i should have just left it as it the sketch was better

Welp, my concept/design for UU/the 13th troll/The Troll Empress

Don’t have an idea for her given name, but her online name is ubiquitousUsurper. Her lusus is a hydra because they’re awesome and not all of the trolls with specific animals in the zodiac have them as their lusus (like Feferi’s eldritch horror or Aradia’s kangaroo ram thing)

Some headcanon:

  • Royals in Alternia only ascend to the throne when they manage to kill the previous ruler. To ascend when the precursor dies of natural causes is said to be a sign of weakness in a ruler. (They are a bloodthirsty people after all)
  • UU here is especially ruthless, so she ascended several solar sweeps sooner than most rulers.
  • Royals tend to have longer hair for no apparent reason, mostly tradition. UU dislikes it since it gets in the way of fighting, but she is too proud of her land and its traditions to cut it short.
  • Most rulers are the kind who actually do things like fight in wars.