Mirror’s Edge Scenery: I got this game for really cheap this weekend and was really happy about it until I realized just how bad at it I really was. My level of suck was as if my innards had suddenly imploded into a vast black hole into which all matter began to be absorbed I sucked that much

At least it’s pretty…:c

5sos Preference | Baby Bump (Daddy 5sos Series lll)

i luv babies smh i want 20.4 billion„,

daddy 5sos series 1 / daddy 5sos series 2 


“She keeps kicking” you laugh lightly, sitting up on the couch as you hold Luke’s hand. “Yeah?” he asks, gently rubbing his hand over your swollen stomach as he pulls your body closer against his. “Yeah” you chuckle, “guess she can’t sleep” you finish. “Hm…” he pauses, a smile crossing his face before he kneels down in front of you. “Can’t sleep my mini-princess?” he whispers, his eyes focused on your stomach as he attempted to speak to the baby inside your belly. He waits for a moment before softly singing the lyrics to “A Drop in the Ocean” as he softly caresses your stomach, a warm smile crossing your face as you look down at your smiling boyfriend.


 “Ashton!” you shout, standing completely still where you were standing in the kitchen. “What is it? Are you okay?” he says worriedly, rushing into the room as fast as possible. “Come here” you urge, motioning him to step closer to you. “What is it babe?” he chuckles, cocking his right eyebrow upwards. You simply grab his hands, placing them both on your stomach. You wait a few seconds, feeling the baby kick once again and a large smile spreads across Ashton’s face. “Oh my god” he whispers, looking up at you in shock and happiness as if he couldn’t believe it was happening. “I know” you chuckle, your reaction similar to when the baby first kicked only minutes ago. “This is crazy, I’m so excited” he smiles, gently kissing your forehead.


"I can’t believe a whole baby can fit in your small stomach" Michael whispers as he spooned you, his hands resting and tracing small shapes around your still-not-huge stomach. "Well I’m only three months along Michael, the baby isn’t very big yet" you chuckle. "I know, it’s still kinda weird to think you’re growing a human in you" he laughs, placing a gentle kiss to the delicate skin on your neck. "I know, it’s weird to think I’m going to have to push that little human out of me soon too" you groan. "You’ll make it through, you can squeeze my hand" Michael hums. "Thanks, that’ll really help" you laugh, rolling your eyes as you cuddle more against him.


"Everything hurts" you pout as you lay back under the warm blankets on your bed. "I’m sorry baby" Calum frowns, pulling you into his arms the best he could. "It’s not your fault" you sigh, pausing for a second, "well it kind of is" you smirk, burying your head in the crook of his neck. He laughs softly, slipping his hands under the back of your shirt to gently rub your back, humming softly to the beat of a slower song. Eventually you fall asleep, his hand still gently touching your back as he keeps you close to him.