A guide to possible patterns in the designs of tricksters! I have very little evidence for all this, but it could be correct, and it does look nice! I have covered anything that you may want to know, except for a few things that may not be needed or are painfully obvious.

This is my first visual guide, so it’s a bit sloppy! Sorry.

Google Chrome has this nifty app where you can make your own chrome themes, so I decided to make a few with my patterns for you guys to use!

[ Trickster Roxy ]

[ Dirk Strider ] 

[ Dave Strider ]

[ Heart Aspect ] 

[ Space Aspect ] 

[ Derse ]

You can make them yourself with any of my patterns or any other image you might want to use. It’s really cool. If you make any using my patterns, feel free to share them! Just tag the post with #cairovercoat. (Because I am super enthusiastic about this and I want to see what people are doing, haha.)

IMPORTANT: There are a few things you have to do in order to get my pixel patterns to tile correctly. After you upload the image, click “adjust position” and then “tile Image”. Exit out of the menu. THEN, go to “image effects”, scroll down, and click “posterized”! If you don’t posterize the image, it will come out blurry. After that, pick the colors for the tabs and toolbars, and download your new theme!

Homestuck Roleplaying/Fanfic Writer's Tool: Troll Vocabulary

Homestuck Troll Vocabulary Resource

The following troll terms are organized by topic and alphabetized within each category. Please excuse my contrived grouping system. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, try CTRL+F.

There’s a lot of interpretation involved in this sort of project. The material below represents my best guess, which may not agree with the standard or popular understanding of these terms.


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25+ Tips on Making a Fanventure

Hello! I created this post to help my fellow fanventure writers. I do not claim to be an expert fanventure writer, but I hope you find worth reading. [Note: This is most probably unfinished! I will be going back to this post to make changes and add things, so stay tuned!]

  1. Have fun. Writing a fanventure is for you to be able to express yourself as well as to reach out to your readers. If you are not having fun making your fanventure, you should not be making one at all.

  2. Stay motivated. Your readers may find it a bit inconvenient if you update your fanventure every once in a blue moon.

  3. Have an even number of players. This makes it easy to incorporate the traditional “==>” symbol in your story. For example, if your session has six players, it would have “===>”, while a five-player session would have “==->”. Which seems easier?

  4. Try to stick to the traditional player number. The kids have four, the trolls have twelve, the cherubs have two.

  5. Make the number of squares in the Sburb symbol correspond to the number of players, but also make it aesthetically pleasing. Going back to my six-player example, don’t stack the squares underneath the bottom. Try putting them at the sides, in between the top and bottom squares (sort of the like the trolls’ Sburb symbol, but smaller).

  6. Try coming up with your own suffix for Sburb. After all, there’s the entire Greek alphabet. If you really want to be creative, find a letter that rhymes with “beta” or “alpha”.

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Some rips of computers for anybody who needs it…First rips, so please excuse the fact that I got lazy and didn’t clean up anything but the troll computers and husktops.

All the troll items have been grayed out for you to colour.

And without the transparent background.

I’ll also post some hive resources soon. Any requests? Any characters you want reviewed?

Oh look, it’s a gigantic pack of alpha kid ships! Use them well, my brethren.

IMPORTANT: If you decide to use one of my patterns, credit me. That’s all I’m asking and I hope you’ll respect that.

~Download [x]

here is the masterlist of patterns I’ve made there are a ton ok over 500

here is my pixel pattern tag which has even more yup

Alright, time for Set 3: Alternate Costumes: Kid Edition!

(tumblr shrunk the images slightly)

(blue background so they can more easily be seen due to their unnaturally fair complexions)

Set One | Set Two | Set Three (*) | Set Four

This set contains as many of the alternate costumes I could remember for each of the kids, including a hood-up version of each God Tier. (Not going to lie it took me a week to get these all sprited XD)

 .zip download of all the sets with all the sprites

Feel free to use or edit any you wish! Credit would be appreciated.

Individual sprites (Normal and Double sized) Under the cut!

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