it’s true  that straight girls are often way more comfortable with each other physically than straight guys, but don’t say things like ‘all the homo’ about it because straight girls can be some of the most lesbophobic and biphobic people you’ll ever meet

Kung Fu Grip

Kung Fu Grip by 8sword
Rating: M
Word count: 57,800
Summary: Cas, I’ve been enrolling me and Sammy in schools since I was twelve. I think I can handle it.” 
Cas is frowning. “It’s not a matter of—handling it,” he says. “The principal will be more receptive and helpful to you if she believes you to have a parent or guardian who is actively concerned with your welfare. I want to make sure she understands you are important.” 
Dean does not get a warm squishy feeling in his chest. 
(In which Dean is de-aged, Claire and Emma are simultaneously the worst and best sisters ever, and Cas really deserves a hug.) 

This story takes place in His Fucking Kids universe, but it also can be read on its own. The girls finally get their wish and Dean is hit by a deageing spell that transforms his body into that of a gangly 17 year old. Dean’s high school experience is everything I could ask for and then some - taking care of a flour baby, joining the wrestling team, some good ol’ bullying and, the most dreaded of them all, a public outing. Only this time Cas, Claire and Emma have his back and Dean is not alone against the world. This story, just like the rest of His Fucking Kids verse, balances the humor of the situation with the poignant aspects of their lives really well and is very respectful of changes in Dean and Cas’ intimate relationship. Like many things in their lives, the deaging spell is a blessing in disguise.  It helps with some issues while adding new ones to the table and it comes with the worst timing possible. Emma is coming of age in her amazon years and there are some rituals that have to be finished. 

DCBB 2014 fic

I don’t need feminism because feminists told me I was misogynistic for being a gay man. They tell me that gay men are disgusting because they treat women as fashion objects and have told me I’m only gay because I’m too ugly to get a girl. They tell me that I must be straight because I’m a geek and try to pin the “gay stereotype” on me. Other feminists defend these actions by saying “oh, you must have antagonized them”.


Yo so the word “homophobia” is actually totally not the right word to use for being anti-LGBT+; start saying “heterosexism”. So many people have an issue with the word “homophobia” because if you’re a homophobe (heterosexist), you aren’t scared of LGBT+ people, you’re just a bigoted dickhole, so there’s really nothing phobia-related about it. But the definition of “heterosexim” is literally the exact thing we use “homophobia” to describe. So yeah. Heterosexism. It’s way more accurate. Spread the word! Inform people!

Change the world, by changing yourself!

40 days to go till it’s 2015…

It’s almost 2015…

And I just read the most stupid article ever!

I was doing some research about the neuropsychology of the homosexual brain. But I also found some article about transgenders.

It was so disrespectful, hateful, insanely incorrect, old fashioned, close minded and it really made me think.

It is almost 2015… But we still live in a fuckedup world… How is it possible that people are still this close minded? That they only see what they want to see? How can they only believe what fits in their beliefs and refuse to look any further? How can they quote a book, when they only qoute the parts that fit their beliefs?

I know people think there are worst things in life than homophobia. People are dying because they don’t have clean water and people are dying because of the war. But open your eyes. People are dying because of homophobia too! Teens kill themselves because parents, friends, their community or even strangers don’t accept them. That’s not okay.

I wish I could change the world. So no one would die because of filthy water, hunger, the war, a disease because there aren’t enough doctors or the right meds… I wish I could. But I can’t.

I try my best and donate as much as I can when they are collecting money for any charity. And I really believe those small things help, and I really wish others do the same! But there is not much more I can do about those things. Only hope and pray that this world will change one day.

And I also know that I can’t really change homophobic people. But I think this is something I could at least try. I think this blog gave me an amazing platform to talk about subjects like this. I had a great coming out and I’m really thankful for that. But I also get a lot of messages from people who didn’t had that experience. Who had to deal with homophobia.

And I’m not saying I never had to deal with it. There were plenty of times, I got called names when I was walking with a girl, hand in hand. Or guys who forced themselves on my friend and me when we were hooking up and we almost got arrested because she hit the guy… The police called us filthy lesbians…

But I don’t think you can really change those people. 

But you can start by changing yourself. A lot of my friends use the word gay as a bad word. Or say ‘oh that is soooo gay.’ And I know they don’t mean it like that. But it can hurt like hell… There are so many other words to choose from, and you choose gay…

I don’t even know how many times one of my friends called some girl, we know a shemale… 

It is hurtful.

So before you say something, think. Before you judge someone, think. Maybe, without even knowing it, you hurt someone close to you.

So start by changing yourself. And by changing yourself, and making yourself  better person, you make this world a better and safer place to live in. It takes smalls steps. But we have to start somewhere!

Change the world, by changing yourself!

Why aren’t homophobics fighting against divorce? Why are they constantly talking about how children need a mom and dad, but don’t pay any attention to a divorced parent gaining full custody of a child? It doesn’t make sense to insist a child is better off with a single mom juggling two jobs over two employed moms.

as always, here’s the post to

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hi im the person who wrote about the friend who doesn't believe in bisexuality. he just recently told me that he thinks homosexuals are just people who can't get someone from the opposite gender to sleep with them! what should I do?!

Uh, get a new friend? One that is not horribly homophobic & biphobic.

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Hey, I just wanted to respond to one of your posts? You said that "People have a problem with anything different. It’s easier for people to accept homosexuality because while it’s different, they still want essentially the same thing - just with the same gender." and I wanted to let you know that 1) this is a blanket statement that just isn't true, homophobia is still well and alive today as and a mod who's not a lesbian/gay/bi/pan-ace you have no right to make that declaration.

Homophobia is indeed alive in well, but have you looked at recent trends at least in the US? Marriage equality is spreading. Laws preventing discrimination based on sexuality are becoming more commonplace. While individual people may still be homophobic assholes, legally, homosexuals are getting some serious wins. Asexuals - not so much. A grand total of one state protects us from discrimination; many states have worded their anti-discrimination laws in such a way that asexuals are specifically excluded. People are more likely to discriminate against aces than any other sexuality for jobs, housing, and even just as friends. 

As a mod in a same-gender relationship, I know that homophobia is alive and well. I’ve seen it first hand. But it’s interesting how much more willing people are to accept that you like the same gender than no one at all. I mean, homophobes are out there, and they’re also acephobic. But even the most accepting of people still make casual acephobic remarks or respond to an ace coming out with things like “well, if you tried it…” or “you’re probably just gay and in denial,” or “have you seen a doctor about that?” 

I was looking big picture - legally and socially, homophobia is on a slow downward trend, which is so freaking awesome. 


19 Awesome Responses To the Anti-LGBT #Defendtheduggars Ongoing Tweet-Off

The petition asking The Learning Channel to cancel 19 Kids and Counting over the Duggars’ “LGBT fear mongering” that caught fire on the internet earlier this week also managed to catch the attention of right-wing Christian activists who are concerned with (but don’t actually understand) first amendment protections. 

American Family Association, Alliance Defending Freedom, and other anti-LGBT organizations and websites helped spearhead a #DefendtheDuggars tweetfest today. But like NOM’s Twitter warning last month that marriage equality would lead to people marrying themselves, the campaign quickly started backfiring in spectacular fashion.











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Somebody on our college's anonymous Facebook page said "I hate how everyone's giving me shit for my swastika tattoo. I'm sorry for being Buddhist, assholes", and there's an argument going on between people which is "I'm Jewish and I see a person with a swastika tattooed on them and they explain they're Buddhist and we're supposed to be one hundred percent okay with that?" And the response from the people defending the swastika is "Yes." Are swastika tattoos okay in this regard??

There’s a push to ‘reclaim’ it but I think there are just some things that really cannot be reclaimed. I think it’s in bad taste and disrespects the millions of people (the majority being Jewish) who were murdered during the holocaust.