hey guys, so recently my friend emailed my entire school about this fundraiser she started for helping homeless women on their periods. her goal is to gather up enough money to be able to distribute appropriate products for feminine hygiene during that time of the month - which you can understand how important that is, (especially when you’re out of tampons/pads when your period hits) ESPECIALLY for homeless women. considering the fact that feminine products are considered expensive by people who are lucky enough to have homes, imagine how difficult it is for these women. no pressure to donate, but please try and spread this. thank you!


Love Activists receive support and food as their occupation continues in Liverpool

Liverpool, UK. 3rd May, 2015. During a demonstration by supporters of the occupation, food and drink is passed through railings to the activists remaining inside the former bank building. They have been occupying since April 18th, and have used the building to house homeless and street people, giving them shelter and food. The building previously had been empty for 11 years.

The police had installed barriers at the front of the building to create a ‘sterile zone’ to stop food and drink being pulled up by ropes and pullies. Supporters had gathered this afternoon, numbering over 100 people at times. A signal was made and many supporters rushed down a small alley to pass supplies through railings to supporters inside the occupation. This happened twice and the police were fairly helpless to stop. More images to follow.

Despite media attention from around the world - this protest hasn’t featured in the UK news - except in the Guardian yesterday - http://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2015/may/02/liverpool-police-accused-of-trying-to-starve-activists-out-of-occupied-bank

I’m a Liverpool freelance photographer covering this story - please don’t rip my work and get in touch via the jump for licencing and usage - thanks !


Homeless People Read Mean Tweets About Themselves To End Stereotypes

When celebrities read mean tweets about themselves, it’s funny. When homeless people do it, it’s heartbreaking.

In a powerful PSA by Canadian advocacy group Raising the Roof, people who are dealing with homelessness read actual tweets written about those living without stable shelter. See all of the emotional reactions here. 

Watch the full video here. 


#TheHomelessPeriod exposes the unique menstruation problem homeless women face 

The new campaign shines a light on homeless women who need assistance caring for their menstrual cycles. According to the Guardian, approximately 26% of people in the U.K. who receive “homelessness services” are female. But in most shelters, “sanitary ware or any kind of period ephemera is scarce,” Vice reported earlier this year. Three women have a plan to fix that.


Fort Lauderdale Police Officer Victor Ramirez slaps homeless man who wanted to use restroom.Talk to Fort Lauderdale Mayor Jack Seiler about it:

  • 954-828-5003
  • jack.seiler@fortlauderdale.gov

Video Shows Fort Lauderdale Cop Slapping Homeless Man Who Wanted to Use Restroom: “You’re Not Going to Pee!”

Updated post

I’m a 20 year old bedbound woman with a spinal injury, and I’ll be evicted from my subsidised flat on 22nd April 2015 for being disabled. If I become homeless, my life will be in danger due to complete inability to sit/walk. 

I must pay market rent ($190 to $365/week) and private home care ($175/week) for 6 months while waiting for public housing. I’m obligated to prove to a landlord that I have sufficient savings for the total costs, which currently exceed my bank balance by $4434.29 to $8984.29.

Additionally I need money for medical assessments to obtain a complete diagnosis by 28th April 2015 - the due date of my disability pension application. 

Links: GoFundMe & costs outline($5 minimum)| PayPal (no min.)| Image description | FAQs |

Please consider donating. Even small amounts will accumulate and will save my life.

Ruby Corado, the owner of a drop-in center in Washington, D.C. for LGBT people, is about to open a homeless shelter just for transgender youth. 

Casa Ruby, Corado’s first venture, has a specific focus on trans people. A trans woman of color herself, Corado has always wanted to serve trans youth in particular. Now, she’ll have room for up to a dozen people from ages 18-24.

“Here, you will not be hungry. You won’t be tired from a bad night of sleep,” Corado said, showing me the new, donated mattresses that arrived the day before. “You will be rested and full, and you will be ready to work on your future.”

About 15 times a month, a young person walks up the steps to her center.

“They found me on the Internet, and their parents just dropped them off and then turned around to drive back home,” she said. “They literally threw their children away.”

Everyone at Casa Ruby is a hugger. That frightened person who didn’t even wave goodbye to that car speeding away gets a hug from all the people at the office, nearly all of whom are transgender and former clients at Casa Ruby.

Corado will talk to the newest member of her growing family.

“You can’t change the past. You’re not responsible for what happened in the past,” she says. “But you are responsible for today.”

We cannot say enough how important this is. Ruby Corado is an actual hero.


Hello! This is Anijah, She’s my 8 year old niece and when she was 4 years old, my brother, her father, got deported to Venezuela. Her and her mother have been struggling with housing and a stable income ever since my brother left. They went from home to home living in a single room in other people’s houses and living in  the living room of my family’s mobile home. Their living experiences have been anything but pleasant. They rented a room briefly in a roach infested house where the woman renting out the room was abusive and mistreated my niece and her mother. Then they lived in a tiny room in someone’s apartment where they witnessed constant domestic violence. Finally they stayed in the back room of a church they attended. Anijah’s mother has been struggling with work for some time, even with her degree in criminal justice. She worked two jobs, one was a night shift at a factory and the other was tutoring children leaving her almost no time to be with Anijah. Recently she quit the night shift factory job and got a job as a secretary, so things are looking up for Anijah and her mother. Before now, they lived in our living room but a housing opportunity as opened up for them. There is a single family home in Fontana California that they are currently renting but the owner wants to travel and leave it but he has to leave it to a family, and if Anijah and her mom can come up with $100,00, then the home is pretty much theirs. What’s so special about this home and Anijah living in it is that this home needs A LOT of work and this is something Anijah and her mother will enjoy fixing together and would be giving them the feeling that it really is theirs.The home is beautiful and big and Anijah would finally be able to have her own room. This home is also close to Anijah’s elementary school and located in a cul de sac filled with children her age. This home is beyond perfect for Anijah and when I first went to visit her, she was beyond happy to show me her new home. She showed me everything from the rusty benches to the broken Christmas lights wrapped around a dry lemon tree. She was grateful and happy this home was a possibility for her, still I could see her fear of losing it because before now, there was never a possibility of a stable home. Anijah has been through so much and she remains so strong only being 8 years old. From losing her father at 4 years old to her mother losing everything she owned almost immediately after. Anijah is a special and beautiful child with humble hopes and dreams of having her own room and her daddy coming home one day soon. She deserves this home, she deserves to be happy. She needs to know that despite her families luck in this world, there is still some good in it and good things can happen. Please help Anijah establish this stable home where she can finally be happy. Any amount donated will be widely appreciated and the act of donating alone will put a huge smile on Anijah’s face and will give her hope that this home can become hers.



‘Homeless’ Man Gives People Cash In Eye-Opening Experiment

One YouTuber is hoping his 5.3 million subscribers start challenging social hierarchies and their effect on how we treat one another.

In the video above, Yousef Saleh Erakat set out to see if passers-by in Los Angeles would accept money from a homeless person. According to the YouTuber, their reactions were less than favorable.

Watch the full video and see the people who stopped and helped the homeless man. 

Hey so…. I’m going to be homeless, like… now. Tonight I have to move into a homeless center and everything. I have around 20 bucks to my name right now, and the only thing keeping me off the streets is someone letting me on their couch a few nights until I can get into the homeless youth program here. I don’t have enough to feed myself or anything, so if you have anything spare if you could donate at transdragoning@gmail.com on paypal it would help a lot, thank you. Please spread this around.

Origami-Inspired Personal Shelter Provides A Quick Solution For Homeless

Tina Hovsepian didn’t just want to get an “A” on her class project – she wanted to change people’s lives, too.
The architect is the inventor of Cardborigami – the collapsable, transportable and origami-inspired personal shelter she started inventing as a University of Southern California student in 2007. What started as Hovsepian’s academic assignment has become a feasible way to alleviate homelessness in her hometown of Los Angeles.

While a meaningful step, marriage equality is hardly the end of the LGBT rights movement. In fact, same-sex marriage has been derided by some because of the disproportionate energy and resources devoted to it over other equally, if not more, pressing LGBT issues.

‘There is still widespread inequality within the LGBT community based on race, class, gender, sexuality, age, ability, nationality — you name it,’ Harvard historian Timothy Patrick McCarthy told Mic.

Indeed, today poor and non-white LGBT individuals continue to struggle against the interconnected forces of queer, trans and racial antagonism, as well as economic disenfranchisement. Any LGBT movement of the future must respond to the needs of all within the community if is to be effective.

—  5 Battles the LGBT Movement Needs to Fight Next | Darnell L. Moore for Mic