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Ski Party

Cross dress in the snow

To find out what women want.

Yikes! a polar bear.

follows Frankie and a friend as they try to woo some coeds and end up following them on a trip with the ski team. They come up with a wacky plan to pretend to be women in order to take the easier women’s ski lessons, but then realize it will help them with insight into female thinking. The film actually has a pretty funny tone. Several times they address the audience directly, like mentioning that because the average age of the audience is 15, the boys had better leave the girls’ room before lights out. It also features musical performances by James Brown, the Hondells, whoever they are, and Lesley Gore, whoever she is. It also has a random skiing and skating polar bear that pops up throughout the movie. I’d need to watch the others again, but this one is one of the better ones, at least of the later ones. I really should watch them all again. They are quite fun. ******