date a boy with a beautiful smile. date a boy with dimples. date a boy who can play the guitar. date a boy with a great body. date a boy with the voice as deep as the pits of hell. date a boy who worships his idol more than he loves you. date a boy whose name you can’t even spell right and who’s probably satan. date lee bingbong.

*Homegirl and her lame attempts at flirting*

N: N would assure you that what she was saying going through one ear and out the other. She may have been trying hard to impress him, but N wouldn’t give her the satisfaction nor acknowledge her presence. So, basically she would be talking to herself. “Wait, what? She said something?”

Leo: It would be clearly written on his face that he did not want to have any sort of verbal exchange with her at all. Based on Leo’s facial expressions alone, you wouldn’t even have to bring this matter up with him because you would know your boo wasn’t flirting back. “*inner feelings* annoyed, still annoyed, hungry, sleepy…”

Ken: Ken isn’t one to let someone talk to themselves, so he would actually respond to Homegirl’s flirty remarks without being flirty himself. He just doesn’t have the heart to be completely rude, so you’d have to understand that. “Oh, really? You still think I’m cute? I’m cute too, and so is my girlfriend. You’ve met her right? *points to you*” 

Ravi: Your reaction to catching her flirting with him would decide the reaction he would give you in response. If you come at him with a “HOW COULD YOU?!” attitude then he would get hella scared and 1) think he was flirting with her when he actually wasn’t or 2) tell on himself that he was indeed flirting with her. “IT’S NOT WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE! I SWEAR!”

HongBin: HongBin would be like Ravi and immediately get on the defense, but he wouldn’t say anything at first. He would keep squirming in his seat until he built up enough courage to let you know if what you are seeing is real or not. “I…uh…Okat this looks bad…really bad.”

Hyuk: As soon as you walk up to Hyuk, he would immediately pretend that Homegirl doesn’t even exist. Too bad you caught them from far away. Regardless if he flirted back or not, you would have to give him credit for automatically stopping the conversation with Homegirl and ignoring the shit out her. Then you can proceed to fussing at him or whatever. “Really, I just wanted to see who was the better flirter. I promise! Oh, and I won.”

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