The signs asleep
  • Aries:You've never seen one sleep. This is how they want it to be.
  • Taurus:Sleeps best in blanket forts
  • Gemini:Consider sleep to be for the weak
  • Cancer:Slowly octopuses around everything in the vicinity
  • Leo:Either unwakeable, or awakened by the slightest sound
  • Virgo:Looks, but is probably not dead
  • Libra:50/50 chance they're faking and are awake
  • Scorpio:Can fall asleep instantly
  • Sagittarius:Can wake up instantly, thread carefully
  • Capricorn:Sleeps in the weirdest places
  • Aquarius:Sleeps like a log through all alarms
  • Pisces:Hogs all tthe blankets
looking for some blogs to follow yo

my dash has been getting a bit boring lately, so if you post any of the following:

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  • haikyuu!! 
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  • homestuck
  • memes (but like the good memes, ya know)

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i need blogs to follow pls i have really low standards

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Pictures of lamps
Pictures of desks and paperwork

If you talk in tags and have side commentary on them thats nice too

Dank Memes and funny posts of any medium

alpha/beta troll based asks, reblog if you want some
  • Karkat:Do you have any major insecurities based on your looks or genetics?
  • Kankri:Were you ever friends with someone who was really judgmental or hypocritical?
  • Terezi:Have you ever felt inferior to someone?
  • Latula:Do you put on a mask so people will like you?
  • Aradia:Have you ever felt like something is hopeless?
  • Damara:Have you ever been cheated on?
  • Tavros:Do you currently have low self-esteem?
  • Rufioh:Do you feel uncomfortable when people show you romantic gestures of affection?
  • Kanaya:Do you feel obligated to help people?
  • Porrim:Are you seen as the mother figure of your group of friends?
  • Nepeta:What are your OTPs?
  • Meulin:Do you ship the person you reblogged this from with anyone? :p
  • Equius:Do you have any guilty pleasures?
  • Horuss:Are your friends usually creeped out by you?
  • Sollux:Do you switch from mad to calm easily?
  • Mituna:Do you apologize a lot when you feel you've done something wrong?
  • Feferi:Are you a cheerful person?
  • Meenah:Do you speak formally or do you use slang?
  • Eridan:Do you demand respect when you're talking to someone?
  • Cronus:Are you a flirty/friendly person?
  • Gamzee:Are you easy going?
  • Kurloz:Are you faithful to your beliefs?
  • Vriska:Do you want people to notice you/your good deeds?
  • Aranea:Do you feel underappreciated by your group of friends?