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I don't think that what the girl said about Hades/Persephone was homophone. It was something from the past, people can make their headcanons and their twists on the past, but you can't shove it on other people's faces and make them accept them. Hades was shot by Eros's arrow and saw Persephone, falling in love with her. It is not something nice, the pedophile thing, but that happened a lot in mythology. Actually, in any mythology. Telling others they are homophone doesn't make anyone right.

oooooooooooooooooooooooh my god

a few bullet-points bc im going to the pub and this is dull af:

- i am so sorry that those guys from a clockwork orange have broken into your house and are standing right behind you right now forcing you to read interpretations of the rape of persephone which do not reframe a story about abduction as hashtag feminist with your eyelids propped open with matchsticks :( 

- “the paedophile thing” is actually a lot worse than “not something nice”, it is actually a horrifying act of abuse that is still perpetrated in the real, actual, modern world and affects real, actual people, and the fact that this particular story is a very old and very common one does not actually make it okay, it just means that a lot of cultures have condoned things that we now find disgusting

- thank you for educating me on what exactly happens in the story of the rape of persephone, although you have in fact left out one or two minor points such as the fact that that sentence ends with “and then he abducts her and carries her off to be his ~bride while she screams and cries for her mother which is in fact something mentioned in the several-thousand-year-old orphic and homeric hymns but not in 98% of retellings on this godforsaken website” 

- i didn’t call her a homophobe because i disagree with her interpretation of the rape of persephone. i called her a homophobe because she said something that i consider homophobic, and when she was called out on it replied with ~lol it was SARCASM~ by way of a pokemon joke, which does, in fact, make me right

Homophonophobia, from Magic Coffee Hair.

Another linguistic faux-phobia, which can be found on a variety of t-shirts, is “Polyamory is wrong! It should be multiamory or polyphilia, but combining Greek and Latin roots is just wrong!” 

For reference, there are actually many well-established macaronic or hybrid words in English, including  monolingual, automobile, neuroscience, and television.


For those of you that never saw the Nash Grier vine where he screams “f@g!”

Let’s take a moment and think…

This BOY is seen as a “role model” to many people,

isn’t is JUST SPLENDID that he’s spewing out homophobic slurs and 

suggesting that HIV is a “gay” problem?

So glad that Tyler Oakley publicly humiliated his stupid ass.

Commonly Misused Words (Homophones)

Accept: to take in / Except: other than, not included

Your: belonging to you / You’re: you are

Their: belonging to them / There: location / They’re: they are

Its: belonging to something / It’s: it is

Dear: someone special / Deer: an animal

Tale: a story / Tail: part of an animal

Hole: an opening / Whole: all of something

Know: have knowledge of / No: opposite of yes

Affect: change / Effect: result or consequence

Sense: a feeling; a perception of something / Cents: coins

Loose: ill-fitting / Lose: failing to keep something

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I really hope my name is not homophonous with a childrens modeling compound
—  Plato-1969

Social media strategist lost job in Utah because school ‘didn’t want to be linked with homosexuality’

Homophones - as the writer of the article explains - are words that sound the same (homo = the same; phone = sound) but have a different meaning.
This teacher at a language school was fired after writing of homophones (and not of homosexuals or homophobes!) in a blog post. The School feared people would link it to homosexuality after reading the post.

… This is absolutely f@£%ed up!
The teacher said:
“people at this level of English … may see the ‘homo’ side and think it has something to do with gay sex.”

  • People working in a school not knowing English.
  • Homophobic people (and schools…)

How Season 2 should have ended


Sherlock: It was all a trick. Just a magic trick. No one could be that clever.


John: YOU could.

Sherlock: No, really. In fact, you could say it was all simply…


Sherlock: …SHEER LUCK.


Sherlock: You SURE LOOK annoyed.

Sherlock: …it seems you SURE LACK a sense of humor.


Sherlock:… Haha, Holme-ophones! I slay me… LITERALLY. 




… or perhaps we’ve been Arthur Conan FOILED?