Homophobes are complaining about the Korrasami ending because it’s too “overt” (lol, they held hands?) and it makes them uncomfortable because they see it as wrong and unfitting for a show they’ve enjoyed.

And I’m like- good. Be uncomfortable. The world has homosexual/bisexual/asexual people in it and they deserve a place in media. Move along with your outdated and ridiculous ideas on sexuality and get used to feeling uncomfortable.

No, I am not sexist because I dislike someone who happens to be a Woman.

No, I am not homophobic because I dislike someone who happens to be gay/lesbian.

No, I am not racist because I dislike someone who had a different skin color than me.

No, I am not ableist because I dislike someone who happens to have a mental disease.

Just because you are “different” doesn’t mean you are “special” or immune to criticism or judgement.

So today I was walking past a school and some kids were outside playing. Four girls (about 9-10 year old) ran over to say they liked my hair and then asked if I had a boyfriend. I said “No, but I have a girlfriend.” One of them immediately exclaimed “That’s so cool you have a girlfriend, can I see a picture?” The others had kind of the same reaction. I showed them a picture of my girlfriend, and they were like “Omg she has green hair and a nose ring! That’s so cool. Do you guys kiss?” I nodded, and they all went “awww, that’s cute.” 


Supporting Iggy Azalea is supporting racism and cultural appropriation. 

Supporting Azealia Banks is supporting antisemitism and homophobia.

So, you can choose your poison or (If you’re looking for a female rapper) you could go listen to Nicki Minaj instead. She’s the best at the game and fucking problem-free in comparison to these two. 

Pat Robertson says gays are gonna die out.



My favorite thing about this clip is Pat was responding to a viewer question that had NOTHING to do with gay people at all!  I guess he just felt the overwhelming need to remind the viewers that homosexual sex doesn’t make babies.

Well.  Luckily for us heterosexuals keep accidentally getting knocked up in the backseat of a Buick LeSabre so we always have fresh babies to indoctrinate into our sinful lifestyle.

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(thank you so much for this submission, it’s amazing!) Nine-year-old girl writes letter to ‘amazing, fantastic’ teacher after he comes out as gay.

A nine-year-old child’s seemingly heartfelt letter to her teacher after he came out as gay to the class has been celebrated by online users.

The unidentified girl apparently wrote the letter to a primary school teacher after he used his own sexuality to explain to his class why homophobia was wrong as part of anti-bullying week.

“I’d asked who’d heard ‘gay’ being used as an insult. Almost every one of my class put their hands up. I was stunned,” the unidentified teacher told Pink News.

“Then I asked who thought that people who were gay or lesbian were bad or wrong in some way, again almost every hand went up.”

After speaking to the headmaster of the primary school, the teacher agreed to tell his class about his fiancé in order to “explain when people use that word they’re talking about me.”

He continued: “The reaction was fantastic – there were a lot of gasps and shocked looks and some basic questions – do you have a boyfriend, etc – but after a couple of minutes they were over it and we moved on to the rest of the lesson.”

The girl slipped the letter to the teacher shortly after the lesson and he claims that it “brought tears to my eyes”.

Online, users celebrated the letter with one user writing: “Wouldn’t it be lovely if everyone saw things as innocently as this little girl”.

You can read a transcript of the letter below:

Dear Mr R

“Even though you’re gay, I will always treat you the same way as I do now. I still think about you the same way as I used to. You’re a great teacher and these are just some of the word’s [sic] that I would describe you as: great, amazing, fantastic, brilliant, awesome and brave.

“The reason why I say brave is because you shared a personal secret which was very brave.

“You don’t have to feel scared because I know that everone [sic] in the class feels the same way as I do.

“From A x x

PS. We are all proud of you”

I remember very little from my childhood, but one memory that sticks out is me sitting in the backseat of a car and kissing a female friend on the cheek when i was around ten and my mom joking, “I thought i raised you right!” and the fact that sticks out so vividly - that proves to me it hurt me - because it was one of those moments where it is reinforced for you that you didn’t come out right that what you are is wrong even though i was so young then and didn’t know i was queer - even though at that moment i did not conciously apply it to myself, like “she means that being a queer kid means you didn’t come out right and i am a queer kid!” none of that occurred to me, I don’t even remember why i kissed my female friend on the cheek or if it was romantic or not - but that moment still sticks out in my memory and it will never leave

your family keeps misgendering you during the holidays? [bakes you snowman cookies and wraps you in a warm fleece blanket] makes homophobic comments? [hugs you tightly against my chest and kisses your forehead if you’re comfortable with that kind of affection] won’t use your chosen name? [calls you a thousand terms of endearment in addition to your chosen name while playing with your hair] somehow triggers you? [stays at whatever distance is comfortable for you while making sure you know i’m there] makes you uncomfortable in any way, shape or form? [reminds you that you are loved and valid and that there are a lot of people who care about you and your well being, even if you haven’t met them face to face, and i am one of those people]

anonymous asked:

I'm discussing queer issues with my family (I'm gay) and my sister started talking about someone she knows that says "faggot" but is actually a nice guy and not homophobic. and I said something along the lines of "you're straight, so you don't get to decide what homophobia is." and then they kinda freaked out and said that I was being exclusive and discriminatory just like people are to the queer community... and I don't know how to explain this to them? STRAIGHTS DONT GET TO DEFINE HOMOPHOBIA

hey bud. sorry for taking so long to reply i kind of forgot

but yeah, you’re right man. i don’t think straight people get to decide what is homophobic. they don’t go through it, so how do they understand what is really homophobic or not. it’s not like it’s affecting them in any personal way. they’re not the ones being targeted, when derogatory terms such as ‘faggot’ is being thrown around. they don’t know, or understand the history that surrounds the word. they don’t know what gay people have had to go through, they don’t understand, so it’s not up to them to decide what is homophobic and what isn’t. 

oh, but he doesn’t mean it in a bad way! he didn’t mean to offend! he’s really just a nice kid." when people say things like ‘that’s so gay!’ ‘oh you faggot!’, and they claim it’s not homophobic because it was out of habit, or because they claim that we’re just talking it out of context, because there was no bad connotation behind it, or whatever other bullshit they come up with, i just. they’re replacing the word ‘gay’ and ‘faggot’ when they mean ‘stupid’ or ‘lame’, and that is an insult. they’re subconsciously associating queer people with something negative. 

so regardless of what they actually meant, it’s just wrong. plain and simple. if people recognise that they’re using words like ‘gay’ and ‘faggot’ in a negative way, but still continue doing so, despite all of this, they’re homophobic. period. 

i have this very distinct memory of being a teenager and just having watched titanic and trying to force myself to buy into the heteronormative portrayal of love they were selling and to believe that was more real, romantic and precious than love between women

i thought i had to choose one over the other - i remember trying to promise myself to wait until marriage with a man to have sex, thinking that that was the only way to be a good person

i remember being so scared, thinking i had to force myself to like men, not sure if my feelings toward boys or men were real - being very confused, hating myself for my feelings toward other girls, - it triggering my OCD, obsessing over it all the time, thinking i was deviant or objectifying my female friends for looking at their breasts, obsessing over my reactions to sexual images of women in the media, it triggering more different types of obsessions for me

for most of my childhood bisexual was not a concept i was familiar with, all i thought i could be was straight or gay

and even when i learned about bisexuality, when i started trying to accept that as a label, i’d start reacting to images of women in anime and stuff and get scared all over again and question my identity and be unsure of myself and retreat back into denial again

for years and years even into college i continually doubted my identity, i feared my feelings toward women, i thought i was objectifying women, i didn’t allow myself to develop crushes for them and felt guilt for my sexual feelings for them

there were times i probably too eagerly threw myself at guys partially of fear of being gay or not liking guys enough - for the longest time i could only conceive of crushes on boys because my idea of romance didn’t make sense with women for me

only recently was i able to more embrace my feelings toward girls and my bisexuality, to not feel fake - before i would oscillate between thinking i was a lesbian in denial or a straight person in denial - only a few years ago did i finally get over that - only a few years ago did i stop thinking i was objectifying women or feel able to recognize romantic feeling toward women in myself and not feel guilt

i KNOW my mother would prefer i bring a guy home. i know bringing a girl home will be a LOT harder with my mom and with society at large. 

so stop saying i don’t know what compulsory heterosexuality is like! stop it!