she’s always had heiresses charge at her in the same patterns, shark-stalking, lanternfish-lures, dolphin-quick or mantis shrimp-style
she learned all the defenses and attacks of the sea creatures eons before their eggs even hatched, before they even breathed pure sea
as if these guppies would stand a chance against a creature with real fangs

she’s learned from her friends, this one
that move wasn’t sharklike, more green than tyrian, and the condesce hisses as claws score over her chitin for the first time in a thousand years
her attack is blocked with a purely blue defense, and followed with the brown-favored kick of a cavalreaper trainee
it sets her teeth on edge, so perfect and wrong, the way those movements all seem to blend into one another, and she finds herself falling further back into the defensive–

what was it that mutant said?

I see a circle.


DAVE: i mean not literally wrestle to the ground because that is maybe literally the gayest course of action we could possibly take but you know what i mean

uh u huhhh one of my oldest headcanons is dirk and jake wrestling in the weirdest moments so- 8^)