingly.

That, added with how scarily accurate his death plan was, makes it seem like he wanted to die in my opinion. I may be wrong.

Friendly reminder that being a demigod having special powers.

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Ooh okay

•Annabeth actually ends up taller than Percy by a half-inch in the end and Percy is so done
•They’re not all for PDA but they hold hands a lot and butterfly kiss and forehead touch and sometimes make out if they’re particularly affectionate that day
•They’re the ones that are unbeatable in video games unless Piper and Nico team up (then it’s scary)
•(Not really Percabeth but still funny) Annabeth and Piper and Nico have movie nights (The girls started it then invited Nico) and sometimes Percy Jason and Will try to crash it
•Percy was going to propose to Annabeth when they were still in college and he was actually going to do it in a fancy restaurant but Annabeth found the ring and when Percy walked in the room she was sobbing and cried “Yes!” when he asked her what was wrong and she just hugged him (he started to cry too it was very emotional)
•Their first son was named John Luke Chase and their first daughter was named Zoey Rose Chase and their third kid was originally named Theodore Kyle Chase but later Theodore came out as transgender and her name is now Alianna Taylor Chase
•When they’re older Percy and Annabeth tell so many stories to their grandkids and Percy bakes them cookies and Annabeth shows them how to fight and they host the best reunion parties
•They end up being the last of their friends to die

Oops I ripped out a heart or two lmao