do you all even understand how much of a relief it is to finally be able to pOST ABOUT THIS SHIT

Pokemon battles are a TEST of strength and wits

Both sides fight eachother until one is tired out / declares the other stronger.

Killing pokemon in battle is looked down upon.

Its pretty much like how irl animals “fight for dominance” kind of thing to see whos the stronger one?

With trainers its the same way except pkmn and trainer are one and it needs a ton of concentration and focus, which is why you shouldnt be ten years old running around with an oddish fighting a scyther. You wont know what to do.

Pokemon battles arent like dog fighting smh


Ἕκτη Μεσοῦντος/ Ἕκτη ἐπὶ δέκα/Ἑκκαιδεκάτη, XVI day
From today’s sunset: sixteenth day of Anthesterion
Since there are no other religious prescriptions for this day, apart from the daily ones, we honor Aphrodite in Her sacred day.

(Detail of a “caryatid mirror” - the presence of the winged Erotes suggests that the lady is a bride or most probably Aphrodite Herself, holding a dove. Two other doves and a Siren above the mirror. From Hellas, ca. 460 BCE. Now in the Walters Art Museum…)


Kelly SLAYED this performance!


Today I am celebrating YOU!!! YOUR Kindness, YOUR Creativity, YOUR Inspiration, YOUR Passion for the POSITIVE and Up-LIFTING. Thank you for joining me on this journey. You honor me with your presence; you inspire me with your art.

Blessings and Joy,