Homophonophobia, from Magic Coffee Hair.

Another linguistic faux-phobia, which can be found on a variety of t-shirts, is “Polyamory is wrong! It should be multiamory or polyphilia, but combining Greek and Latin roots is just wrong!” 

For reference, there are actually many well-established macaronic or hybrid words in English, including  monolingual, automobile, neuroscience, and television.


For those of you that never saw the Nash Grier vine where he screams “f@g!”

Let’s take a moment and think…

This BOY is seen as a “role model” to many people,

isn’t is JUST SPLENDID that he’s spewing out homophobic slurs and 

suggesting that HIV is a “gay” problem?

So glad that Tyler Oakley publicly humiliated his stupid ass.

Commonly Misused Words (Homophones)

Accept: to take in / Except: other than, not included

Your: belonging to you / You’re: you are

Their: belonging to them / There: location / They’re: they are

Its: belonging to something / It’s: it is

Dear: someone special / Deer: an animal

Tale: a story / Tail: part of an animal

Hole: an opening / Whole: all of something

Know: have knowledge of / No: opposite of yes

Affect: change / Effect: result or consequence

Sense: a feeling; a perception of something / Cents: coins

Loose: ill-fitting / Lose: failing to keep something

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Social media strategist lost job in Utah because school ‘didn’t want to be linked with homosexuality’

Homophones - as the writer of the article explains - are words that sound the same (homo = the same; phone = sound) but have a different meaning.
This teacher at a language school was fired after writing of homophones (and not of homosexuals or homophobes!) in a blog post. The School feared people would link it to homosexuality after reading the post.

… This is absolutely f@£%ed up!
The teacher said:
“people at this level of English … may see the ‘homo’ side and think it has something to do with gay sex.”

  • People working in a school not knowing English.
  • Homophobic people (and schools…)

How Season 2 should have ended


Sherlock: It was all a trick. Just a magic trick. No one could be that clever.


John: YOU could.

Sherlock: No, really. In fact, you could say it was all simply…


Sherlock: …SHEER LUCK.


Sherlock: You SURE LOOK annoyed.

Sherlock: …it seems you SURE LACK a sense of humor.


Sherlock:… Haha, Holme-ophones! I slay me… LITERALLY. 




… or perhaps we’ve been Arthur Conan FOILED?