i just imagine myself somewhere else, im tired tired so fucking tired of this place and these peoples . i want to move to a place where it rains often but still shines and has a night life where i can go crazy and have a good time with real friends, have a job that iw ould love to go to everyday (but not on the weekends of course!) i want a city or even maybe a secluded island im not sure but im just TIRED of here

this summer I went to camp and it was marvelous, and one day we walked around with a red tea bag from the cafeteria that we stole and wet it. Then paraded around camp telling all the boys that ‘this tampon smells weird’ then I would simply take the bag from there hands and lick it and say it tasted weird and maybe I shouldn’t share this many things with the internet.

omg this guy is so annoying, 1. leave me alone 2. youre annoying 3. you are literally so sensitive , and needy go away. 4) ew why am i so mean, wait this is my blog idc. it helps to write down your feelings…im just going to leave this here.