Professor: So what was your criteria for choosing your people?
Student: Just straight up potential for childbirth
Professor: Okay but you picked a lesbian
Student: Its the end of the world, she can reconsider her… beliefs.
—  Class discussion over a project meant to display inherent prejudice by making us pick five survivors of a nuclear apocalypse from a list of fifteen people. 

anonymous said:

i can't stop thinking about something breenwolf (i think) mentioned lately... jeff davis claims to have created a world free of homophobia. but if it were, why is there a need for gay clubs, why does coach feel the need to clarify he has no problem with scott and danny dancing, why are there stereotypes attached to being gay like the sheriff telling stiles he's clearly not gay dressed like that, why would stiles be surprised by caitlin and the concept of bisexuality (part1)

and how does davis’ assumed homophobia free world work with theories like the one about stiles being in the closet about his spark AND his sexuality? why would he need to worry about what his dad and scott think of it since it should be nothing but perfectly normal to them. no different to being straight in any sense. not even worth discussing. why would he be in the closet about it, trying to appear “normal” since being queer IS normal in the tw world? the world davis created is NOT free of homophobia. at all. it’s just free of lgbt characters with enough screentime to count as representation.


I agree with you that the world Jeff Davis has created in Teen Wolf is not perfectly free of homophobia. But compared to our own society i still claim it’s way ahead of us. The representation could be and should be better, there is no denying that. But compared to a lot of other shows on TV it’s quite good. But we’re at a place where “quite good” isn’t cutting it - we feel we’ve been promised more than it is delivering. The recent article in OUT magazine has added to this gap between what we feel we’ve received and what they feel they’ve delivered. And this is a problem.

I think a huge part of this discrepancy can be explained by two factors

  1. the promise of “A world free of homophobia” creates expecations regarding representation and more visible LGBT characters than we’re used to. But so far most of these have been minor characters with limited story arcs - people expect more visibility with such a statement.
  2. A world free of homophobia shows us a world as it should be. Jeff Davis’ intention is to show how good it can be and want us to immitate it - it’s intended as an inspiration. The intention is good, but not really what we want. We want to see characters and a world we can related to - NOW. We want situations and characters with the same kind of issues that we struggle with. In a world mostly free of homophobia this is pushed to the sidelines - it’s in the background, it’s part of the framework and the society but it’s not a problem, so it’s not highlighted and flagged. And i don’t think this would be such a problem if point 1 was met in a satisfactory manner.

So with these two factors - too little representations in key characters and a non-recognisable framework, our need is not fulfilled. And i get that, i truly do.

Before i go on i’d like to point out something, hopefully without angering people and sounding like Jeff Davis is whispering in my ear. Here’s a quote from Jeff regarding his vision for the show:


"I’m trying to create a world where there’s no racism, there’s no sexism, there’s no homophobia. And I know it’s not real life, but I kind of don’t care. I’d like to create a world where none of that matters: you have the supernatural creatures for that to work as an analogy. In my mind, if you can create a world like that on TV, maybe life starts to imitate it.”

He is trying - and i believe he’s doing a mostly good job of portraying a world where homophobia isn’t a big deal. Think about it - when the teacher asked who’d want to be Erica’s partner in class an equal amount of girls raised their hands and gave her sultry looks.

At almost every every party scene has some same sex couple making out in the background without anyone batting an eyelash.


No one questions Danny being on the lacrosse team - he’s popular, a jock and gay and no one cares. No one cared that Ethan was gay either - their issue was with him being in league with Deucalion. The same with Caitlin and her now dead girlfriend, neither Melissa nor Stiles reacted to them being a same sex couple.


So Jeff Davis is clearly attempting to reach his goal. And in this regard i think he’s mostly successful. But i’m starting to think his well-intentioned goal is backfiring - clearly we don’t want to see pefection, that isn’t relevant to us. We want something we can identify with. And at this point we’re stuck somewhere in between - neither totally homophoia free with visible LGBT characters or a world mirrored in our own with issues we can relate to. But this is fixable and i think Davis is working towards it, but it’s such a slow burn many of us are loosing patience.

You also bring up some additional interesting points, some of which i agree with and others don’t.

You claim In a homophobia free world we don’t need gay clubs. I disagree. Just because everyone accepts and respects your sexuality, that doesn’t take away your need to sometimes hang out with just people who are like you. Just because a gay club exist doesn’t mean you can’t hook up with someone somewhere else. If you love jazz, you might seek out jazz clubs every now and then and those passionate about salsa might sometimes go to a club that specializes in that music rather than try to salsa all over the dance floor at the local night club. I agree you do not need them - but you might still want them.

The Danny and Scott dancing scene i actually agree with. Scott was banned from the dance and if they accepted same sex couples there in the first place, the fact that scott was dancing with danny shouldn’t prevent coach from tossing him out. If they wanted scott to come to the dance regardless of his ban that was a cheap plot device that goes against jeff davis’ vision.

The case of stiles and his closeted struggles

As for the case of stiles i have a feeling this is much more rooted in the stilinski family dysfunction than actual homophobia. Throughout the seasons we’ve had glimpses of their dynamic and although this is clearly two people who care deeply about each other, i genunienly don’t think they understand each other properly . Also, like with much of teen wolf, they suffer from lack of communication, wrongful assumptions and some deep-seeded misundestandings that has led stiles particularly to believe that his dad doesn’t really trust him, and there is also that element of guilt over his mothers death that we can’t ignore.

What we need to take into account before looking at this more closely is that there are signs that point to stiles being the narrator of the story. athenadark has written a meta about this. With this in mind every scene we have will be tinged with his assumptions, his biases, his interpretations. And they may not be entirely accurate or true.

Stiles lost his mom when he was 8 and we know little about the circumstances surrounding this expect that the sheriff was caught up in an accident when she died and stiles was there with her. They seldom talk about her - this is evident in that she’s only been mentioned a handful times at best throughout the series.

I’d like to draw attention to the wolfsbane induced hallucination Stiles had during episode 2x09 Party Guessed. He sees his dad, drunk, angry and hurling accusations at him:

Sheriff: Why am I wearing black? What are you, an idiot? I just came from a funeral. You know, people wear black at funerals. Get out of my face.
It’s you.
It’s all you.
You know, every day I saw her lying that hospital slowly dying I thought, “how the hell am I supposed to raise this stupid kid on my own? This hyperactive little bastard who keeps ruining my life?” It’s all you.
It’s you, Stiles.
You killed your mother.
You hear me? You killed her.
And now you’re killing me.


When they were under the wolfsbane-spell they all saw their worst fears: allison saw herself as kate - a ruthless killer, jackson saw his real parents, faceless, scott saw allison cheating on him with the kanima and stiles saw his dad accusing him of killing his mom, of being a burden to him.

For all his sarcasm and jokes, this is clearly something that is weighing on Stiles. He’s feeling guilty for some reason, and whether this is due to a child’s misunderstanding of his dad’s grief or something else is just speculations at this point. But Stiles clearly knows he’s a handful, he feels guilty and we get glimpses of how he tries to take care of his dad, and shield him from the supernatural as long as possible. He’s scared of losing him, and clearly stiles dreads that it won’t take much for his dad to give up on him.

But we’ve seen countless times how utterly wrecked the sheriff is when stiles is in danger. that is a man that loves his son unconditionally and would walk through hell and back for him. But i don’t think stiles realizes this. And the sheriff does give stiles a hard time, he does sometimes let comments fall like “i haven’t believed a word that comes out of his mouth since he learned how to speak”. I can totally see Stiles as a kid with wild stories and creative white lies, that probably half exasperates and half amuses the sheriff.


So while i don’t think the sheriff means to hurt stiles, he still does. Like when Stiles presents theories, the sheriff needs confirmation from scott before he believes it. The latest example being in 4x12 when Stiles needs to go to Mexico to save scott and he tells his dad the truth, and he’s still shot down and punished later. Scott is not there to confirm, and the sheriff doubts.

Like when he finds his son on scene of yet another crime outside a gay club when he’s probably never had any signs from stiles that he might be gay or bi, and he suddenly alludes to that, he reacts with frustration and attempts to cut through the bullshit by saying you’re not gay. If he’d believed for half a second stiles was telling the truth, i think he would accept it without question. Because when stiles a moment later spins a lie about them cheering up Danny who broke up with his boyfriend the sheriff shows no sign of being disgusted by that. In fact he praises stiles for being a good friend.


(gif not mine - source)

The same goes for the supernatural. That is something that the sheriff does not have control over and it’s taken him by complete surprise. And i do think he sometimes wishes he could go back to being ignorant. But they do seem to be getting on better now that stiles has come clean about that, even if they still have some issues to work through. and the sheriff seems to accept both scott and derek and have no issues working with a trusting them. But still stiles seems hesitant to present anything but a perfect and normal front to his dad. I’ve talked about this as well in relation to him and Malia.


But for stiles who is probably mentally tiptoeing around his dad he is interpreting every sigh and every comment from his dad in the worst way possible. To him it looks like his dad prefers and trusts scott, that he doesn’t trust stiles. And if stiles feels that there’s more about him that isn’t normal, that will only add to his dad’s bad impression of him, and so he supresses it and ignores it.


This is actually a really sad story, and i do believe it’s all because of misunderstandings and miscommunication. But the sheriff is certainly not without blame here. Because for all that i love him, he does tend to distrust Stiles a lot and perhaps unintentionally put him down. Stiles did lie to him for almost a year about the supernatural, and the sheriff is no dummy. He’s a cop and a good detective - he clearly knew something was up. But Stiles spun lie after lie, turned up at countless crime scenes, stole a police wan, got a restraining order, got him fired and continued to put himself in harms way. For all that he loves stiles, he’s probably not totally sure he can trust him again, and stiles will have to earn that back. That is why the scene fra the season 4 finale is so heartbreaking. Stiles did everything right for once - was totally honest with his dad, but he still didn’t take his advice and when he didn’t get through to him stiles reverted back to blatant lies. Because the alternative was not acceptable and he should not be punished for that.

As you can see, i feel we’re dealing with two guys not good at talking about their feelings and not used to sharing things. and i don’t think either realizes this or if they do, they don’t know how to fix it. But they need to, and fast. Because the consequences of discommunication seldom leads to good things in Teen Wolf.

So basically homophoia has nothing to do with it really, but circumstance has made stiles’ interpretations of his dad and his reactions so that it seems like it. Basically the stilinski men need a good dose of family therapy :) Seems like something Melissa would be good at tbh. Can we hire her?

Urban Outfitters Sells “Vintage” Blood Splattered Kent State Shirt

Remember. Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, and Free People are owned by the same asshole. The same asshole that sells cool hip clothing to liberal youth that’s giving money to the likes of Rick Santorum. When you buy clothes, ironic tees, mugs and all that other shit you’re endorsing a man that very well likely does not endorse your lifestyle.

This is tacky, poor taste, and straight up bullshit. Remember that the next time you think about walking in. You have power in where you shop. The fatigue answer of ‘oh, well everywhere is bad so what am I supposed to do?’ is BULL.SHIT.

If you are, or have friends who are, anywhere on the LGBTQ spectrum: DO NOT SHOP AT THESE STORES

If you are, or have any friends who are, women and feel like they should have their own say over their reproductive organs: DO NOT SHOP AT THESE STORES

If you are, or have any friends who, don’t think some conservative asshole has the right to treat you like a second class citizen: DO NOT SHOP AT THESE STORES.

Know that if you come to me with your new anything from‪#‎URBANOUTFITTERS‬‪#‎ANTHROPOLOGIE‬ or ‪#‎FREEPEOPLE‬ that I’m judging you… harshly with my mind because you’ve always decided to negatively judge me and mine with your dollars.

this friend from uni and i were discussing whether businesses should be able to check our facebooks before hiring us and i was like ‘but what if someone’s a lesbian or something and without saying it, that’s the reason the manager didn’t hire her’ and my friend was like ‘yeah but you have to be careful what you put on facebook’

like yeah fuckin righto str8ie180 who doesn’t have to hide anything, thanks for that input 




So I enjoy watching coming out videos, especially when they are all happy and stuff goes well, but the comment sections are always about either negativity, homophobia, straight dudes who are sad that a pretty girl is a lesbian and such. And this is what happens when you actually support it.

I couldn’t find my first comment, but this dude wrote something like “Aw man what a shame a girl as pretty as you is a lesbian, i’d wife you anyway” and then there was a lot of comments about “omg ikr, so hot, id do her” and all. So I casually wrote “Fuck you”. to the people who aren’t respecting her and all. Although I think fuck you isn’t anything major anymore, it’s just a way of saying “You are an ass”

But then this Amanda girl started with this stuff and I am honestly shocked.

I just hope my message to her gives her something to think about.

Small Towns

TRIGGER WARNINGS: Homophobia, street harassment, xrays mention, bomb mention, bleeding mention, cutting mention

We drive through small towns to get where we’re going
Towns where you can taste the hate in the back of your throat
Feel the “you are not welcome here”
The lady at Kroger offers me our bags with a smile sharp enough to cut
And all I can do is hold your hand tighter
And pray that we make it out unscathed

We were not built to weather blows that come disguised as handshakes
“Never come back” written as “have a nice day”
I didn’t know being in love could make me so hateable
That holding my girlfriend’s hand on the sidewalk
Would make people throw bottles at us
That the noises they make when they shatter against the pavement would feel like they are coming from my own ribcage
Every time they yell at us from their vehicles I grasp your hand like a ransom note
And imagine the day that I don’t make it home

We were born into a world of hate
Where “just be yourself” becomes “just be like everyone else”
And nonconformity is met with violence
No one ever taught me that Valentines Day was a synonym for signing my death wish in roses
Every pet name is dropped like a bomb we hope just doesn’t hit too close to home
And fear runs like venom through our veins
But there is no antidote for not being the same

So the next time you corner me by the frozen foods
Do not mistake my silence for compliance
My dedication to keeping my heart beating in her chest
For agreement when you tell me that I’m an abomination
If you were to split my skin I would not bleed a rainbow
If you looked at my xrays you would not see a Pride Parade
The only difference between us is that you have been taught to hate what is different
And I’ve learned to fear what is the same

We drive through small towns to get where we’re going
Every exit on the interstate is another chance that we won’t finish our journey
But the ring that sparkles on your left hand tells me
Its all worth it if we make it out alive

Chapters: 1/10
Fandom: Les Misérables - All Media Types
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Enjolras/Grantaire, background Courfeyrac/Jean Prouvaire
Characters: Grantaire (Les Misérables), Enjolras (Les Misérables), Éponine Thénardier, Jean “Jehan” Prouvaire, Courfeyrac (Les Misérables), Bahorel (Les Misérables), Marius Pontmercy, Cosette Fauchelevent, Joly (Les Misérables), Bossuet Laigle, Musichetta (Les Misérables)
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Modern Setting, Alternate Universe - High School

Enjolras presses his lips together. He already looks pained, and Grantaire hasn’t even opened his mouth yet. That’s got to be a record, even for them.

"I need a favor," he says at last.

"With what?" says Grantaire. "Ooh, are you forming a cult? Can I join? I’d be awesome at cults, I just know it." He ticks off his qualifications on his fingers. "I love chanting, I look great in robes—"

(High school AU. Grantaire the disaffected stoner is pulled into a cause bigger than himself. Or: in which there are pretend boyfriends for great justice.)

Hunter x Hunter, Alluka and the artist's prerogative

So there’s this manga, called Hunter x Hunter, which is really awesome. And one of the many awesome things about it is this girl :


She’s a very nice, very powerful, very crucial to the plot, trans girl. What is not awesome though, are all the fanboys who stubbornly, and very predictably, refuse to call her female.

Now of course, this category of horny fratboys is expected to refuse any representation of transgender people within their shônen. But what bothers me the most is not that they refuse the true nature of the character ; it’s how much they are willing to do so AGAINST the intention of the author, and (most bafflingly) without diminishing their respect for him.

Because let’s be clear : Hunter x Hunter IS quite daring in its inclusion of minorities, by the (low) standarts of shônens. From the very beginning, we had Hisoka :


Known for adressing and dressing himself in ambiguous ways, he also seems to be attracted to both men and women.

Then we had Kalluto :


AMAB and considering himself male, he nevertheless sports feminine outfits, perhaps as a reminder of the japanese tradition which makes young boys wear feminine clothes to toughen them up.

Both of them were introduced as antagonists. But 20 volumes in, some innuendos started being dropped about the two main protagonists of the series. More specifically, it was hinted that Killua, the most popular character of the series, might be attracted to his friend and hero of the series, Gon.


Now this has remained controversial and I’m personally of the opinion that their relationship evokes more teenage friendship than it evokes romance. But what matters is that the story was written in a way that ALLOWED (or even encouraged) a romantic interpretation.

And if where Togashi stands wasn’t clear enough, now we got Alluka. If you want to know how transparent it is that she is transgender, let’s look at the wiki description that stubbornly misgenders her :


You couldn’t be more clear : these fans have perfectly understood the intentions of the author, and yet refuse to respect them.

Like I said : when these people ignore transgender people in real life, it is awful, way more than when they do so with unreal ones, BUT it doesn’t surprise me. The main feature of an asshole is that they don’t respect other people’s right and autonomy and feel entitled to tell them how to be.

But here we’re in a manga. By definition, someone’s creation. These characters unequivocally belong to whom created them.What he says goes. So when he defines someone as transgender, it shouldn’t be possible to refuse this definition unless you reject the author himself. And here’s what baffles me : even since Hisoka and Kalluto have been introduced, even since the two heroes have been shown being maybe possibly romantically involved, even since FREAKING ALLUKA stepped in, they didn’t turn their back on Togashi. They didn’t throw their volumes in the fire. They just plainly and simply glossed over everything he dictated about Gon & Killua, about Alluka, about what himself stood for.

In other words, they completely dissociated the work they enjoyed from its message, its positions, its substance. And this worries me much more than if they had just started disliking the manga because of the aforementioned. They don’t want to ban it from their life, no. They want to KEEP CONSUMING IT while completely scrubbing off of it anything they don’t like.

So what does that mean for Art ? What can it do when whatever message the artist tries to get across gets ignored so the oeuvre can be consumed as an entertainment product ? Even as something that people reject, you have power because it says something about your disruption with the world. But as something people can both accept and reject simultaneously ? When has Art become a self-service ? When have artists become entertainment suppliers ?

If you think you can take Hunter x Hunter without its stances, its edges, its risks, you have understood nothing. What you have read was not this awesome manga. It was your own washed-out version of it. It has taught you nothing about the world. Your universe is one-square-meter large. Have fun exploring it left and right for the rest of your life, because that’s all you’ll ever get.

anonymous said:

Bidyke is a known lesbophobe who has said some very, very damaging things to vulnerable women. If you have to engage with her toxic, ugly writing, please at least try to do so critically, and LISTEN to lesbians when we say that this shit is hurting us.

Okay, I want to try and make sure I’m understanding this correctly. You’re saying that bidyke is hurting lesbians as a group through lesbophobia, yes? In other words, she is using her privilege she has over lesbians in order to hurt them. If this isn’t what you mean, then I’m not sure how a single person would have the power on their own to hurt an entire group of people. There needs to be a structure already in place that they are contributing to and reinforcing by virtue of their being in a position to do so. Lesbophobia is the combination of misogyny and homophobia that is experienced by homosexual women (similarly, sapphobia is the combination of misogyny and biphobia, transmisogyny with transphobia, and misogynoir with anti-black racism). Heterosexual women can be lesbophobic even though they don’t have male privilege, because they have heterosexual privilege. Homosexual men can be lesbophobic even though they don’t have heterosexual privilege because they have male privilege. Similarly, bisexual men can be lesbophobic because they have male privilege even if they don’t have heterosexual privilege. Bisexual women, however, have neither male privilege nor heterosexual privilege, so there must be another privilege at play here in order for them to be lesbophobic.

So, what is the difference between lesbians and bisexual women that gives one privilege over the other? If I assume lesbian to mean a woman who is only attracted to women, then there are two differences to investigate: the gender of people who they are attracted to (women), and the number of genders they are attracted to (one). Let’s start with looking at genders bisexual women are attracted to. Bisexual women may or may not be attracted to women, so not being attracted to women cannot be what gives them privilege as a group over lesbians. “Not attracted to women privilege” would also give gay men privilege over straight men, which isn’t reflected in the way society is structured, so that wouldn’t make much sense anyway. Bisexual women may or may not be attracted to men, so being attracted to men cannot be what gives them privilege as a group over lesbians. “Attracted to men” privilege would again give gay men privilege over straight men, as well. Bisexual women may or may not be attracted to people of nonbinary genders, so being attracted to nonbinary genders cannot be what gives them privilege as a group over lesbians. “Attracted to nonbinary genders” privilege would also give bisexual people privilege over heterosexual people, which again is not reflected in society. A final option might be “attracted to opposite gender” privilege, but that not only is a pretty cissexist view of things, it also ignores the fact that bisexual people may or may not be attracted to the “opposite” gender, even if they are themselves binary, and we’d still need evidence that this is a privilege that both bisexual and heterosexual people share over gays and lesbians, but more on that later.

Okay, so we’ve gone through all the differences in the gender of people bisexual women can be attracted to and it doesn’t seem like being or not being attracted to a certain gender is the important difference between them and lesbians. This means that what’s important must be the fact that lesbians like only one gender, while bisexual women like more than one gender. In other words, people who like more than one gender must have privilege over all people who like only one gender. But this again ends up with bisexual people having privilege over heterosexual people, which isn’t the case, so that can be it.

The only possible option left that I can think of, then, is that people who like more than one gender have privilege specifically over people who only like the same gender as themselves. This becomes really odd, because it’s not that they like more than one gender that gives them privilege, but the fact that they don’t only like the same gender that gives them privilege. So bi and hetero people both would share a “not liking only the same gender” privilege, whether its because they don’t like the same gender at all, or because they like the same gender as well as at least one other. Okay, so now we need evidence of this privilege. We need to show how society is structured in a way that treats not liking only the same gender as a norm in a way that privileges both bisexual and heterosexual people, and is distinct from heterosexism. If you can do that, then okay, I guess a bisexual woman can indeed be lesbophobic.

Until I see that evidence, however, I am going to base my view of the world on the currently available evidence which shows that bisexual people are actually at a disadvantage due to their attraction to more than one gender. I am going to look at how society is structured completely around the idea that people are only supposed to like one gender, and how anyone who doesn’t is stereotyped and discriminated against — in ways that are distinct from what they also might get due to any attraction they may have to people of their same gender — by both hetero and homosexual people. I am going to look at the statistics that show patterns of violence toward bisexual people which affects their health and welfare in ways that cannot be explained away simply due to their similarities with homosexual people. And I am going to use this evidence to come to the conclusion that, actually, it makes much more sense to say that bisexual people are oppressed in ways that homosexual people are not, rather than the other way around.

There are basically three possibilities here (if you ignore the ridiculous example of “not only attracted to the same gender” privilege):

  1. Bisexual people have privilege over monosexual people.
  2. Monosexual people have privilege over bisexual people.
  3. Neither bisexual or monosexual people have privilege over each other and heterosexism is the sole cause of both homosexual and bisexual oppression.

The only option where it’s possible for bidyke, a bisexual woman, to have privilege over lesbians is the first one, which is absurd. The second one would mean that you’re claiming a bisexual woman is in a position of power over monosexual women while simultaneously being oppressed by them, which is impossible. The third option means that we’re both wrong and bidyke is not in a position to cause harm to lesbians, but neither are they in a position to harm her. In this last case she could, however, still be dealing with internalized sexism and heterosexism, but that would mean that she’s hurting herself as much as anyone else, and this would also not explain the statistics or lived experiences of bisexual people. So, which is it?

"But bi people do face a lot of shit, and not just from straight people"

WE KNOW. I promise you, we are aware.

It’s called biphobia. Bigotry. Horizontal Aggression.

NOT “monosexism”

Gay people do not hold any power with which to oppress mga (mutli-gender-attracted) people, whereas straight people do. THAT is the difference between straight people being biphobic, and gay people being biphobic. THAT is why “monosexism” is a flawed concept.

It is not that hard to figure out.

You’re just ignoring us because you don’t really care about gay people at all.

in the slur of urban outfitters being offensive yet again, they also hire really rude people, as when i walked inside their store holding hands with my girlfriend, the lady nearest to the door glared and didn’t greet us as she did everyone else who walked in. she then proceeded to watch us through most of the store (maybe because we’re both poc as well? idk)

of course, i dont condone any form of abuse towards workers, its definitely not their fault; they just need money, but i guess shitty companies hire workers comfortable with their horribly offensive antics.