homestuck alpha kids


Alright, this is Homestuck Sunday Photoshoot at Zenkaikon 2015!!! Part 1. *Ahem* A Young boy….Nevermind we all get the gist of it, anyways. First set of pictures at the top are the Beta Kids consisting of John Egbert, Rose Lalonde, Jade Harley, and Dave Strider. Next, I got a picture of the Alpha Kids which are Dirk Strider, Roxy Lalonde, and Jake English (no Janes at this shoot). Moving on to the trolls!! Now I did not take a picture of the Beta Trolls because I was cosplaying karkat, so sorry! Anyways, first set of trolls are the Alpha Trolls!! (sorry this time not listing the names). Next are the Ancestor trolls and finally we have Snowman, Calliope and Calliborn, Spidermom, and Ms.Paint!! 

*blinds you with over-saturated striders*

i was bored and i was trying to think of something to do and i said “i’m going to draw the trolls with my eyes closed.” 

so i did. i present to you, everyone’s favorite quirky alien characters,

a rather mediocre

tadpoles niceman

socks captain

kart vandalism

neep leep

kanoodle maryham

trapeze pizza

vigorous sex

esqueeze zebra

gamzee makara

erect amplifier

feather popsicle

I met this Dirk, asked if I could take a picture with him, I did, then I asked if he shipped stridercest and if I could take a somewhat compromising picture with him. He then grabs me, dips me, and kisses me. You can’t understand how happy this makes me.


I hate goodbyes

with friends made and things discovered, Homestuck did a lot for me, you know? It really helped shape exactly who I am, and taught me things about life and friendship and hardship and myself. So I thought I’d make this as a sendoff to those characters that were always there even when it was hard for me. Thank you. Thank you all.

EDIT 10/19/13

At 8000 notes and growing I made an edit to make the characterizations and quirks more accurate, and increased the length of several of the messages! Help and feedback via cool cat Amy! (AKA tumblr user apatheticallypink)

And thank you all for the 8k+ notes! I never expected this. Y’all are super cool people!