Broken Records - ‘So Long, So Late’ [JSharp]

Broken Records – ‘So Long, So Late’ [JSharp]

Following a successful release of their third album Weights and Pulleys, from September 15 you can get your hands on their new single ‘So Long, So Late’, the track record and after performing at high caliber events such as Glastonbury there are high expectations of this release, what you can expect is evidence of musical professionalism.

You wouldn’t know the band consists of six artists, the…

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Las Vegas Monorail Homepage Redesign Concept

In response to the second community challenge hosted on the /r/web_design subreddit over at, I took on the task of redesigning the homepage for the Las Vegas Monorail website.

The specific goal of the challenge was to create a newer responsive homepage that would communicate the following points about the business:

  • LVM is faster and cheaper than taking a taxi
  • LVM is faster than walking up and down the strip
  • LVM is great for all ages
  • LVM becomes a party train at night

The current LVM website, as pictured below, has a dated design that fails to scale responsivly for mobiles.

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