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You always notice me putting this cats every time I post or message someone I use this as my emoticons OKAY? I know it’s annoying but Omfg I want it to share this to all of you how annoying I am LOL and Someone requested me to post all my collections though so here look at how adorable they are. this is always updated if I saw something new.



Ev’rybody wants to be a Homocat is a video I created from youtube remixes and the film, Aristocats. This video was projected during my performance, Ev’rybody where I and another performer, Jane Claire were dressed as cats on stage during the event, Pussypop Catwalk at Black Whiskey. On stage, Jane and I would have playful interactions in between dances. The message of this song that I created was that no matter your sexual preference we can all dance to the same beat. This event was in collaboration with the gallery, Transformer who had a show up called, Homocats. This performance event was also reviewed in the Washington Post Style section. It was an incredible mix of fashion and spectacle. To see some images from the art show and the artist’s work then please follow the link.

Homocats: Fight the Power

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I am in love with your queue tag

every time my queue posts something i get a few messages like this and i love getting them!! but i feel like responding with the same homocat gif over and over again is getting a lil old so i’m not gonna respond to these anymore (but thank you though)