Sterek Week:  Wednesday: Sterek Manips

Derek finds Stiles sitting on the couch, face covered with his hands, groaning. He can’t help a little smile. Seeing Stiles after all day at work is everything he needs for stress to leave his body, and he really doesn’t care how pathetic it makes him.

"What’s the matter?" Derek asks as he drops his as next to his ‘better’ half. 

Stiles doesn’t uncover his face, just nudges something on the coffee table with his knee. Derek lifts it and his smile gets wider. “Wedding pictures came.”

There is another groan from Stiles. It sounds almost pained. 

Derek lifts his eyebrows and starts to list through the photos with growing curiosity. Why is Stiles so upset? 

"It’s the first one." Stiles finally speaks. 

"Well, hello to you, too," Derek snickers and Stiles peaks through his fingers. 

"Hi," he peeps little ashamed and then lets his hands fall and leans forward to give Derek proper welcome kiss. 

"Hi," Derek smiles at him watching Stiles’ eyes flutter open. "Wanna tell me what’s all this about?"

Stiles groans again, and nods towards the pictures. “Look at it and tell me you don’t see it.”

Derek looks down at the picture on the top of the others. It’s them in wedding suits, standing in the park where the photograph, Lydia insisted on, took their pictures. 

"It’s very nice," Derek says after a moment. Posing like this was all kinds of unnatural for them, but it turned out nicely. Derek is holding in his hands proof that one of the happiest days in his life really happened. He loves it, if only for that. 

Stiles huffs and takes it from his hands. “Are you kidding me? I look like I want to murder you! Viciously! This supposed to be happy adorable wedding photo and I look like on a mugshot!”

Derek knows laughing is the worst possible reaction so he bites himself in the tongue and looks at the photo again. The thing is… Stiles does look kind of pissed. Adorably pissed and Derek doesn’t really cares because he loves Stiles’ stupid face in all variations, but yeah, definitely pissed. 

If Derek recalls their wedding correctly, Stiles had all rights for this expression. If there was something that could go wrong that day, it did. There was a car accident, spilled wine, lost rings, baby crying in the middle of the Stiles’ vow, allergic reaction during the banquet, and the worst fucking DJ ever. Stiles worked hard on their wedding. Or more like, he was forced to work hard by Lydia.

In the end, Derek had to take him away early and put Stiles’ mind of with all his abilities and determination, because his beautiful amazing husband was on the brink of tears. 

"You don’t," Derek shakes his head with a small privet smile. Stiles gives him his best bullshit look, but Derek only smiles a little more. “You look hot.”

Stiles snorts.

"Very," Derek adds, eyeing said photography. It’s true. Stiles was always looking good in a suit, but the one he had on their wedding made him look… well, hot

"You think?" Stiles asks and takes another look on that, for him, infuriating picture. Derek can see his expression changing. Stiles is thinking about it. And he likes it. Derek can tell.

Derek leans forward and presses his lips right under Stiles’ ear, where is pale skin soft and warm. Tempting. “Yes,” he breaths out softly. Stiles shudders and Derek bites down satisfied smile. He can smell Stiles’ rising arousal, feel his skin getting warmer, heart beating faster. “You look perfect,” Derek whispers and kisses Stiles low on his throat. 

"Derek," Stiles whines quietly and werewolf can hear photographs falling on the floor like a heavy snowflakes. Next second he’s lying on top of Stiles, smiling in sight of his husband’s shining amber eyes. Stiles’ cheeks are flushed, pupils blown, lips slightly parted. Along with his flailing, babbling and stubborn loyalty, he is the most perfect thing Derek ever saw. 

And he has a lifetime for proving it to him.

anonymous said:

I have a rather bad cold right now, so can I have some sick stiles, with Derek trying to take care of the fragile human stiles? 'Is that normal?' 'What the hell is that noise stiles? was that you?' 'Why is your forehead so warm?'

I swapped it around, considering what’s happening to Derek in canon right now. ;)

Stiles gets a call from Derek at seven o’clock on a Saturday morning. When Stiles fumbles his phone unlocked and puts it to his ear, all he gets is silence. He flips onto his stomach and grumbles, “Man, you better be dying or something if you’re calling me this early on a Saturday.”

Derek breaks his silence. “I don’t - “ There’s another long pause and then he says, sounding hurt and confused, “Something’s wrong with me.”

Stiles sits up sharply, tugged out of his tired daze by Derek’s words. “What? What’s wrong? Are you hurt? I was just joking about the dying thing.”

“I don’t know,” Derek says, frustrated. “I don’t feel - ” He pauses to sneeze six times in a row. His voice is heavy when he says, “I think I might be.”

“Dying?” Stiles exclaims, scrambling out of bed. He grabs at his jeans, struggling to pull them on one-handed. “Just hold on, dude, I’ll be over as soon as possible. Don’t die, okay? If you see any bright lights, stay away from them.”

“Hurry,” Derek says moodily, and hangs up.

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Claws and Effect
TV Guide Magazine - What’s, Worth, Watching - Teen Wolf 

Dios Mio! The horror hit goes south of the border to tie up its season. “We always knew we would start the season, and end it, in Mexico,” says executive producer Jeff Davis, who has come up with a supersize 75-minute climax featuring what he calls an “epic showdown” between Alpha Scott (Tyler Posey) and wannabe top wolf Peter Hale (Ian Bohen).

"Peter doesn’t want to be the bad guy. He wants to be the hero," Davis explains. "He feels like the prince who’s had his crown stolen, so he wants the power rightfully restored back to him. And the best way to get that crown back is to become a hero, not a villain." 

Of course, being incapable of actual goodness, Peter has instead struck a secret deal with crazy were-jaguar Kate (Jill Wagner), who has made a run for the border after abducting Scott and his girlfriend, Kira (Arden Cho). What this wicked duo have planned for Scott is as twisted as anything we have seen this season, promises Davis. And if pals Derek (Tyler Hoechlin), Stiles (Dylan O’Brien), and Malia (Shelley Hennig) don’t stop it, no one — human or otherwise — will be left standing by the end of the episode to keep Peter from ascending to Alpha status. 

Things are just as dangerous back home. With half of their friends and family on the road, “Lydia (Holland Roden) and Sheriff Stilinski (Linden Ashby) get into their own bit of trouble in Beacon Hills,” says Davis, adding that newbie Mason (Khylin Rhambo) will also get wrapped up into their adventure. “It’s all part of Peter and Kate’s plan. But they get their own moment of heroism.” 

What isn’t in the cards for any of the key players however, is romance. “This is more of an action-packed episode that brings a lot of story points together,” says Davis, who has already started plotting out Season 5. “The ending sets new arcs into motion. And there are pieces of this season that will play into next.” Since a big part of the finale involves Kate’s murderous sidekicks, the Berserkers, let’s just hope those “pieces” aren’t body parts. — Damian Holbrook 

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