The Beast, Contact Prints on Flickr.

The contact prints from the first outing of the beast, my badly made 16”x20” camera.

The one on the left was over cooked Kentmere paper made earlier in the day rated at ISO3, which was a mistake, and the one on the right is Xray film rated ISO100 near dark early evening.

I’m still unsure if during the day the camera is light tight enough but when the sun is fading it’s just fine.

Now I need to reeboot my portrait project nad/or take it out in the field late evenings but I really need an assistant as it’s bloody heavy.

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#DarkSlide finetuned!
#homemadecamera #ultralargeformat #believeinfilm #filmphotography


Lens testing.
#filmphotography #believeinfilm #homemadecamera


Making photos is great fun, it really is.
#believeinfilm #filmphotography #ultralargeformat #homemadecamera

Focusing distances. The notch on the left is te minimum distance, around 1m, and the both on the right is infinity. Pretty small distance scale!