honestly just curious

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Are you gay? Like I'm honestly just curious. No hate or anything.

i hate boys. they’re nasty. but also i’m not like… 100% straight. does that answer your question

I wanna know what arguments vegans have against eating your own chicken/duck eggs? I have a friend who has two ducks who lay so many eggs she can’t keep up with and go to waste. Being vegan myself a part of me has considered trying it but the other part of me is 1 terrified and 2 didn’t know if there were any reasons I shouldn’t? I’m pretty passionate about veganism and maybe this an ignorant post but id like to know what others thought besides it “not being your property”. I’m not vegan for the “diet” but if you live a cruelty free lifestyle what would be the harm on consuming back yard eggs? I’m honestly just curious. Side note- eggs seem like Alien food to me now so I don’t even know if I could.

Cause Im honestly curious… how is a persons sexual position preference (ie. bottom vs top) trigger worthy?

Like isnt sex this great thing where you can explore with a partner and as long as everyone’s having fun and is consenting, why is someone who previously topped suddenly giving bottom a try worth freaking out over?

I say this only cause I keep seeing this crop up with bottom!Dean fics… personally I don’t have a preference for Cas or Dean, I’m an equal opportunity kinna girl. All depends on my mood and the fic, I can see it going either way and enjoy both.

So why do people get so violently upset when someone does a bottom!Dean fic?

Can someone explain why the blood Elena died with in her system is so important? I mean, okay, it was Damon’s..Big deal? o_o A lot of other people did the same, Elena’s not particularly special. 

Is it because people hope for a sire bond? And if that’s the case, don’t only hybrids get sire bonds?

This fandom is confusing me.