2010 - The Red and Black Café, a radical worker-owned collective in Portland, Oregon, kicked out police officer Jim Crooker who was drinking coffee there. The clientele of the café includes locals, homeless people, activists and immigrants. Because of their ‘safer space’ policy, designed to create a safe environment for their customers, the Red and Black Café does not serve police. [video]

( By the way, the Red and Black Café could use your help! Check out their donation page )


They murder each other,
They end their own lives,
They fight against each other,
Kindness is their disguise,

Happiness they ruthlessly build ,
On the broken bones of the ones they killed,
Infinite as the universe full of stars,
They think their mortal lives are,

In the darkness of sins they writhe their corpses,
Using dollar bills to wipe their noses,
Some poor- their tired souls can’t take no more,
Outside they are - on the winter cold,
Drinking till they can’t feel no more,

Hands -cold , bodies- shaking,
The fragments of their hearts are breaking,
God is forgotten, His words have no meaning,
The rich will be killing,
The dreamers will be dreaming,

Dream they shall, in their land of perfection,
Until they see the worlds reflection,
Reflection in a mirror that’s not of glass,
But rather of pain,misery, evil and greed,
From which those with power excessively feed,

Oh, feed they shall- on sins so delicious,
But God’s punishment shall be twice as vicious,
Twice more times,the wrath of His punishment strong shall be,
For every poor child that they refused to feed,

For every blind eye they turned to injustice,
Every moral value that they turned to disgustness,
Every drug addict that died in the street,
For every homeless person that had no shoes on his feet,
For every attempt to erase religion,
To end someone’s life - each time they made a decision,

For all the lies they spread,
And all truth’s they concealed,
But worry not, fellow traveler,
They shall all be revealed,

Not a grain of good doing,
Neither of doing wrong,
Shall go unanswered for,
When The Day of Judgment comes,

Those who “weak” were - that ended their lives,
On that Day shall see,
They’ve set themselves to a path of demise,

Those who fought with their pain,
Fought with their hearts,
In front of Heaven’s gates, they shall be brought,

No remorse on that Day - there is no more time,
Time we had plenty, yet we brought ourselves to our demise,
Rather than being obedient,
We played with demons
Humans, have you forgotten this :
You were a drop of semen.


they should make more videos like this instead of grabbing people’s butts for laughs…


Prankster Gives Homeless Man $100, Secretly Follows Him And Learns He Buys Food For Others

This video proves that a person’s integrity goes far beyond what meets the eye.

In a video uploaded to YouTube, prankster Josh Paler Lin gives $100 to a homeless man and secretly follows the him to find out how it’s spent.

Watch the full video and for more on this homeless man’s heartbreaking story on how he lost his parents and home. 

Mysta Hinds lives on the street in NYC and is in need of better clothes to survive this winter.

HEY EVERYONE!! I am trying to get a coat, overalls, and boots for a homeless buddy of mine.

Mysta Hinds is a great guy who has been royally fucked over by the system. From seized documents to time in prison to mismatched identification cards, he has been dealt a brutally raw hand by the institutions of this country. He continues to fight the good fight against widespread oppression - while on the street he hands out flyers with information on police brutality against black people, and he can (and will) tell you a whole lot more. When I asked him to write down his information for clothes sizing, he flipped the paper over when he was done to write down the dates of Sean Bell’s murder and the officers’ not-guilty verdict as a reminder. Let’s keep Mysta Hinds warm this winter so he can keep fighting.

The campaign ends December 20th. Please consider donating a dollar or two and/or reblog! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!


These Park Benches Welcome The Homeless Instead Of Rejecting Them

In 2013, Canadian firm Spring Advertising approached the RainCity Housing and Support Society, a local shelter and advocacy organization in Vancouver, with an idea for modifying bus stops and park benches. Instead of trying to discourage the homeless from sleeping on them, they’d welcome them to stay.

As a result, the creatives ran a campaign with park benches that folded out like airplane tray tables into miniature shelters. By day, one version of the benches read, “This is a bench.” But at night, the dark revealed a different message: “This is a bedroom.”

Read whole article here.