Pubbas is my best friend and we really need your help to afford a place to live. Please help us!

More information on my situation:

 My mom started dating my step dad when I was two, so unfortunately I don’t know a life without him in it. My first memory? I was being knocked out of a chair at five years old. 

This was the start of the next decade of hell for me. Over the next ten years, my mom “left” my step dad over fifteen times. Every time, she returned to him. Regardless of how badly he treated me, she always went back. He was extremely verbally and emotionally abusive, and although he was not often physically abusive, when he was, it was intense and horrifying.

At one point when I was six years old, he refused to buy my mother and I any food because I am not his biological child. Because of this, I only ate at school and had to steal food from the store to eat at home.

He threatened to “chop” me up into pieces and “put me down the garbage disposal” so nobody would find the remains. He threatened to murder my mom and I many times throughout the years.

Another point in time, he would turn the water supply off when he left the house so that we could not use it without his permission.
From the time I was five until we left permanently at fourteen, he constantly called me a fat cunt, a waste of space, told me I should have been aborted, constantly made fun of my weight, told me I’d never find love, etc. This man was extremely emotionally and verbally abusive towards me. When I was 14, he forced me to sleep in a cricket and beetle infested basement that flooded all of the time.

I wasn’t allowed to have friends over, I wasn’t allowed to do anything or go places. No internet, no phone, no contact with anyone he didn’t want me to contact.

I was bullied very badly in school (I went to 10 schools and was bullied at all of them,) and because my home life was toxic as well, I had no safe haven.
When I got my dog, she was like my saving grace. The little beacon of hope I needed. He abused her as well, one time throwing her against the garage door when she wouldn’t stay in the spot he told her to. When I was 14, I took action against him and he told my mom I had to leave his home.

He has been in and out of my life since then, of course not by my choice.

My mother may attribute that situation to her issues, but I find no excuse for her abuse either. My mother has not been a parent to me and because of risk of this getting back to her, please message me if you want to know specifics.
Since we left him when I was 14, we have been homeless three times.
I have been homeless since early July 2014. I have no family or friends who can help, and I am working on finding a free clinic to go to so I can get the needed paperwork to apply for disability. My mother and younger sister now have a  home in a different state and my mother continues to be abusive towards me in any way that she finds she’s able to, any chance she gets. 

She made an empty promise to pay me back some of the funds she’s borrowed from me when she got her income tax refund this year, and with that I would have been able to get an apartment. Instead, she spent the money and to this day will not admit it. She is constantly feeding me excuses. Unfortunately, she is the reason I am homeless, and she seems to not have any heart in her to care.

Therefore, I still have no home and I have absolutely no income.

I have anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorder. This situation has elevated my anxiety attacks and is preventing me from staying optimistic like I want to be. On top of my chronic pain, I am harboring a lot of stress, and this is the way to feel better; to be out of this situation.

Update on my housing situation:

The day after Easter, I moved back into my cousin’s house after being asked to leave where I was staying. If you have followed me or read my story, you know that this can NOT be permanent for many reasons. 

All of my belongings are with a friend who had to literally sneak them into her basement (if her mom’s boyfriend finds out its all down there, it won’t be pretty.) 

I really need your help right now, guys. I appreciate all of the help you have given me and even more so, I appreciate the love you have offered.

I need your help reblogging and sharing and donating so that for the first time, I can have a life of my own. You will be helping my dog and I to have a home. A real, genuine, permanent (at least for now)  home. I’ve moved close to 30 times in my life, and my dog has experienced that with me. She’s had to stay with so many other people through the years because we aren’t stable. (I assure you that my baby doggie is very much taken care of and always has been.) We need a home, and we need your help.

I have said this before, but I see tumblr miracles happen every day. I have hope that tumblr can help me with this situation. Please, if you see this, reblog it. Queue it for a few days from now. Perhaps share it with someone who may be able to help. I am close to begging for this, I don’t know how to keep pretending that not having a home is okay and smacking on a face of optimism when my positivity level is next to nothing. I am 20 years old and I have never been able to live my own life. I have always been bombarded with abuse and struggle and all I am asking for is a chance to escape that and to have the ability to wake up in a home of my own, with my dog laying by me, and know that for the first time, we are okay.

If you can’t donate, I completely understand. Please, please, please reblog this. Thank you for reading.

I want to also add that I am here for anyone who needs to talk, just in case someone who needs a friend sees this. I’m here, I care.

In Qatar, a sign outside a modest restaurant, popular with migrant labourers reads: “If you are hungry and have no money, eat for free!!!”

About three weeks ago the Indian brothers who own a restaurant called Zaiqa decided to put up a small makeshift sign offering free food to customers who cannot afford to pay.

“When I saw the board I had tears in my eyes,” said one of the owners, Shadab Khan, 47, originally from New Delhi, who has lived in Qatar for 13 years.

“Even now when I talk about it, I get a lump in my throat.”

He said the idea came from his younger brother, Nishab.

“People need free food”

The need for free food in Qatar is particularly acute among labourers and those working in heavy industry.

It is estimated that there are anywhere between 700,000 and one million migrant workers in the tiny Gulf kingdom, out of a total population of 2.3 million.

Rights groups have criticised companies in Qatar for not paying workers on time or, in some cases, not at all.

The Qatari government vowed earlier this year to force companies to pay wages through direct bank transfers.

Even those who do get paid will be intent on sending most of their money back home, said one of Zaiqa’s diners, Nepalese mechanic Ghufran Ahmed.

“Many labourers earn 800-1,000 riyals (US$220-US$275) per month. They have to send money back to home. It’s expensive here so there are people who need free food,” he said.

Shadab, said those asking for food are mostly construction workers from countries such as India, Nepal and Bangladesh.

“We realise a lot of people out here do not get paid on time and do not have money, not even money to eat,” he said.

“So there were people who would come here and just buy a packet of bread. And they would eat the bread with water.

"So, we realised those people don’t have money for anything else. They just buy a packet of bread, which comes to about one riyal. So, we would try to offer them food.”

But it is not easy, added Shadab.

“Self-respect”, he said, means many refuse to take something for nothing.

As a result, in the three weeks since the free food experiment started, “the number of people coming here to get free food is like two or three people a day at the most”.

For Zaiqa too, there is a black cloud on the horizon.

The restaurant’s future is threatened by a dispute over rent with the property owner and may have to close down.

Shadab and his brother have a different plan for their next restaurant.

“We are putting a refrigerator outside, so this refrigerator won’t have a lock. It will be facing the road and it will have packets of food with dates on them,” he said.

“So anybody who wants to take it, he doesn’t have to come inside.”


‘Homeless’ Man Gives People Cash In Eye-Opening Experiment

One YouTuber is hoping his 5.3 million subscribers start challenging social hierarchies and their effect on how we treat one another.

In the video above, Yousef Saleh Erakat set out to see if passers-by in Los Angeles would accept money from a homeless person. According to the YouTuber, their reactions were less than favorable.

Watch the full video and see the people who stopped and helped the homeless man. 


Chef ticketed, facing $2,000 fine for feeding homeless in San Antonio

Joan Cheever, founder of the nonprofit mobile food truck known as the Chow Train, was cited last Tuesday by San Antonio police officers for feeding the homeless in Maverick Park.

Cheever has been serving restaurant-quality meals to the city’s homeless population for the past 10 years, and has been profiled on Rachel Ray’s cooking show for her charitable efforts.

Over the years, police officers have passed by and waved as she fed homeless people, but last Tuesday night four bike-patrol officers stopped in the park and gave Cheever a ticket that carries a potential fine of $2,000. Cheever has a food permit for her mobile truck, but she was cited for transporting and serving the food from a vehicle other than that truck.

Cheever is scheduled to go before Municipal Court on June 23, but she remained defiant after receiving the citation, arguing that under the 1999 Texas Religious Freedom Restoration Act, she has a right to serve food to the homeless because she considers it a free exercise of her religion.  

According to the restaurant’s Facebook page, Cheever will be holding a “candlelight vigil” at Maverick Park Tuesday night to raise awareness for the incident.

I lost my job a few days before Christmas last year, and since then I’ve been freelancing to survive living in NYC. My rent is $1,000 a month & after running out of money, I had to forego on my lease + use my sec. deposit as my last months rent.

The plan was to move in with family, but that has changed since the house I was moving into has been sold & my family is now displaced themselves. So, now I have to move out at the end of April into a new apartment.

Good News: I have a new FT Job at a non-prof in Harlem. 
Bad News: As a non-profit - It only pays monthly. And since I JUST started last week, I won’t get paid until the first week in May. 

I’m hoping to raise enough money to put down first, last, & sec. dep on a new rooming situation here in NYC. 

Anything that you can give will help greatly! Appreciate y’all. Love y’all. 
-  KEI 

Origami-Inspired Personal Shelter Provides A Quick Solution For Homeless

Tina Hovsepian didn’t just want to get an “A” on her class project – she wanted to change people’s lives, too.
The architect is the inventor of Cardborigami – the collapsable, transportable and origami-inspired personal shelter she started inventing as a University of Southern California student in 2007. What started as Hovsepian’s academic assignment has become a feasible way to alleviate homelessness in her hometown of Los Angeles.
Homeless family of 7

I’m starting this fund for my coworker Charles. His house caught fire from a heater in the garage malfunctioning, and as a result him and his family are now without a home and have no where else to go. 
His family consists of:

Kayla, girlfriend, age 28
Evlan, boy age 3
Lucy, girl age 2
Cohen, boy age 8

Charles’ older brother and mother also live with them.

The Red Cross has been generous enough to set them up in a hotel for two nights and provided  enough money for food for a week, but they still do not have enough to sustain themselves after that. If this donation goal is reached, they will have enough to pay for a deposit and first months rent for an apartment, and enough for basic necessities and to get back on their feet. 
This is a one income family of 7, working minimum wage, and any amount you can spare would be a huge step for them.

If you can’t donate, please share this so someone else can!

A Texas woman may be fined $2K for feeding the homeless, but her defense is genius

Joan Cheever, a San Antonio woman, accused police of infringing on her religious liberty after authorities issued her a citation Tuesday for feeding the homeless. She may now face a penalty of up to $2,000.

“I have a legal right to do this,” Cheever told police officer Mike Marrota, Texas Public Radio reported. When Marrota asked what she meant, Cheever dropped none other than the one law that’s been causing a lot of controversy recently.

‘Endless & vicious cycle’ of misdemeanor charges targeting America’s poor – report

Strapped for cash after the 2008 financial crisis, local governments are bilking the poor through elaborate schemes of “offender-financed criminal justice services,” according to a new report by the Institute of Policy Studies.

 The report argues that while there has always been prejudice and  stigma about poverty in the US, the criminal justice system  expanded misdemeanor charges in the midst of the financial  crisis, which led to an increase in fees, fines and court charges  that can be levied.