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1) Before I start, I just want to say that this is strictly just my opinion. Whatever I say isn't against anything you believe, it's just how I perceive things. I am in no way sticking up for Sophia, but just the situation that liam is in with her. I hope I don't upset you with what I have to say, but I want to share my opinion. I love your blog and I do believe that Sophiam is fake and that Ziam is real. So with that cleared up, I apologize if what I say upsets you.

2) i don’t think Sophia is a bad person I don’t think she’s good, but I don’t think she’s bad. Yeah I know she signed up to be a beard, but when you think about why she’s a beard, Management is the real bad guy, not her. I just think she signed up just for the perks of being a celebrity girlfriend. Not saying that’s a good reason, but is it really that bad. Yeah, I dont think her and Liam are friends, but I don’t think it’s just on his part, she probably doesn’t want to know him or be his friend  3) as well. To me, her and Elenour are/where beards for they’re on benefits. Elenour had things to promote through her Instagram, and Sophia just seems to like luxury things. Once again I’m not sticking up for her, but she could be a way worse beard. Think about if she was like Perrie. We only See Sophia when management wants us to see Sophia. We don’t have to hear her talk about liam, we don’t have to pay much attention to her Instagram much, all we have to do is see her. Yeah they look miserab  4) but atleast she doesn’t go on twitter and talk about how happy they are. Or post pictures of them all on Instagram. Or hangs around his sisters all the time. Or go shopping with his mother. Or post pictures of Loki like they’re all happy. I mean atleast they both know it’s fake. All Sophia likes is the perks and the benefits. Yeah liam looks like he wants to be anywhere but with Sophia but that’s all managements fault. She doesn’t plan anything, she just goes where they tell her to go  5) once again, I know she signed up for it and being a goldigger isn’t really a good thing, but she could be doing a lot worse for fame. Not saying you have to like her, or respect her or anything, but I feel like she just took advantage of an opportunity presented to her. She’s an opportunist and if you feel like an opportunity to either get your name out to the world, or just wanting a luxurious life, then go for it. Maybe that’s a bad way of thinking.  6) anyway I think what I’m trying to say is that she’s not as bad as she seems for being a beard. It’s managements fault she’s there in the first place, so just because she signed up for it you can’t really be all that horrible towards her. After all they both know it’s fake. It’s not like she’s really claiming Liam as hers and professing her love towards him. Then again, she could really be a horrible person, but since I don’t really know her, I can’t really say anything.  7) that was a long post, but it’s just my opinion. I think it’s because I see the world as gray that I give Sophia the benefit of the doubt. It’s not an ideal situation, but it benefits her without her actually being the bad guy because she’s not there because she thinks liam loves her or because she loves liam. The only people making liam so annoyed and 1000% done is modest for forcing him into his situation, not Sophia for being there. But yeah, that’s my thoughts on Sophiam.  8) I also forgot to mention that Sophia also looks 1000% done, not just liam. I think she got bored with being Liam paynes girlfriend. Liam ain’t the only one who can be bored and over the falseness. That’s why I don’t think Sophia’s that bad. I mean she’s not good, but she’s not bad.

Hi Anonymous.  Thanks for the compliments, and I am flattered that you enjoy the blog.  It’s cool if this is how you feel.  We don’t have to think the same way.

I assume you are responding to this post.  I have already said what I want to say about Sophia and her bearding there, so anyone who is interested should read that.  The thing is, we seem to be talking about completely different things.  I never spoke about Sophia as a person.  I spoke about her actions, and her role as a beard.

I never said Sophia was a bad person.  I said that I do not hate her, but I also have no respect for her.

And I said that I have no respect for her because whereas Liam never wanted or chose to be closeted, she wanted and chose to be his beard.

It isn’t about whether Sophia is a bad person or not.  I don’t know her like that and I don’t plan to.  It isn’t about whether Sophia claims Liam as hers or not.  We know she doesn’t because Sophiam is fake.  It isn’t about whether she and Liam are friends or even get along or not.  I imagine they get along enough to get the job done, and I strongly doubt they are friends.  It isn’t about whether Sophia is a “less annoying” beard than the others, like Eleanor.  As far as I am concerned, she is still a beard.

It is about the fact that Sophia benefits by deliberately participating in a sexist and homophobic lie—one that not only harms Liam, but sends harmful sexist and homophobic messages to the general public and to fans, which include impressionable young people.

She gets paid to act like a bimbo with no personality whose only defining quality is her looks.  Her primary function is to hide the fact that Liam is not straight and that he is in a relationship with another man, Zayn.  She is not stupid and knew what she signed up for—she auditioned for months to be Liam’s beard.  Bottom line: she knowingly and willfully accepted a job that is inherently sexist and homophobic.

Everytime she steps out with Liam, and articles are written about it, and pictures of them circulate, and fans and general folks enjoy them, and fooled fans defend their fake relationship, all those people are whether they mean to or not taking part in that sexism, homophobia and general hatred.  Sophia has signed herself up to send the message that there is something wrong with Liam because he is not straight, that there is something wrong with his relationship with Zayn, and that there is something wrong with gay men and queer people generally—but that it is OK to suppress those relationships and the people in them, and that it is OK to force Liam to take part in his own self-debasement.

1DHQ might be fucked up but the fact that Sophia signed up to get paid to push their fuckery is not excusable.  That she likes luxury is immaterial to why I do not respect her.  I like luxurious shit too but I’m not about renting myself out to help forcibly closet someone, because others’ and my own dignity are worth more than Topshop dresses and Victoria Beckham purses.  Her actions have made it clear that luxury and her non-career as a faux-celebrity are more important to her than her integrity or dignity—and Liam’s dignity as well.  Her actions say that she is fine with benefitting off Liam’s degradation.  I never said she was a “bad person,” but I see her actions and her choices, and they are ugly.

The only reason we don’t see her as much is because she is managed as such.  Sophiam is just a better-executed Elounor.  Eleanor’s social media was filled with blunders that made it obvious that Elounor was fake: promo tweets, tweets that were obviously not Eleanor’s, conversations with “Louis” at implausible or even impossible times.  (Including Twitter conversations they had when Louis would have been sleeping or was publicly photographed doing something else.)  Fans openly called out the fakery and shadiness on Eleanor’s social media, where everyone could see it.  It fanned the flames, and Elounor is widely acknowledged by a significant section of the fandom as fake.  Not a cute look.  M!M learned from their mistakes.  Keeping Sophia’s social media private prevents those problems.  She’s not avoiding social media because she’s somehow a better person or a less annoying beard than Eleanor.  She’s doing it because that’s her job.  And again, whether or not Sophia’s bearding is more or less in-your-face or “annoying” was and is not the point of my discussions about Sophia.  The point is that that does not change the fact that the job she took is ethically and morally questionable at best, repulsive at worst.

So I feel absolutely no sympathy for her being 1,000% done.  Boo hoo.  It’s so hard to to pedal 1DHQ’s sexist and homophobic fuckery while you pimp yourself out for free swag and a “career” you earned off someone else’s back.  I’m so sorry that you got a career boost by taking advantage of a forcibly closeted man who clearly doesn’t want to be near you and never had a say in the matter.  The hardest part of her job is probably dealing with Liam being rightfully uncooperative and belligerent.  My advice to Sophia, in the words of Liam Payne: get a proper job.

When we work and study in spaces that are organised around those who you are ‘not’ it is wearing. It might be an experience of harassment. It might be that male tutor who says something inappropriate about your body in class; or the ways in which a tutor addresses the question about theory to the male students; or how the core course has all set readings by male authors. It might be the way other students giggle because your surname is ‘funny’; or having European thought represented as the only thought; or the feeling of being visible or standing out in a sea of whiteness, or how when you are the only student of colour in the classroom (which you often are), everyone looks at you when race comes up as if race has nothing to do with them. Diversity work is the documentation of these experiences. It is the weight of these experiences; it is how they wear you down; how they encourage you to take up less space. Diversity work is also about how we can endure what we document. It is thus about the creation of spaces, networks and events that give us a break, a relief from this labour of being in environment that does not accommodate your being. This is what is meant by ‘safe spaces’: it does not mean no debate and is certainly does not mean spaces that are cosy: it means being able to talk about difficulties with those who can recognise those difficulties. I have used the idea of ‘brick walls’ to explain this: unless you come up against them, these walls do not appear. We need to space to talk about walls with those who have also encountered these walls.
—  Sara Ahmed A Campaign of Harassment

Can someone please tell me why the stereotype is that bi girls are actually straight and just lying for attention while bi guys are actually gay and lying to avoid attention (because they’re too scared to admit they’re gay.) It’s so insulting. Like there’s nothing wrong with being gay nor is there anything wrong with being straight, but it’s so frustrating to constantly be told that your identity is fake.

  • Parents:We're not homophobic or transphobic because we're not afraid of them.
  • Me:That's not what homophobia or transphobia is.
  • Parents:Homosexuality is a disorder that needs to be cured.
  • Me:No, it's not. It's existed forever and is seen in many species. it's not disordered.
  • Parents:Nobody who is gay or trans is happy and they brought it on themselves.
  • Me:Those people who are unhappy are unhappy because they're treated like filth and are told that they're disordered and wrong. There are many others who live happy lives whether or not you want to accept that. And how does being honest about who they are equate to asking for unhappiness???
  • Parents:Gay relationships are only about sex.
  • Me:No. They're just like any normal relationship.
  • Parents:But people in same-sex marriages can't have biological children so that's proof that it's wrong! Children growing up in a family like that will never be happy!
  • Me:There are many happy same-sex couples with happy children whether they're adopted or were from a surrogate mother. Also studies show that children are just as happy being raised by a same-sec couple as they are if raised by a heterosexual couple.
  • Parents:Transgender and transsexual people are mistaken. There's no way for biological sex and a persons conceived gender to be different from each other. That's just wrong. They're really the gender they were born as.
  • Me:Psychology says that biological sex, sexuality, and gender are all separate things and can differ from each other. Also what about intersex people?
  • Parents:Ireland legalized gay marriage. This is a tragedy for all humanity.
  • Me:No. *walks away*
  • Parents:Why are you walking away? Why can't you respect our point of view? Why can't you see that you're wrong? Give us a reason to believe your perspective because you're not giving us a reason! We're not homophobic!
Everyday Homophobia, Politics Edition


Today I not-so-intelligently told my mom that I kind of leaned Democratic/Liberal, and she lectured me for a solid 30 minutes. Also, my dad prayed for “guidance from God to live our lives for You and to do what pleases You, Lord, without turning to worldly things for fulfillment or happiness, because we know that the only true joy comes from You, Jesus” during the prayer tonight. 

Literally. Just because I said I might be democratic.

And I couldn’t tell my mom that why I was kind of liberal was because of their views on minorities (mainly queers), because she would FLIP. So I said I leaned Democratic because “Democrats want to help people.” So she went on this lecture about how Democrats never give money to churches or shit, and how Republicans give a lot and care about people. 

THEN, she went on to say, “Do you really want to be a part of a political party that murders babies?” And I was sitting there like, not every abortion is bad like in rape cases or where the baby is a stillbirth or when the birth could hurt the mother and the child… But I kept quiet. 

And then came the glorious “Those Obnoxious Flaming Perverted Gays” question. I answered with the textbook quote, “I don’t support gay marriage because the Bible says it is wrong. Also, the Constitution says nothing about the right to marry, so they should stop trying to legalize sin. Also, I don’t hate gays, I just don’t accept their sinful lifestyle. Also, God loves everyone but He doesn’t love their sin. So gays can do whatever they want in their sinful lifestyle, but I won’t condone their sin by being friends with them.”

So…. yeah.

It hurt because although I did act like a little shit towards my mom (I kind of snapped at her a couple of times and looked angry while she was lecturing me), it hurt because I was lying to her AGAIN. And this time, I was forced to basically agree with her views that I am sinning, and that she cannot support me of love me fully or unconditionally. 

I hope that once my parents finally realize I’m gay, that they will look back on how depressed and emotional I’ve been during the past year and realize how fucking hard it was for me, to live a lie and try to keep going when everyone around me kept telling me I wasn’t loved. How they’ll realize that when I snapped at them or got quiet and withdrawn during a lecture, I wasn’t doing that out of hate, but out of fear. 

Out of fear that they would one day abandon me, just because I don’t fit into their perfect Christian straight feminine daughter mold. 

It hurts like hell.

Coulter Hates ‘the Browning of America’

The motormouth claims the U.S. is being ruined by an influx of immigrants from Latin America, Asia, and Africa. Is this performance art or is she for real?

When it comes to Ann Coulter—the conservative blonde avenger, the loud-mouthed provocateur, the human hot-button of mass-media notoriety who is forever tossing turds into liberals’ punch bowls—people always want to know: Is she for real?

Even the title of her latest book, ¡Adios, America!: The Left’s Plan to Turn Our Country Into a Third World Hellhole, is guaranteed to raise many folks’ blood pressure and strain their credulity.

Does Coulter actually believe the tendentious claim in that title or other incendiary things she has said in the past—for example, that the 9/11 widows are greedy, fame-obsessed “witches” and “harpies”; that the United States should invade Muslim countries, “kill their leaders, and convert them to Christianity”; that her Christian co-religionists are “perfected Jews”; that she only wishes that Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh had targeted The New York Times instead?

Or is she merely engaging in perverse, albeit attention-getting, performance art?

Apparently the answer is: a bit of both.

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