2015 Camren Analysis (brutally honest opinion)

||28Jan2015|| Today was a very Camren intensive day on Tumblr. I watched it all unfold (it started early this morning and lasted til tonight). As I watched them indirect the shit out of each other, I noticed a couple of key points in their posts/reblogs.

In a nutshell, it seems as if Camila wants to stop the bullshit and (publicly) have a full out relationship with Lauren. She reposted these.

But Lauren doesn’t want their (non-platonic) relationship to go public or to get too serious. Maybe because of their new album coming out, pressure from management, she doesn’t to jeopardize her image or career, confusion about her sexuality, she doesn’t want it to ruin their friendship, or she’s afraid of how her family, friends, and the world will see her. (hence them both reposting ‘You only give a shit about yourself’.) Maybe she thinks Camila isn’t thinking about the whole picture (their career and whatnot) or being realistic about the possibly negative consequences about coming forward with their relationship. (hence the posts about being an adult and understanding)

That’s not to say that Lauren doesn’t equally love Camila, because she does. She (possibly) feels like they can continue to be in love with each other without it going public and Lauren doesn’t want to end their relationship over this whole thing.

Camila (possibly) doesn’t give a fuck about the repercussions of them being official because she loves Lauren so much, that none of the consequences matter to her. (hence her posting about making “The Jump” even though it’s going to be scary) Camila then posted about emotional abuse (like she’s being made to feel guilty over her feelings of wanting more out of their secret relationship) and so did Lauren (possibly because she doesn’t feel that Camila is taking her concerns about not making their secret relationship official into consideration)

And (non Camren Shippers) let’s not fucking pretend that they weren’t talking to each other. I literally watched all these posts happen live. They posted these consecutively at the same fucking time. And they reposted each other’s shit, so they CLEARLY saw everything each other wrote. Camila kept posting things that said ‘friend’, ‘best friend’, or ‘her’. And let’s not forget that Camila liked that post basically saying that her sexual orientation is fluid.

With all my heart, I hope they come to terms with their love for one another and live happily ever after. Even if it doesn’t work out, there is nothing worse than wondering your whole fucking life if you let your potential soul mate go because of fear. What’s the worse that could happen, like honestly tho? If anything, they’ll be trailblazers for other famous people who are scared to love who they love in public with no shame or embarrassment. This doesn’t mean they need to become the spokespeople for GLAAD or anything, but their situation is clearly eating at their souls and they need some clarity and relief. And no, I don’t think either one of them are lesbians. I think they just love each other and they both happen to be young, gorgeous, intelligent, talented, innovative women. (hence the term fluid)

It’s as if Lauren thinks taking things to the next level will ruin their friendship, but at this point it’s already being torn apart because Camila wants more. Camila flat out said (reblogged but you know what I mean) that she can’t just be friends with someone she’s in love with. So it’s kinda like she’s giving Lauren an ultimatum. Camila’s probably thinking that they’re clearly in love with each other so they might as well give it a chance. If it fails, so be it, but at least try.

They can’t deny that it was fate that brought them together and it was love at first sight. (just listen to their story of how they met) Hopefully, they’ll figure this out in the near future and continue to slay the charts, hand in hand.


2015 is gonna be the year that makes or breaks Camren,

Best of luck, ladies! 

Love and support you endlessly! xoxoxo

There’s something special about people who let you see their past, their vulnerabilities, their soul. They’re the ones who have waged wars with themselves and have refused to give up. There’s something incredible about the people who keep fighting.
—  Midnight Thoughts (this could be interesting)