Hey people!! I need help NOW! I’m in front of my parents! We are taling about homosexuality!

They are telling me homosexuality is from a gene, that is influenced by POLLUTION.




This Obama’s   answer seemed to undermine the foundation for claims across America that homosexuals are a class of people with defined characteristics and deserve minority protections. People are not born gay- it’s a personal choice ? Just like to say that people are not born racists - racism is taught. And the most dangerous people in America are White Liberals. I believe homosexuality is a mental illness and a difficult illness to bear. Growing up homosexual is traumatizing even to the strongest. They suffer through constant harassment from normal people around.Depression is often a major issue with homosexuals. Most homosexuals in addition suffer from a broad spectrum of psychosis and serious emotional disturbances. So it’s really stupid to say that it is a choise.

Meet America’s first openly gay imam

He’s been condemned by other Muslim leaders, and some local imams have even refused to greet him. But Imam Daayiee Abdullah – believed to be the only openly gay imam in the Americas – is proud of his story.

He was born and raised in Detroit, where his parents were Southern Baptists. At age 15, he came out to them. At 33, while studying in China, Abdullah converted to Islam, and went on to study the religion in Egypt, Jordan and Syria. But as a gay man in America, he saw that lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Muslims had unmet spiritual needs and he became an imam to provide community support.

“Sometimes necessity is the mother of invention. And because of the necessity in our community, that’s why I came into this particular role,” he told America Tonight about his journey.

His first act as an imam? Performing funeral rites for a gay Muslim who died of AIDS.

“They had contacted a number of imams, and no one would go and provide him his janazah services,” he said, referring to the Muslim body cleaning ritual. That pained him.

“I believe every person, no matter if I disagree with you or not, you have the right as a Muslim to have the proper spiritual [rites] and rituals provided for you. And whoever judges you, that will be Allah’s decision, not me.”

It’s one of the mantras he lives by in his work, even as others condemn him.

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List of TOP GAY MOVIES to watch:
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(note 3: movies are named originally by the country of releasing except some movies with a different writing system than Latin alphabet)

Hoje Eu Quero Voltar Sozinho (Score: 8,2 - Brasil, 2014)
Prayers for Bobby (Score: 8,2 - USA, 2009) / (note: I cried)
C.R.A.Z.Y. (Score: 8,0 – Canada, 2005) / (note: personal favorite)
Rak haeng Siam (Score: 8,0 - Thailand, 2007) / (3hours long but worth it)
(Score: 7,9 - USA, 2007) /
Beautiful Thing (Score: 7,8 - UK, 1996)
Contracorriente (Score: 7,8 - Colombia 2009)
Get Real (Score: 7,7 – UK, 1998) / (note: personal favorite)
Jongens (Score: 7,7 - Netherlands, 2014) / (note: title photo)
Mysterious Skin (Score: 7,7 - USA/Netherlands, 2004)
Out in the Dark (Score: 7,6 - Israel/Palestine/USA, 2012)
Freier Fall (Score: 7,5 - Germany, 2014)
Hawaii (Score: 7,5 - Argentina, 2013)
Any Day Now (Score: 7,4 - USA, 2012)
Noordzee, Texas (Score: 7,3 - Belgium, 2011)
Yossi & Jaggre (Score: 7,3 - Israel, 2002)
The Trip (Score: 7,2 - USA, 2002) / (note: my tumblr icon is from this)
Getting Go (Score: 7,2 - USA, 2013)
Five Dances (Score: 7,1 - USA, 2013)
Were the World Mine (Score: 7,1 - USA, 2008)
Broderskab (Score: 7,1 - Denmark, 2009) / (note: very drastic)

SPECIAL: Love Is All You Need? (Score: 7,9 - USA, 2011)

(final note: I will be gradually updating this post with new movies)