Homestuck Meetup!

What Day?:

July 18-19th, 2014.

What time?:

Friday- 3:00(?)-8:00 Saturday: 2:00- Whenever.


Woodstock Park

Atlanta, GA 30188. ‘Murica. Downtown Woodstock

101 Arnold Mill Road

 Woodstock, GA 30188

Cosplay policy?

Wear your grey makeup and horns if you want! Bring friends, seal your makeup and bring a camera!

Please please please make sure to keep track of your things! THROW AWAY ALL TRASH!

What the frick frack are we gonna be doin, Karkat?

Well, We’re going to meetup in the park, and we’re going to have a big ass picnic. Bring a basket, bag, cooler whatever! Be sure to bring blankets and such as well be lounging possibly after a few photoshoots, shipping shoots and some games man. Meaning bring twister and some pocky bros.

Can I bring friends, oh mighty Vantas?

Hecka yes. Friends are encouraged, as the more weirdos, the better my dear children. All ages are welcome, by the way, meaning if you’re 7 or 70 and you like homestuck, you better come bros.

Yo, Karkat. Who’s hosting this?

Actually, I’m only 13 guys. But I know whats up and hecka yes, I do need you to respect me and the park rules. Ill post those in a few, But seriously. When you get there, please don’t take this park for granted. Seeing as it’s a free park and we’ve no need to reserve it, there will be regular humans there walking by both days. The names Ashton by the way, and My tumblr is KarkittenVantasexy.

Do I have to be only in Homestuck cosplay?

No way! You can totally be anyone you wanna be, or come out of cosplay. That goes for your friends, too. Think of it as a mini con, with mostly homestucks!

Hey is there gonna be music?

If you bring music, that’s totes cool. We can all rock out man. Keep it not to loud though.

KK lay down the rules man.

Park Rules? Here you go :

City of Woodstock

Park / Gazebo Reservation Guidelines

•             The City Park is a public place, and as such, remains open to the citizens. You may not bar anyone from using the City Park while you occupy the gazebo.

•             City Park hours of operation are 6am to 11pm. ( No exceptions)

•             Alcoholic beverages are PROHIBITED in the City Park.

•             No loud music may be played, such that it violates the City’s Noise Ordinance.

•             Sitting on the rails of the Gazebo and/or sitting/standing around the fountain wall is prohibited.  Horseplay in the Park is prohibited.  Dismantling of the Gazebo in any way is prohibited.

•             The City of Woodstock reserves the right to cancel any scheduled activity in the City Park/Gazebo.

•             The City Park/Gazebo must be restored to its original state prior to occupancy.  All decorations must be removed before leaving the premises.  No staples or nails allowed on the Gazebo.

•             Responsible Parties/Organizations conducting Festivities at the City Park/ Gazebo must have sufficient number of adults present to supervise all scheduled activities from the time participants arrive until each participant has left the premises.


•             Instruct your guests to use the public parking areas behind Woodstock Community Church and

Woodstock United Methodist Church.  Please be considerate of the merchants near the park.

•             Responsible Parties/Organizations are responsible for providing and removing trash dumpsters.  No City staff will be provided to pick up trash or empty trash cans. It is the renter’s responsibility to leave the Park in the same condition it was found.


Follow these rules. Be respectful of the park and people around, and of anyone who comes and tells us to be quiet or to leave if we violate these.

Have fun, Guys! Ill see you at the meetup!

Contact me at

Join your fellow Southwest Florida Homestucks for a meet-up in the park to celebrate Friendship Day (Moirail Day). There will be games and fun activities, cosplay, interactions, and overall fun. The nearby Fisherman’s Village is within walking distance for food purposes, with a game room in the Harpoon Harry’s restaurant.

Date: Sunday, August 4th (Friendship Day).

Time: 11:00 - 5:00 p.m. (or whenever you wish to leave).

Location: Gilchrist Park, 400 W. Retta Esplanade, Punta Gorda, FL 33950 (MapQuest directions can be provided if needed).


  • Cosplay is allowed, but body paint is optional, as it will most likely end up becoming uncomfortable throughout the day - it is your choice.
  • Large props are welcome, just not within the restaurant - especially large weapon props as it may appear hostile.
  • The park is public, so be attentive to others who may be there as well. If there are children around, be careful with profanity and do not be overly violent in displays of FLARPING (which is expected to happen one way or another).
  • You may bring your own lunches if you do not wish to buy food - bring a picnic basket and a blanket if you want! Feel free to bring anything you think necessary - the parking lot is within walking distance, so you don’t need to worry about carrying your stuff around everywhere.
  • Last but not least, have fun! Bring your friends, your moirails, your kismesis, your matesprits.. Everyone is welcome <3

Feel free to ask any questions you may have!


I am holding ANOTHER meet up I mean damn guys! For the south Jersey or and JERSEY area we will be going to the DEPTFORD SKATING & FUN CENTER in DEPTFORD NJ Look here’s a site for it too! :

We will be going SATURDAY APRIL 13TH 2013 At 3 PM to 7 PM and there IS a MALL near it if you wish to go scavange afterwards! Read below the cut for more!

Read More



Unfortunately we had to cancel the event tomorrow at onondaga park due to scheduling issues. We are really really sorry for any inconvenience we may have caused :( We really want to make this happen and will be planning something in the future when we have more time. If any of you guys still wanted to meet up there by all means go have some fun :) Again we are so sorry and are grateful to the people who had planned to take time out of their day to attend <3

Yo homestucks in the east bay check this

So my moisprit and I are going to Kennedy Park, Hayward, to tag everything with chalk. We will be closet cosplaying Fem!John and Karkat him as Karkat and me as John. If you manage to find us you can have cookies, honey roasted peanuts and chips. If not, follow the chalk~! Most of it will be doodles but some of it will be arrows and stuff!! Goodluck! oh and this is what he looks like.


Thank you to the few people who attended our meet-up on Sunday, August 4th. Although there were few, it was fun. We are currently in the process of planning our next meet-up and would like people’s input on the time. We have decided that the Bowland Center will be our location, but it is up to you as to the time we will have the event! If you are considering going, please fill out our brief survey here and let us know which day and time will be our best choice. If you don’t fill out the survey, then there is no way of knowing when people are available!