See this woman? This woman is me. I have a full time job, I also have a home, a car, and two furry cat kids to raise. I also have bipolar disorder. What else can I tell you about my life? It’s worth fighting for. EVERY. SINGLE. MINUTE.

Have there been dark, dark days? You better believe it. Has finding the right medication been fun? Nope, but it’s a very necessary evil. I am not ashamed of my disorder because there is no reason to be. I have chemicals in my brain that sometimes go a little screwy on me. Through everything I have a mantra, “Just Keep Swimming.”

Sometimes getting out of bed is impossible. Sometimes the idea of taking a shower is so overwhelming I cry so much I could shower with my own tears. But then again, there are those days where the radio plays only songs that I love while I’m driving down the road with the sunroof open, sunshine lighting the way out of all that darkness.

There will always be bad days to get through to get to the good days. You have to remember to Just Keep Swimming.

anonymous asked:

u are literally the worst rper. neglecting all ur threads while u only reply to one or two people. u should really learn human decency before even talking to anyone. thanks.

// you couldn’t have come at a worser time, anon. I’m still technically on a semi hiatus, I’ve only started to gradually pick up on activity since I’m almost ready to come back. And as for only replying to two people- some threads are just easier to reply to so I’m sorry for that. And I’m sorry if anyone feels this way. I promise I’ll try and get better soon. But for today, and a little bit tomorrow, I’m still technically on school time, but then after that I’m on break so things should get good.

  • Aries:reliable
  • Taurus:smart
  • Gemini:fabulous
  • Cancer:realistic
  • Leo:beautiful
  • Virgo:sweet
  • Libra:honest
  • Scorpio:hilarious
  • Sagittarius:outgoing
  • Capricorn:cheerful
  • Aquarius:talented
  • Pisces:down to earth
  • Let's be honest, you guys are all amazing. And at the end of the day, it doesn't matter what your zodiac sign is, it's who you are as an individual is what's special about you (but zodiac sings are super cool don't get me wrong folks).