Happy birthday Harold Clayton Lloyd, April 20, 1893.

He was very humble, he was very kind. He was very intrigued about anybody, very intrigued about life and enjoyed life. He was always seeking knowledge, whether it was from a word game, or mathematics or the photography. He loved 3-D photography. He took over 300,000 3-D photographs. Whether it was mastering paints, he came up with the secondary complimentary colors in oil paints; he was kind of a Renaissance man he was always pursuing a new goal or interest. And he always wanted to be on top of it. He bowled two 300 games in tournament play. He was always very competitive. But he was always very open for you to go talk to him, about a problem or anything. He was good with kids; he was great with my friends. He wasn’t snobby, he wasn’t nasty, he wasn’t full of himself. I can’t say he wasn’t temperamental, he didn’t like losing at cards.

Suzanne Lloyd

I was just watching old videos of my uncle’s wedding in the 80s. It seemed like an interesting era that I feel unfortunate to not have been a part of. There was also one video of my uncle filming his wife’s facial features himself. She was so beautiful, and just from the way he was filming her expressions, movement and childish voice, you could tell he was filled with love and utter infatuation for her. I am told that I’m usually some what of a hard ass when it comes to cheesiness and over exaggerated displays of affection, but this one really got to me. It warms my heart to see such pure love, free of any judgement or manipulation. It was the only lovely type of corny.

anonymous said:

Who owned those cute dogs appeared in AR? Spencer seemed very devoted to them, such a dog-person! Were they the same ones which appeared in the tracys homemovie of 50's? I think i saw them petted by susie in ST legacy. I also wonder if the dogs were related to the bogards dog.

There weren’t any dogs in the ST legacy, no. Related? Uh, no. :) Anyway, they were apparently Spence’s dogs, but I guess died or whatever happened to them and then Lobo came around which was his dog and then his and Kate’s in the 60s.

anonymous said:

the first screen-cap from your post about watching lady bird's homemovies which video was that from?

the one with lady bird and he’s making the face? it’s from video #21- The Johnsons visit West Ranch in 1950

it’s one of my favorites bc he’s so cute with the girls


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