This is my 250+ “why are you still here” list!

I still haven’t been here a month yet and just under two weeks ago I had 150 followers, where are you all coming from?! 

Kickin’ off the list with the squad!

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People I really admire / stalk!

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There are a lot of people I missed and it’s no reason other than I
can’t remember everyone’s URLs! So sorry but I honestly love and
admire every last one of you. You’re all a pleasure to write with, even
I regret making this blog sometimes because you’re all mad bastards!

I’ve known him since he was 16 or 17 and he got promoted to the first team. I don’t know what happened, every time he’s asked about me he didn’t take me into account, as if he didn’t know me. It’s difficult for me to talk about him, but quite honestly, he is one of the best players in the last decade, and he leaves elite football without winning one of the titles he deserved the most, the Ballon D'Or.
—  Jose Mourinho, on Xavi Hernandez

dream girl: deepika padukone


 OK !!! I Was tagged by like a BILLION people do the beautiful women challenge/6 selfies thingy ??? i have to recycle some old selfies im Sry but This is waht i could find !! thank you for tagging me : kikurohlittlemcgardenvastiiaselieg1orydark-ecritureurmilkovich :))))) 

I WILL TAG bequietmeg youngbaaes jjuvia dobengal netsudragneel jellal ohmynatsu satsukikiryuin IDK ANYONE ELSE WHO WANT TO DIT !!! LEMME SEE UR PRETTY FACES !!!

anonymous asked:

How to become friend

  • talk to me about Nano/Lalna/clones/flux/plot in general
  • don’t be on anon
  • don’t be a jerk
  • eventually skype happens
  • talk to me on skype because I almost never instigate conversations and if you don’t do it I will like never talk to you again and I’m really sorry I’m a horrible conversationalist

delspringer asked:

(late af but) !? / ✉ / ☂ / ツ

!?- for an excited text

mads: del del del del
mads: hey there delilah whats it like in new york city no im kidding but i found an old picture of us and it is cute as a button

✉- for a normal text

mads: i saw this girl climbing through bushes this morning and i thought of you
mads: remember our mudcake days?

☂- for a “are you serious?” text

mads: wait are you fooling around or
mads: what do you mean you bought cow poop by accident

ツ- for an envious text

mads: in all seriousness, your cheekbones got more structure than my life

Ok, I just finished the last Max Ride book and I’m not sure how to react to what just happened.
All I know is it’s 10 to 1 in the morning and I’m really sad now, I saw this book series from start to finish and it’s…I dunno, just kindof sad. Fly on, I guess

“the last of us: left behind” sentence starters.

change pronouns/ect if necessary

  • “you’re not gonna kill me, are you?”
  • “i thought you were dead.”
  • “you’re a firefly?”
  • “there’s no soldiers on the entire floor.”
  • “put some pants on and let’s go.”
  • “i’m gonna find somethin’ to stitch you up, okay?”
  • “have you ‘found the light’ yet?”
  • “sorry—i’m a bit jumpy lately.”
  • “maybe i should join the fireflies.”
  • “i’m not supposed to come see you.”
  • “i can get into trouble just fine on my own.”
  • “remember the first time i brought you here?”
  • “how many people get to die of natural causes in this world?”
  • “why’d you leave without telling me?”
  • “i’m really glad you’re not dead.”
  • “note to self: don’t touch electric water.”
  • “i’m not letting you go.”
  • “you know, you might just be my favourite person again.”
  • “it’s all about practice.”
  • “what’s a facebook?”
  • “i think we broke it.”
  • “why did you bring me here?”
  • “where the hell did she go?”
  • “i get caught as a firefly, i’m dead.”
  • “i did some shit i don’t know how to take back.”
  • “i nearly got shot for these.”
  • “we’ll see each other again.”
  • “don’t go.”
  • “oh, fuck—infected!”
  • “i’m kind of an expert.”
  • “just stay calm.”
  • “we can take the easy way out.”
  • “we fight.”
  • “there are a million ways we should’ve died before today.”
  • “we can be all poetic and lose our minds together.”
  • “come on. let’s get outta here.”