"I was told that the way I dressed and moved my body was causing men to think inappropriately about me, implying that it is my responsibility to control other people’s thoughts and drives." — Clare.

With all the talk of the ‘Christian’ world’s incredibly creepy purity balls, in which fathers “marry” their daughters in order to take charge of their hymens–which also produce some ‘Why-Don’t-You-Take-A-Seat-Over-There“-caliber photo opportunities–it’s really not surprising that a bunch of old men at a Christian prom just can’t control themselves when confronted with the sweet, sweet booty of a seventeen-year-old attendee.

Hannah Ettinger at Wine and Marble reported that her sister Clare, who was wearing dress code-appropriate clothing to the Richmond Homeschool Prom, was kicked out because some middle-aged dads couldn’t stop ogling her from a balcony.

Liam’s response to selling the first copy of his first zine:

Me: Oh Liam, someone bought your zine!

Liam: What?! Now I won’t have it anymore?!

Me: Oh, no Liam. We’re just going to send them a copy of it. 

Liam: But then they’ll have it and not me?

Me: No baby, we made a bunch of copies of it to share with other people, and you get to keep the original one that you made. Understand?

Liam: Okay. What was their name?

Me: The person that bought your zine?

Liam: Yes. 

Me: Ashley.

Liam: Ashley? Where do they live?

Me: Idaho.

Liam: Oh. What is her Dad’s name?

Me: I don’t know. 

Liam: What is the name of the other guy?

Me: The other person that bought your zine?

Liam: Yes.

Me: Well, no one else has bought one yet. 

Liam: WHAT?! But this is my whole world! It’s my whole country! It’s everything I can see!

Me: Well don’t worry, I’m sure someone else will buy a copy tomorrow. So how about this: Every time you sell a zine, I will give you $2. And you can do whatever you want with that money. Okay?

Liam: I am going to buy chocolate. And spinach. And then I will have chocolate spinach. You’ve never tasted anything like that before! It’s like … It’s like oregano water with salt! It’s so good!

Me: Well, that sounds interesting. So, you’re sure you’re okay with us sending out copies of your zine if you get to keep the original one that you made?

Liam: Yes. What does R2D2 talk like? Can you make that sound for me?

And there you have it! Liam’s zine, Big Diamond, is now available at the Pioneers Press website. Full disclosure: If you buy a copy, he will use the money to make chocolate spinach. 

blackandgoldkeywork said:

As a Christian, I'm opposed to parents homeschooling their kids or sending them to Christian school. I graduated 5 years ago and in that time I've noticed the Christians who went to Public School are well rounded and educated when it comes to interacting with non-Christians. The homeschoolers tend to be more verbally abusive and don't know how to have rational conversations. And the kids who when to Christian schools are more likely to be partiers and/or nonbelievers. That's my two cents.

Crazy homeschoolers. Don’t know how to talk to people. They probably don’t even know what a tumblr is. Rock-polishing tumblr maybe. 

“I’m a homeschooler(and a guy.) But I relate to the Little Mermaid so much. I love homeschooling, and I’m confident in my education, ( I have to send all my work to the company and they grade it.) But sometimes I wonder how it would to go to a regular school, to have more friends, be on a team, and experience everything that comes with public school, but I know I wouldn’t like it as much.”


Big Diamond is back from the print shop and now available on the Pioneers Press site.

Big Diamond is 3 year old Liam Ira Christian’s debut photo zine! He takes the photos, does the cut ‘n’ gluestick layouts, and writes (well, dictates) the hilarious/weird/brilliant/amazing captions. At 28 pages, and full of the people in his life, this zine is a lovable, inspiring piece of one little dude’s soul. (Big Diamond #1 also has an interview with Liam about his artistic process.) When we asked Liam what he’s going to do with the money he makes from his zine he said, “I’m going to buy a LOT of spinach.” 

Liam finished his first zine last night! It’s called “Big Diamond" and it’s a collection of his photos with descriptions. There’s also a short interview with Liam in the back. Adam is taking it to the print shop RIGHT NOW, so as soon as Liam is done stapling them, they’ll be available on the Pioneers Press website. Congrats to Liam on his finishing his first zine!

This is my actual high school diploma. I shit you not. I was homeschooled and my parents said I could design my own diploma so I made this one.

The only annoying part was that they made me change “school” to “academy” for no good reason and then they made me change “of Witchcraft and Wizardry” to “for the Gifted and Talented” because that particular homeschool group was run by Christian fundamentalists.

And that is the story of how I went to Hogwarts for high school.


I noticed that the kids eat really well when I just allow them to graze all day in the garden, but when we’re stuck indoors, they don’t want to eat anything except peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or toast with Earth Balance. So I started nonchalantly leaving bowls of fruit and vegetables around the kids’ play spaces, and now they eat the good stuff all day long! I also leave out a bowl for “food trash” so they can discard stems or “yucky bites” and then I share that with the chickens. So stoked this is working!  

Here are the boys enjoying some veg and Winnie the Pooh while I scrambled to meet a deadline. And since I’m sharing food pics anyway, here was my lunch this afternoon. All the vegetables are from our farm and the bread is from a local bakery. This is the first time I’ve intentionally eaten cucumber on a sandwich, and it was so good. I’m not nearly as into eating vegetables as the boys, but I’m learning to love it.