This panel is so important.

Callie had spent this entire time wishing she could be alive with roxy and her friends. She wished she could be powerful enough to overcome her brother.

Now she’s seen what she could have been, but she’s also realized that what she wants to be is wrong. She’s finally starting to love herself and her flaws, and understand that the calliope that she is is perfect.

So she’s doing what god tier calliope is telling her to do. She’s finally going to live.


(The last one says *softly* don’t, just in case my writing is to sloppy to read)
We so I saw you made a post about pocket sized Gamzee, and I wanted to draw him in a pumpkin, but my art skills aren’t as good as I thought they were so I drew you a cup sized Terezi, Gamzee, and Karkat to make up for it (sorry you can’t actually see them.) :D sorry I couldn’t do it on the computer to clean it up and stuff but I hope you like anyway ouo/ have a nice day

they are small……….so small…..

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Despite my name, I love Rufioh and Rufio.

well, i decided to follow you… 

love your homestuck posts… i need a little more homestuck on my dash!

For Real Justice Blogs

So after seeing that there are a bunch of sonic-for-real-justice imitations, I decided to compile a list of (at least some of) them. Feel free to add on more!!

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i used to lie to everyone about my interests and try and change myself for everyone else. not from anyone elses request but i was always instantly knew nobody would like me if i was Truely my self. god this is a gay post, but like the honest truth. i love furbies and video games and soft colors and im uwu but i like knives and animals and biology. i love terrible graphics and edgy sweet things. i love tamagotchis and being nice to my friends. i feel so good about myself, love myself. i love neopets and homestuck and i love MYSELF!!!!!!!