waiT SO DAVE IS ON HIS WAY TO LOFAF AND HE’S GOING TO BE PISSED AS HELL WHEN HE FINDS OUT ABOUT JADE’S DEATH because let’s face it all of the beta kids and trolls are going to flip their shit. jade was like that one character that kept everyone together. i don’t even want to think about what john is going to do holy shit but that’s a theory for another post. but keep in mind thAT DIRK IS STILL ON HIS WAY OUT OF THE OUTER RING!! WHAT IF HE ARRIVES AROUND THE SAME TIME DAVE AND ROSE DO and john will probably zap in if this is the case AND THEN MOST/ALL OF THE KIDS WILL BE IN THE SAME PLACE FOR THE FIRST TIME AND EVERYONE IS GOING TO FLIP OUT AND GO CRAZY AND HOLY SHIT I HOPE THIS HAPPENS BUT ALSO I DON’T BECAUSE I THINK THAT WOULD HURT REALLY BAD BECAUSE JADE IS DEAD AND I DOn”T THINK I CAN HANDLE THAT


anonymous asked:

what are the songs on your autoplay?

woah, hi! ahh, they’re all from the various official homestuck soundtracks—let’s see if i remember them correctly…

  1. three in the morning (pianokind) - homestuck
  2. mother (piano) [bonus] - erik “jit” scheele
  3. flare - homestuck
  4. serenade - homestuck
  5. savior of the waking world - homestuck

yep! hope that helps! thanks for stopping by!