If Heroes of Olympus characters were superheroes (read them in dramatic voice for effect)
  • Percy Jackson:Aqua Lad II: Son of Aqua Lad
  • Annabeth Chase:Brainstorm
  • Jason Grace:Human Lightning Rod
  • Piper McLean:McLethal
  • Frank Zhang:Asian Beast Boy
  • Hazel Levesque:The Golden Gladiator
  • Nico di Angelo:Hell's Angelo
  • Leo Valdez:The Mighty Latino Flame of Justice and Liberty, the Spicy Zest of Freedom, the Notorious L.E.O., etc.
The ships and their kids
  • Percabeth:Percy forgetting that the kid has a bedtime. Percy feeds the kid blue food like his mom did. Annabeth helps the kid study like 24/7 and teaches it small combat skills at a young age.
  • Jasper:Jason tries to teach his kid how to fly almost every day. He is an overprotective dad. Piper makes the food, and uses her charmspeak occasionally to make the kid go to bed.
  • Frazel:Hazel is always scared that her kid will one day shapeshift into something and she won't find him. She is overprotective. Frank, is an absolute sweetheart to the kid and lets him do whatever he wishes as long as he doesn't put himself in danger.
  • Caleo:Leo gets all proud when his kid accidentally sets fire to the table. (Calypso starts screaming, "NOT ANOTHER TABLE!") He tells the kid that no one is as pretty as Calypso whenever Calypso gets mad at him. Calypso teaches the kid about the outdoors, and makes sure the kid is always active with her.
  • Solangelo:Will babies the kid, and is always sticking bandaids on his kid's bruises. Nico doesn't admit it to Will, but when Will isn't home he goes and cuddles with the kid when it was a baby.
Will/Nico AU

Part 2 of the college AU. 

Part 1

  • A couple of weeks went by since Nico met Will in the common room.
  • Jason had kicked him out a couple of times already since then. But he was nice about it. He waited until Nico was in class or out of the room when him and Piper did it. And usually didn’t last more than an hour since he came back to the room.
  • He hoped to see Will in the common room, also kicked out of his room. But the blond boy was never there.
  • And Nico didn’t have the courage to go knock on his door. The one time he did, he heard moaning on the other side and quickly retreated to his room.
  • Nico was walking back to his residence hall. It was late and all he wanted to do was crawl into bed and pass out. 
  • He went to reach for his keys in his pocket but they were gone. He groaned but it came out more as a whine. He just wanted to go to sleep.
  • He took out his phone and tried to call Jason to let him in, but it went straight to voice mail.
  • “Great, just great.” He mumbled. 
  • Looking around, he saw someone walking towards the building. His savior to let him back into his residence hall. And then the RA that was on duty to let him into his room. 
  • The boy got closer and Nico thought he knew him from somewhere. Maybe one of his classes? Probably since all of his classes were full of freshmen like him.
  • “Hey Di Angelo.” The person said. He got closer and Nico could see in the dim light that it was Will.
  • Nico’s stomach did a flip. “Hi.” 
  • “Locked out?” Will fished for his keys.
  • “Yeah. Would you mind letting me in?”
  • Will held up his key card and scanned it. The scanner beeped and the door unlocked. Will opened the door for him. “Di Angelo.”
  • Nico walked in. “Thanks.” He mumbled as he opened the second set of doors. 
  • “What are you doing out so late? I almost didn’t see you standing there with you wearing all black.” Will noted.
  • “Doing homework. What about you?”
  • “Same thing. Kind of. Not really. Just hanging out with some friends. Percy kicked me out hours ago. I didn’t want to sit around.”
  • Nico nodded as they started to walk up the stairs. He totally forgot that he needed Jason or a RA to let him back into his room. 
  • But at least he now knew why he didn’t see Will in the common room.
  • “Why didn’t you come knock on my door?” Will was facing forward as he asked the question. “I’ve been waiting to see you.”
  • Nico looked at him, a bit shocked. “Y-You want to see me? You know this works both ways.” 
  • The corner of Will’s mouth went up. “Hey, I gave you an open invitation to come visit.” He looked at Nico as they reached their floor. 
  • They stopped walking, since both boys had to go separate ways. 
  • “I did come and I heard moaning on the other side.”
  • Will groaned. “I swear Percy and Annabeth do it like every day. How about this, lets hang out tomorrow at five? We can get dinner.”
  • Nico nodded. “Uh yeah. Sounds good.” 
  • “Great. We’ll meet at the common room.” Will smiled. “Night Di Angelo.” He walked to the right to go to his room.
  • Nico turned left and walked to his room with a slight smile. 
  • He went to reach for his keys but he remembered that he lost them. He groaned and banged on his door, hoping that Jason was a light sleeper.

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  • piper:*snapped leo and jason out of medea's trance, stopped jason and percy from killing each other, convinced the eidolons to leave her friends' bodies using just her voice, charmspoke a MECHANICAL dragon into working again before singlehandedly defeating khione, beat mimas with annabeth using just their emotions, put gaea to sleep almost twice with her ability to charmspeak, etc etc*
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  • pjo fandom:piper is so useless!!!!111!