Fun with homophonics

Today in my poetry workshop class, we had to pick one of two poems (one in Español, and the other in Gaelic) to translate homophonically into English. The original poem is called Nocturno De La Estatua by Xavier Villaurutia, none of which I understand, but this is what me and my partner in class came up with. Enjoy.

Sonar, sonar niche, call the escalator
The gritty statue is a bland queen
Core race of the state contracts all the grit
Contracts all the grit and lonely ecosystem
Contracts the ecosystem and encounter lonely morons
Procure hastiness, a moron’s token spaghetti
Haul in spaghetti, the statue is asinine
Say Carla, do the singers do sombreros?
Invest her lawn and serve orange juice
A caricature of Herman is impressive
It juggles fiction, does us dead.
You contract ashore the ocean vices sin, sin vices
Has Orwellian inception story, mortality is swine

I’m so tired of extremist people

So ok…First of all; I’ve always been a hothead about my beliefs, I’ve always been strong-minded about equality -for everyone, in every way- but as of late, I’m getting really tired of people who belong to groups that are opressed behaving like opressors.

I’m in if you wanna call out racists, misogynists, homophobes, transphobes, etc… But white shaming, cys shaming, “male” shaming?…c’mon!!!!!! 

Yes, I’m white. Yes, I’m cis. SO WHAT? You just assume I’m a racist, a homophobe and a transphobe??? Do you know me to make those assumptions? No? SO STOP.

Yes, I acknowledge white people “rule” the world and it’s not fair, and there is a lot of racism in everyday life and they are a lot of people like that, actually, but that doesnt mean you get to judge me by my race…Cause that’s racism.

Yes, I acknowledge there are a lot of misogynistic bastards, and there is a lot of sexism in everyday life, but I won’t stand by and watch you male shame my boyfriend or my many male friends because of their gender…Cause that’s sexism.

Yes, I acknowledge there is homophobia and transphobia in every corner, but I won’t shut up and allow you to shame me because I’m cisgender and straight…Cause that’s cisphobia.

If, for example,

1. Racism is assuming because you are black you play basketball or because you are asian you are good at math

2. Sexism is assuming because you are a woman you are weak

3. Homophobia is assuming you are “girly” (gays) or a butch (lesbians)

4. Transphobia is assuming you want to change your gender cause you were abused as a child

Then I’m sorry, but if you ASSUME that because I’m white and cis I’m a racist and a homophobic and a transphobic,  you just became the same thing you are fighting. 

And if because I’m white and cis you assume that I don’t care about racism, homophobia and transphobia…You just don’t know me at all.

This morning on Facebook, this appeared on my feed because someone had linked a friend of mine to it:

So. In this thread we have:

  • Homosexuality being a form of “sexualizing cartoon characters for children.” No word yet on whether or not Pink is opposed to Lola Bunny, the slit in Elsa’s dress, Ariel’s bikini top, or Tarzan’s slammin’ abs.

  • Kids not needing to know about “gays” because they may possibly learn about “that kind of crap” when they’re older. 

  • “Gays” being “that kind of crap.”

  • One spelling of the homophone “there/their/they’re” despite two different usages. That spelling is incorrect both times. 

  • And I’m not even going to touch how a character being gay is “indoctrination.” Like– what the shit? What are we indoctrinating kids with? That gay people exist?
Cantonese Dictionaries

I got lazy and decided not to record myself reading out the Cantonese vocabulary list I posted last week, so I’ll post some links to Cantonese dictionaries with audio instead, for those who are interested in hearing what the words actually sound like! :D

Chinese Character Database for Cantonese - This one has a whole bunch of useful tools, including homophones, Pinyin readings, and actual Cantonese audio clips! There’s also an English language option at the top to make navigating the website a little easier. 

MDBG Character Dictionary - This is also a great resource for both Mandarin and Cantonese! It has a simple layout, stroke order gifs, tons and tons of related words/phrases, audio clips for both Cantonese and Mandarin, and radical searches!!!

CantoDict - There’s no audio on this site, but there are tons of definitions, Pinyin and Jyutping readings for Mandarin and Cantonese, related compound words, a variety of example sentences for each entry, and the function to create personalized vocabulary lists (although limited). There are also occasional notes to indicate differences between Cantonese/Mandarin word usage, which is always interesting to see.

These dictionaries are all great resources, for both Cantonese and Mandarin learners, so make sure to check them out! Enjoy~ 

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A huge difference though between all those couples and Dan and Phil is that all of those couples are straight. If they are together and they come out, they would have a lot of pressure on them and would have to deal with a lot of homophobia.

i don’t think so see? there will be homophobes but you’re blowing it way out of proportion, but the ones who’re homophobic they shouldn’t want as subscribers anyway, and i’m sure most if not all of their audience would accept them, literally everyone suspects they’re not straight by now, what’s the worst that can happen? teenage boys commenting being all “ur gay lol ew”/”[slurs]”, like that happens on their videos already in case you haven’t noticed? the bbc have been employing lgbt people for years, so have most other companies in the uk, their job opportunities wouldn’t suffer (in theory), their subs might take a tiny battering but the homophobes would soon be replaced by better more accepting people anyway which is what they should fucking want, i wouldn’t want those assholes subscribed to me

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SOREN GET BACK INTO BED (anddenmark'slovingarmsandiceland'skindofcare) I think it's really great what you wrote about Addision! Do you think that the Magical Society is homophones? Or is it just Addision?

Headcanon is that since Wizards are so hung up on bloodlines and relations and family trees (probably typical of any population that feels like it’s in constant danger of dying out), that when you get a non binary, trans, gay/les, or ace (BASICALLY THE ENTIRE QUEER SPECTRUM???) child they just kind of wig out.

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"There will be homophones..." oh god karen not the homophones dear lord (I know it was an accident last typo btw just lightening the mood a bit lol)


The memories are fading away like nail polish after a week
I think your ghost is almost gone and it doesn’t leave me so weak
It’s crazy because I used to think that I’d never fill your hole
But little by little I’m filling up and I’ve never felt so whole
Your name was a homophone for a love no longer here
And now I can say your name and not cringe at what I hear


April 10, 2015 NAPOWRIMO

Baths- No Eyes (lmao)

Eels- Novocaine For The Soul

Deadmau5- Professional Griefers

The Hush Sound- You Are The Moon (this was the song that made me love EJ for some reason i can not explain it)

Awolnation- Knights Of Shame

Red Hot Chili Peppers- By The Way

Arcade Fire-Neighborhood #2

Green Day- Eye Of The Tiger (Cover)

Justice- Genesis

The Homophones- Everyone’s Dead

Sugar Ray- Fly

Nexus (Live)

A piece based in part on this untitled painting by Zao Wou-ki, Nexus juxtaposes percussive, homophonic textures with often polyphonic and loose melodic passages that shift in balance and eventually bleed into each other by the end in a musical nexus of its own.

Painting by Zao Wou-ki. Performed at the Mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum on April 9, 2015 by the Perseid String Quartet. Composed by Thomas Ferkol.