Patrick getting emotional after singing What A Catch, Donnie in Anaheim (skip to 3:45)

"I’m at a loss for words… good thing I have a microphone, I should keep talking"

My conversation with Joe Trohman
  • Me:*hyperventilating because I had just shook hands with Patrick Stump*
  • Joe :Are you OK? Do you have asthma?
  • Me:*hyperventilating*
  • Joe:Do you need an inhaler?
  • Me:*still hyperventilating*
  • Joe:Do you even know what that is?
  • Me:No no no, I'm fine... It's just.. It's you.

Alright everyone, here is the story: This weekend has been completely filled with wonderful friends, opportunities, and circumstances! 
Last Saturday I was able to get on stage with my favorite bandParamore, and make one of my dreams come true, singing one-on-one with Hayley Williams . This honestly made every care go away and gave me more of the drive I needed to start becoming the kind of Hero I want to be. I’m so glad I was able to grow up with them and make a great amount of friends along the way! And I want you to watch this video to see what it was like! I can finally say I have performed in my very first Arena Concert!